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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blogging Holiday.

This blog owner has gone on a blogging break. No, she's not gone on a holiday. No she's not moving to her own domain. No, she's not feeling depressed. No, she's not sick. (Hehehe. Don't you just love a mystery?) Ok lah, enough suspense. She just wants to manja someone she loves. Ok. Time out.

Will be back in September. Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Pssst. Though I won't be blogging, I will still be around and will be blogging in my head cos I do that all the time.


  1. :-O nooooooooooo.......come back!!!!

    :D well, u enjoy ur holidays. see u when u get back..hurry back, k? *hugs*

  2. not a bad idea... hmmm... something to think about.

    Enjoy your break!

  3. Yvy, I'm not going anywhere. Still around silently reading your blog. :)

    egghead, what idea? pardon me for being dense. :P

  4. Solbi-wan Kenobi7:03 PM, August 18, 2005

    Yup.. Always better to consciously take a break from blogging, rather than being forced to because of burnout.

    Heard this at the Oscars: "you can't write about life if you don't have a life."

    Have a good break!

  5. Hey.. MG,
    i read this yesterday.. and had meant to comment.. but because my brat was sleeping.. so i didn't wanna type.
    Anyhow.. take a good break.. but donch go for too long now.. ;)

  6. wha...blogging also got annual leave? hehehe...good good...take a break and blog in the head, relax...:).

  7. Hope you break your resolve and blog by tomorrow. *evil grins*

  8. Happy Holidays!!!Do whatever you want.

  9. :D oooo....just hiding is it? enjoy ur blog reading. must b a good change once in awhile. :)

  10. Solbi, Thanks. Wah, your countdown is getting nearer and nearer...

    Big Bok, enjoy blogging too much to stay away too long. Hehe. Been meaning to ask you, your blog has no RSS? Cos my bloglines reader can't find it :(

    twinsmom, ya lor. SAHM got no annual leave, so blogging must have annual leave loh.

    5xmom, "No blogging today. No Blogging Today." (*chanting*)

    thquah, Yippee!!! On holiday..... to .... apply for MyKad and a host of other things that require queues and long wait...

    Yvy, since you can still find me here, I must say I'm not very good at hide and seek am I? :P

  11. blog break? good idea... i'll have mine in another "1 month & 4 days" time when i go back MAS to enjoy my vacation ;)

  12. shiaulin, where are u at now?

  13. no blogging for two weeks? can tahan or not... hehehe :D

  14. Belachan, Some ppl blog once in 2 weeks. Some ppl don't blog for 2 weeks and call it a blogging break. I think you oso belong to the second category. Kekekeke.

  15. i wish i had a proper planned-blogging-break. but i dont have the luxury la. i always tetiba hilang and muncul. anyway, enjoy ur break while you can *grin*

  16. MG borrow ur site to answer mistyeiz ya tq :p

    i am now at beijing mah... will be back to malaysia end of sept

  17. Great site .. very imformative.

  18. Hazel, That shows you are busy with life lah.

    twin, Hi. Thanks for visiting my site and for your comment.

    twinsmom, ya. I still have to be MIA, you know why lor....

  19. another 2 more days to go then can see u blog again liao.. haha.. excited leh :D

  20. since you still on holiday, guess I can only live in your comment board :D.

  21. shiaulin, maria, holiday too long, getting lazy liao... yawwwwwnnnn.....

  22. wee!!! 1 more day to go !!

    hey don't be lazy... i am counting the days for u leh :p

  23. Selamat Hari Merdeka to u too! hehehe.. today is ur last day of long holiday.. i feel bad to keep remind u of the end of ur holiday leh, but what to do i missed ur blog so much!! :p

  24. MG.....even Merdeka day oso, no exception meh? :(

    write la ONE short post in BM.....for the sake of Malaysia if not anything else. :D

  25. Hi Shiaulin and Yvy. Thanks for dropping by.

    Shiaulin, you pressure me lah ... Heheheh.

    Yvy, ya lah. I missed out on the berbelog in BM campaign huh?


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