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Friday, August 12, 2005

My Girl, My Delight.

My Girl: Mummy, what am I doing?
MG: What?
My Girl: I'm looking at you, mummy..
MG: *--------------*

Painted my nails and showed them to my girl.

My Girl: Mummy, your nails so beautiful, like aunty like that!
MG: Wah, you noticed aunty painted her nails ah? Which aunty?
(Woohoo! Now I know who to go to to fish for compliments. Hehehe.)
My Girl: Mummy, tomorrow we buy my favourite blue? (Oh No. Now she wants to paint her nails in her favourite colour blue!)


  1. Big Bok. Little girls learn to be vain from their mommies. Haha.

  2. wah...you girl really pandai cakap liao, very jialat to answer huh?
    my SIL paint my girls' nail since they can walk, every evening she came back from work she will paint, then the girls came up stair I'll wash, untilone day I told her:
    "doc said cannot paint the nail, if anything happen to them the doctor can't see any sign from their nail, very dangerous." she stop.
    actuallyI made that lines up :P.

  3. twinsmom, you lagi pandai cakap. lol.


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