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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oh No! Not the Haze!

The forest fires are back..... hopefully not to stay for a few months like back in 1997/8. My sinus problem got very much worse then. Yesterday, I could smell the burning smell even with my windows shut. I thought I had left the gas burner on. Same thing today but then now I know its due to the haze. Visibility is not too bad but the smell is bad. I hope it goes away soon, otherwise no outdoor activities like going to the park or swimming for the kids.

I can still remember the mask buying days. I bought some back then but never got to wearing them. Just resorted to staying indoors most of the time but still my nose was badly affected. Geezzz! Hopefully the haze clears up soon.

Can anyone tell me whats it like at their place? I hope its just the Klang Valley and don't spread to our beautiful Penang, and Melaka etc etc.


  1. maybe you can use some face mask.

  2. It was really back, so bad till I cant even see KLCC when I was in the city area. Sigh, lall the way to KL and I got this. Damn! MG, don't come Mid Valley to stalk us har. My jedi power can sense your presence one. :P

  3. 8dee, the face mask will have to have some sweet relaxing lavendar smell or something to make me forget about the burning smell.

    Jason, kesian... wrong timing to be in KL. No worries, I won't stalk you. No need to stalk, I'm looking forward to read about some first hand accounts of your bloggers meet. So make sure you blog it and Happy Holidays to you. Hope you enjoy yourself in KL.

  4. Penang island not so bad lo. Lucky ppl staying here.

  5. Hmm.. Jeles. I haven't been back to Penang for a looooong time. Too long.


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