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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Do your dishes levitate to your sink?

I grew up in an environment where my brothers and father ie. the men and boys, sat back, relaxed, watched some TV or read the papers after a meal, while we, the girls cleaned up and did the dishes.

I guess, Mr MG grew up in the same environment because he does not do dishes. Nope! Not at all. Neither does he offer to help. The only time he did dishes was when he was my Confinement man. We didn't hire any confinement lady/nanny for our babies, we don't have any maids or relatives who could drop by long enough to help. So there was just the two of us doing everything on our own when the babies arrived. It was not easy but we have good memories of our learning experience.(But thats another story).

Does it bother me that he doesn't do the dishes? Nope! Not at all. Its just my job. Just like many other things are his job solely while some are shared eg. taking out the trash.

Mr MG does not offer to help me do the dishes but he does bring his dishes to the sink. Thats because, between the two of us, he's Mr Neat and he can't stand seeing things not in their place. Dirty dishes belong in the sink, so he helps me bring them there.

Today, just out of curiousity, I have a question to ask.
Question for the ladies: "Do your dishes levitate to the sink?"
Question for the guys: "Do you do the dishes?"


  1. o ya...i do dishes but i dont like to. sometimes i let it fill up the sink until i cant take it anymore OR my mum cant take it - then the washing comes. unlike my mum, she washes up as she finishes with it. something i should follow too. :D

  2. Washing dishes used to be my job. But bcoz I'm pregnant now, so he takes over...If he's not in the mood to wash, he'll let them be in the sink for a day or two. For me, I oso close one-eye....He doesn't like people to nag him. No worry, I know he will do it. Hihi!

  3. Yes, I do the dishes as well. :)

  4. Nope.. i'm a complete freak.. when it comes to dishes..and putting everything away neatly. In fact.. i think i'm quite anal about it.
    Does my spouse do dishes..?? yes.. of course.. but only when absolutely necessary..!! meaning.. when i'm too tired to do it.. or pissy.. having PMS or just plain being a bitch.

  5. Yvy, I do them immediately like everything else or else beh tahan go mad when everything accumulate!

    Annie, my policy: I don't care about dust one inch thick in my home as long as there's love and laughter. So let the dishes sit. Housework isn't really all that important.

    Big Bok, Oh! So you're the neat freak. Hehehe.
    Jason, good for you!

  6. Trained to do dishes since small boy.

    But now only do when wife is busy :P

  7. Both of us (myself & hubby) cannot tolerate the dish sitting in the sink....so must clean it everyday but anyway it's not much coz we always eat out!

  8. when we stayed on our own, i cook and he washes. now stay with ILs, we don't do dishes cause got helper(maid ler)... when my kids grow up, am gonna instill in them to clean their own plates after they finish the meal!

  9. I find myself doing lots of housework compared to many of my other male friends. When I'm at home, it is always me who leaves the kitchen last - cleaning up the pot (to boil soup), all the dishes, wipe the table, and boil water if the kettle's almost empty, take the trash out, and hang around downstairs until the water boils.

    Since I don't stay home often (I'm home only on weekends), these chores are nothing to me. On weekdays when I'm not around, it's either my sis or mom, lah.

    Taking your own plate to the sink is the LEAST that anyone can do. I wash whatever I see in the sink - It bothers me to take other people's empty plates from the dining table and some more need to wash them.

    Err.. I hope that I won't have to do all these often when I'm married (hehe).. But then again, that's unfair. IMHO, there's no "whose job" or "whose responsibility". Everything in the house is all its occupants' responsibility.

  10. egghead, small dat time got bullied by mummy to do dishes, big dat time, sudah jadi Da MAN, bully wife to do dishes. Hahaha.

    Jefferene, I never ever let my dishes sit in the sink overnight. Really Beh Tahan!

    domesticgoddess, yah, gonna get the kids to help out too, as soon as they are old enuf. Good for us them and good for us too! Hehe.

    Narrowband, you said "IMHO, there's no "whose job" or "whose responsibility". Everything in the house is all its occupants' responsibility."
    Wow! What a great attitude. I like! Its the same for us too in a way. We each do what we feel more inclined to do. (For eg. I never clean the aircond filters.):P

  11. narrowband...how nice if i knew u earlier - sure tackle u one!! hehehe....once in a million lar u. :D

  12. Wow!

    *blush blush*

    Err.. speaking of aircond filters.. it is also in my 'tasks list'! Qualify to be maid already :p

  13. Yvy, you're about 10 years too late lah. Narrowband here is a very mature young man with a great attitude.

    Narrowband, how much you charge? I hire you. Hehehe.

  14. I dont mind doing the dishes. Like you said, I also somehow think that it is part of a female's job ;P.

  15. I cannot tahan Twinsdad touch the dirty dishes, of cause I hope he can help, and he willing to help, but he will take ages to clean it, I buih-tahan.

  16. aiyo, my man only know how to wash his OWN mug only lar... and only do it when he want to use it *sigh*

  17. emotionalistic, we are old fashioned gals.

    twinsmom, nvm loh, slow still get done, you just close one eye or both eyes when you are tired.

    shiaulin, at least he wash his own mug. Haha. Ps. Mine is the same tho once in a blue moon, he'd wash my mug as well.

  18. You are lucky, married to a man who doesn't do dishes. Mine will do it and lagi worse, when he doesn't want to do it, he will stack bowls with bowls, plates of the ascending sizes, forks and spoon in a bunch and ladles and stuff in another bunch.

    I get freaked out. My purpose is - throw everything into the sink and close the eyes. Feel like washing, wash. Don't want to wash, don't see. But this atm, he arranged them so nice.

  19. Hahaha. LOL. Your ATM so good you complain summore!

  20. (sorry MG, pinjam site sat)

    i've been meaning to ask lilian wat 'atm' means for a LONG time but always keep forgetting - wat does it mean ar, lilian?

  21. Ai yo , Do dishes. I always help in doing the dishes and sometimes cook, throw the trash (children always help). I guess when I grew up I have been doing my own dishes and it has becomes a habit.We don't leave the dishes in the sink. Sink is always clear nad clean. Eat and wash it yourself. That goes for my children also.No servant to do it for them. I think it's a good practice.

  22. keke it all depends, if my wife is around and free, i will just leave it to her BUT if she is sick or busy then i will do it for her..

    if oversea staying alone, do it loh?!! or else who do it for u? kekekekeke

  23. yvy, if you want to find out what atm means you go to her blog and do a search loh. Hehe. Anyway, it means atm as in the atm you use at the bank. :P

    thquah, thats really good practise. Planning to teach my kids these good habits too.

    leecs, alone dat time no choice but got wife to do dat time....... (when I'm sick/busy, we usually ta pau so there's no dishes anyway. heh heh.)


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