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Friday, October 27, 2006


I'm so tired.... Spent all of the five days holidays holed up in the house looking after baby. He was quite sick. He had high fever which wouldn't break. It went down on medication then up again, very high. (Above 39 several times and even above 40 once). He needed sponging and had to put in a suppository on 3 different occassions to bring the fever down.

He lost all his appetite and wouldn't eat ANYTHING for days. His lips became dry and peeling. I had to force feed him medicine on his empty stomach, sponge him etc. Baby was whiny because he was so uncomfortable. He slept quite a lot because he was very tired and whenever he was awake or even semi-awake he called out for me "Amah, Amah, Amah", he whined. (No one else would do, not even daddy) I was worried sick. And now, I'm sick.

I need a break but there is none. How I long for a break but I can't have one. The hubby has just fallen sick himself. My girl has started sneezing and if she starts another new sick cycle, I am going to cry. We're all at different stages of the sick cycle.

Luckily, by yesterday, baby looked much better, almost back to his usual cheerful self and his appetite was back. When he was sick, my girl was neglected. I did not have any energy to play with her (although I tried to give her one on one time when baby was asleep). Still, it was not enough because baby took up most of my time and energy and she sensed it. When her dad asked her to show me something, she said "Baby, doesn't want me to go near HIS mummy."

I noticed that the sibling rivalry heated up considerably when there is inequitable treatment. And so they fought (yah, sick oso can fight), pushing each other feebly and crying mostly. (Really kenot tahan).

I'm so tired. I'm so tired of all the worry, whining, fighting, crying and being on call 24 hours a day. I need a break. :(


  1. Get well soon - drink loads and loads of water and wash your hands frequently. Helps to stop the spread of infection. I hope your baby is better now!

  2. *sigh* Both of us didn't enjoy the long holiday too!

    Ya man, my gals also verbal/physical fight when they sick, shout even louder!!!! *2x sigh*

    ....i even kick hubby's butt when he cannot offer his help to me! especially when the gals only want me alone with them!! They are ok by now, luckiy I am survive!(me no sick mah!)

    Take care, hope all of u get well soon!!

  3. Got to take care of yourself too, yah! When kids fall ill, it's always a parent's constant worry until they get well.

  4. Whoa, another sick kid? This is the 4th or 5th or 6th blog I read about kids being sick. Must be sick season. Hope they get well soon!!!

  5. I hope everyone gets well soon.. MG..! you really need to get a break.. somehow. .. take care..!

  6. Sorry to hear everyone's sick. It's the worse when parents are sick, we need to remain immortal :(
    Take care & get well soon MG.

  7. Sorry to hear about that. Didn't see any update from you and thought you're on holiday. Mana tahu your kids are still sick. You take care ya...

  8. Can sense your weariness...if cannot take a break now, maybe some quiet time on your own? A few hours possible?

    Btw, why your boy call you Amah? Cos that's granny to me :?

  9. Poor mommy and baby..

    Rest more now if you have the chance..you need all the rest...

    Hope all of you will be back to normal soon....

  10. I hope you all recover soon. The weather's been horrible lately, so keep up the fluids and try to get some rest yourself. Take care now.

  11. pinky,
    Thanks. Will remember that.

    Yah, I oso want to tendang butt adi.

    At least they are better now, so its time to worry about myself yah?

    Yup. Its definitely the sick season and the best place to find that out in on blogs. Better not take your kid out to public places too much.

    mama bok,

    The immortal is down. Hahaha!

    On holiday? I wish. We only managed to venture out, on the last day of the holidays....... to buy groceries. How exciting is that!

    "Amah" The way he pronounces that sounds like "servant girl" rather than "granny". He only calls me "mummy" when he is happy. When he wants to whine, its "Amah" and when I'm really fed up, I tell him "Who is your Amah. I'm not your Amah!"

    baby darren,
    I can't wait for things to get back to normal again.

    Thank you.

  12. Dearest mumsgather,

    May God bless your beloved baby, toddler, hubby and you.

    Please, do take care of your health and the lovely family. (Great job mumsgather!)

    I pray for your family health and happiness :)

  13. hope baby getting better...me oso had cold and fever during the break..ai..wasted those days not doing much

  14. aawww....poor you. why this post is as melancholic as my recent post wan? why we're both down and out? it's the holidays I tell ya!

  15. Hey MG, now some days have gone since this post, and I trust and hope that by now you're feeling better???? It's terrible when anyone in the family's sick eh...but thank God, they only get better and not worse! :) HOpe the coming week is easier and relaxing! Take good care!

  16. Sorry to hear you have been having such a rough time, but glad the kids are better. Now it's time to take good care of yourself and hubby. Hope you both have a speedy recovery!

  17. I had one sick baby last week and i was so exhausted liao. can't imagine what u went through.

    Hope the sick bug goes away soon. Take care.

  18. Hi everyone,
    I'm feeling better now, thank you. Just a little bit of cough and phlegm left now. Soon, will be as good as new. Hehe.

  19. Try this recipe, it's good for your throat, kids too..
    1 big apple 3-4 meet cho a little cane sugar
    Skin & core the apple. Place all ingredients in a pot with 2-3 cups of water and double boil for 2 hours.
    The whole family can take this sweet soup once a week and it is soothing to the throat.

    You might like to try this too... it's a grandmother handdown and so far, it's effective when my daughter had fever. Use the egg white (not from the refridgerator as it's cold) & put it into a small ceramic cup (the small chinese teacup). Wrap a piece of hanky over it and wipe it across the forehead and the body especially the joints. Wipe with another clean hanky. Repeat until you have used up the egg whites from 2 eggs. Lastly, dust some talcum powder on the body to get rid of stickiness. You can repeat this twice a day if the child is having high fever. Sometimes, mum have to resort to other methods besides medicine.

  20. hugz i know how u feel, meia was sick too the whole of last week n i had no help, n she only wanted me...

  21. mommytomeia,
    I hope meia is better now.


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