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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Whole New World

I've got a new exercise kid kit to help me keep fit. Its called ..... BABY!

Baby has decided all of a sudden (almost overnight) that its much more fun to walk than crawl. Its even more fun to climb! He scrambles up chairs and other furniture in a jiffy and sits there balanced precariously at the edge of a chair or footstool while mummy rushes to his side (heart skipping a few beats) to make sure he does not fall off. (Hence... the exercise.)

He loves seeing the world from this new perspective. Its like a whole new world has been opened up to him. Everything looks different now.

Over the weekend, we let him walk everywhere outdoors. At the mall, at the park, at grandpas house and he is absolutely enjoying himself. The little explorer walked and looked around, and walked and looked around with wonder and amazement.

He walked all over the mall and was so tired after that he didn't wait to get home to have his nap, he fell alseep on daddy's shoulders. (*smiles*)

The best part is toddler gets to enjoy these developments too. "Mummy! Baby has 8 teeth now." she says excitedly as we count them together. "Mummy, baby is bigger and bigger now and can walk already. I take baby kai-kai (for a walk)." she says as she guides pulls him by the hands and walks all over the house.

Baby is wearing Size 3 shoes now. Soon he will fit into toddlers hand me downs size 4 squeaky shoes and annoy all the neighbours. Haha. Toddler on the other hand just got shoes that lights up at the soles when she strides about. When we were having our bedtime chit chat she told me "Mummy, I want to buy shoes for daddy, baby and mummy also. Daddy and baby's shoes old already. I want to buy shoes with lights." Hahaha. Can you imagine a whole family of clowns wearing shoes that lights up? I am sure toddler will just love it. I am not sure our neighbours will though. Shoes that squeaks, lights up and what next? Heelys? Never! I hate heelys!


  1. so cute!! Jean can walk but she's not confident of letting go yet, so she pulls holds our hands and tell us she wants to "walk walk"

  2. yalor...I oso having more exercise after baby started to walk..hehe..soon she will be running ler..then cham lor...but ohh...y I kenot slim down eventho doing those exercise everyday??

  3. Wow..! that's too cool..MG!! no need to always carry then.. :) can explore on his own.. :)

  4. a&a'smom5:36 PM, August 02, 2005

    Glad that u have a fun exercises with bb!

  5. aiyyoo...we also rush up to Yiyi whenever she decides to become stunt girl on our sofa.
    Just yesterday, she lost her footings and almost fell down the sofa, head first (about 2feet in height)! Lucky I was nearby, and grabbed her foot just in time. phew!!

  6. MG, now u start losing weight running around chasing bb? :) I always like to see baby who's started to walk, they look so cute!

  7. domesticgoddness, she can say "walk walk" already ah?

    msau, ya lor, kenot slim down so easily...

    Big Bok, ya but next time we'll miss carrying them pulak!

    a&a'smom, me too!

    papi, phew! luckily!

    shoppingmum, I oso love to see those babies that just learned to walk. Very adorable.

  8. MG, why my J different 1??? he's not too sure on the walking part yet but he can climb up & down the sofa, chairs, beds! he even dare to climb down the stairs on his own!!! *shocked* lucky i spotted him, dont dare imagine what will happen if nobody saw what he did *shudders*

  9. Hohoho...baby can walk liao? this is whole lot and load of fun lor...happy chasing? MG. hahaha...

  10. Chrissy, not different at all. This post almost got called "Climb before I can walk" Hehe. I was thinking of posting something like that because baby was climbing everywhere even before he could walk well but then he decided to walk all of a sudden during the weekend so I changed the title lor.

    twinsmom, yes, its fun!

  11. yeah MG, she could say 'walk walk' and some other things too! :)

  12. OMG...i HATE those squeaky shoes!!! I wish I could get rid the world of it - REALLY.....

  13. domesticgoddess, mine says "mamamamama" when he sees me and "mumumumumum" when he sees food so can I claim that his first word is "mama"? :P

    mistyeiz, Heh heh heh.

  14. heheheh... enjoying a lull before the storm, baby is still a speed crawler and climber now.


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