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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Boy, My Joy.

The other day I wrote a post on My Girl, My Delight. So to be fair, must write about my boy too. Just because he hasn't started to speak yet doesn't mean he is any less delightful and I love them both just as much. (Wouldn't it be fun to have lots of children? You'd have lots of people to love and more people to love you back.)

My boy loves to laugh. His favourite game is for us to look away from him then suddenly turn our head around to look him straight in the face. That will guarantee a gale of laughter. His whole body would shake with laughter, his eyes turning into slits as he laughs as though its the funniest thing in the whole wide world. Another favourite game is catching. He loves to chase his sister as she runs about the house and both of them would break into fits of laughter. I love to hear them laugh but at the same time my heart would skip several beats afraid that they might hurt each other as they run around or play rough housing ie pressing their heads against each other and giggling. Mr MG and I used to say that when the kids grow up, they'd be able to play with each other so we'd have more time for each other but so far their little games still require lots of supervision or I'd have palpitations or it may end up in a fight with both crying loudly. It doesn't take much effort to amuse my boy. A simple game, a tickle here or there. He simply loves to laugh. He loves interaction and he loves company. Just need to sit beside him or near him and he'll be so contented, otherwise he would be very unhappy.

My boy loves to point. As soon as he wakes up, he points to the door! When the front door is open, he points outside. At the mall, he points everywhere! He loves to point and say "Awak! Awak!" (whatever that means). Other "words" he says are "mamak! mamak!" (maybe he wants to eat mamak teh tarik and nasi lemak) and "cha cha cha cha". Theres so much to see and do. I don't know why babies love to point so. For delightful pictures of a baby pointing, go here.

My boy loves to eat. He is so different from his sister. He just discovered the joy of eating finger foods. I didn't have to "introduce" them to him. He discovered them on his own. At my niece's 12th birthday party on Sunday, he was so funny. He stuffed one nugget into his mouth, had one on his left hand, another on his right while his eyes continue to dart on the plate full of food. He soon offered the nuggest to my sis when he saw watermelons. He took one watermelon on his left hand, another on his right and ate them by alternating each hand. Later he offered the watermelon to his grandpa. Haha. I must offer him more finger foods at home.

My boy loves to imitate. Give him a comb, and he brings it to his head. Give him a handphone and he holds it next to his ear. He tries to put his sister's shoes on his foot. A cup or spoon goes into his mouth. Thats the way they learn, by looking and imitating us.

My boy loves music. Whenever he hears any music, he will move his body along with the rhythm naturally.

Its really fun to have young children at home. There is much love, laughter and noise at home. Guaranteed!


  1. same here... give the handphone to baby and make the sound of phone ringing/beeping, she'll press on the centre button and bring the phone up to her ear and say "hallo?"

  2. My kid plays with all of our stuff except his own toys..
    I just wondered why all those toy stores are still operating..

  3. Yes.. Guaranteed !! but they can be monsters as well..hahahahha!!! but we love them all the same..!

  4. dg, so adorable.

    egghead, becos the parents are busy playing with the toys loh.

    big bok, yah, very noisy monsters indeed! lol.

  5. Awak! = baby languange meaning go out la wei

    mokapeteh = move over there

    Wanna translation, come to me la. Hahaha.

  6. hello mumsgather...happen to bump into this site thru Annie's. Your kids are so cute..esp your girl, must be asking thousand and one things everyday :). Thanks for linking my blog, I'll add yours into mine as well.

  7. 5Xmom, Haha. Can translate "Ek Ek." and "Tak tak" or not?

    Jazzmint, Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm happy to discover more and more mommies blogs.

  8. roller coaster...roller coaster....
    this minutes make me laugh, minutes later make me cry...

  9. haha.. i thought u was talking/blogging about my son :D

  10. so sweet...i rly love it when u blog about ur kids and mr. mg with so much love and adoration =) u owes make me feel tat life is beautiful if only we dun skip the little things...thx mg!

  11. twinsmom, hope they make you laugh today.

    shiaulin, hehe, the babies behaviour are so cute at this age.

    autumnmusic, long time no see! :)


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