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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

101 Things to do but only 24 hours in a day

Each day, I have 101 things to do. I have.........

  • 101 errands to run
  • 101 chores to complete
  • 101 activities I want to do with my children
  • 101 things to say to my spouse
  • 101 things to blog about

............ and............. only a very small portion of it gets done in a day. How ah?


  1. Take a break...have a Kit Kat! To regenerate, to refresh, to refill...then press 'Continue' with the balance of the 101 errands, chores, activities, things to say and things to blog. ;)

  2. I have zillion of things in my mind to do and I need more than 24 hrs a day too...so can't help you much on how to maximize your time. :P

  3. Day one: Kids come first, do everything you can that you think it's important and urgent.
    Day two: Hubby comes first. You know what to do....
    Day three: Kacang putih households stuffs turns.
    Just rotate the chart!

  4. Exactly how i feel now ... with 1 child and a baby in hand 24 hours a day is really not enough.

    Stop everything for 5 mins (then your close eyes take a deep breath ... focus on your body from your head until your toes ... let your mind wonder ... drift away ...

    You will feel fresh n energetic after this .. it works for me


  5. i have less than 24 hours a day. i feel it that way. *sigh*

  6. Take things easy...don't try to rush everything together..hehe easy to say, i know. ;)

    Hope your boy is better now...take care..:)

  7. Not only u, looks like all mummies need > 24 hours! ...count me in too! LOL

  8. bkworm,
    Aiks! You just made me feel like reaching out for a kit kat. Luckily theres none at home. Haha.

    But..but...but...but.. everything oso top priority!

    It helps enuf to know that I'm not alone. Hehe.

    I like your chart!

    I think I might like to do this 5 minute break thingy every 5 minutes or so. Lol!


    You should take things easy now too. I used to have terrible morning sickness so I know how you're feeling right now.

    You're counted. Next, please. Hehe.

  9. 101 things to do but necessarily must finish within 24 hours right? So don't worry so much. One thing at a time. Baby steps here, baby steps there and things will get done eventually. Unfortunately the list will never end as there are always new things to add to it. But that's life right? Just don't forget to smell the roses while you're at it.

  10. One step at one time. Take things slowly. Prioritise. Do a rating.

  11. MG, everything also want to do hor?
    1. Send spouse to run errands
    2. Get everyone to help with chores
    3. Reduce activities :P
    4. Talk to your spouse in bed
    5. Blog all your 101 things (1st priority)

    Helpful or not? If not, don't worry, easier for me to say than to do.

  12. 24 hours is just never enough...cause the list is endless

  13. Wow..! same like me lah.. !! how ..??

  14. lian,
    You are so right. :)

    Yah, I probably feel overwhelmed because I'm trying to take a few steps at a time instead of one at a time. Lol!

    1. He has just as many errands as I
    2. Kids can help to keep their own toys but thats it.
    3. How?
    4. In bed, he's asleep by the time I get there and I'm asleep when he awakes. Hahaha.
    5. This one no problem. Lol! (Hey! Maybe thats the source of the problem. Hehe. No lah, seriously, these days I cut down a lot on blog hopping. Mostly I just read flittingly on my blog reader and I don't leave many comments is one of my ways of cutting pc time.)

    Yup! Its endless..... Sumore, this month so suey. 3 times when we were leaving the house to go out, we had to turn back because we had car engine failure, power window failure and a tyre puncture! So even more rushed! Getting those fixed and postponing our appointment and other chores due to it. Bleh!

    mama bok,
    Hahahahaha. What lah you. I ask you, you ask me back!

  15. Don't sleep! Honestly. That's what I do sometimes...

  16. sasha,
    I have a part time one. It helps a lot!

    Can't. Sleep is VERY important!


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