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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sweet Talker

Someone held my face in their hands and said "You are so sweet. I am so happy to see you. I love you!" No, it wasn't Mr MG. He's not a sweet talker. It's my girl. She's growing up right before my eyes. Learning new words everyday and practising them in every way she can think of. And she's definitely a sweet talker!

I still remember when she was just a few days old, the paeditrician said babies are just like a blank piece of paper. Its up to us to fill up that paper. How true and what a big responsibility. I must try to remember to answer her question "Whys" and theres lots of "Whys". I must remember to read more to her, point things out to her and watch her shows together with her so we could discuss them together because she loves to learn so much.

Another example of her sweet talk. "Mummy, its ok, its ok. Smile. Don't be sad. I come and sayang you. I come and hug hug you. After you "Mmm mmmm" you will feel more comtable (comfortable). " then she tried to come into the toilet to hug me when I had a tummy ache!


  1. Kids are full of surprises..
    Too bad I can't give up my job to stay home :(

  2. "After you Mmmm Mmmmmm.." LOL!!

    Yeah, kids pick up real fast. Yiyi is experimenting with words, and sometime she says things that will surprise us.

  3. They are such a joy ..!! My brat loves to hold my face.. with her two chubby hands.. and kiss me on my lips.. hahah!!

  4. these days i only get "Daddy i'm hungry..."

  5. egghead, Mr MG says the same thing. :)

    papi, they surprise us all the time.

    Big Bok, so sweet!

    Simon, thats better than "I don't want to eat!"

  6. I love them and I hate them...
    just when I'm so mad about them, they came in and say sorry and kiss me, it is like pouring ice water into the going to erupt volcano.
    and they don't even know how to sweet talk like your girl yet...

  7. One moment an angel, next a monster.

  8. sweet talker? girls do but boys don't or hmm... seldom...

  9. shiaulin, ya I guess girls are naturally that way.


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