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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home haircuts. (Girl's hair is easier to cut than boy's hair)

I give both the kids home haircuts to save time and money. I've seen some hair salons charging RM20 plus for a child's haircut. *Faints* My home haircuts don't look professional but they do save a lot of time and hassle. No need to arrange for a time to dress them up and take them out. Time is precious and something we don't have a lot of.

I find that girl's hair is much easier to cut. Just trim the back in a straight line then trim the bangs or fringe. My sister taught me to trim the fringe layer by layer by cutting it vertically. It makes it look less severe ie lighter and nicer than just cutting it straight across.

My girl has always been good during haircuts since she was young. When she was small, I would sit her in the highchair and place the highchair in front of the bathroom mirror so she could watch the process. I give her combs and clips to play with and she seems happy with that and would sit still for her haircut.

Now that she is older, she still enjoys her haircuts. She likes the newspaper "clothing" I cutout for her to wear to protect her clothes during the haircut. She finds it amusing, I think, giggling and calling out to baby to look at her. And everytime her fringe gets long and starts disturbing her eyes she would tell me "Mummy, my hair long already, please cut hair for me."

Boy's hair on the other hand is much harder to cut and style. I have to make sure its really short so that my poor boy doesn't get mistaken for a girl, which he often does. I have to make sure that the areas around the ears are trimmed neatly and that the hair at the front doesn't hang down and look like a girl's fringe.

In addition, my boy doesn't sit still like my girl. Placing him in the high chair in front of the mirror does not do the trick. He would turn his head this way and that and he hates it when the hair falls onto his neck and would cry.

So haircuts for him is always done during his shower instead. I give him some toy cups and other bath toys to occupy him and let him play with the soap and soapbox while I try to still some snips in between. Hair that drops on his neck is quickly washed away with the shower before he complains. He doesn't mind a haircut when done in this fashion. I have no one to help me distract him so the bath toys and allowing him to play with water do the trick very nicely.

His sideburns and back are trimmed using a shaver to make it neater. I have to be very, very careful not to nick his ear or neck with the shaver. Have to be very careful with the scissors too. Once, I found a small wound and some blood on his scalp and I didn't even know how that happened. He didn't cry out at all during the haircut too busy playing with his toys, I suppose. Scarry! My SIL shared with me that once she accidentally snipped her son's ear with the scissors drawing blood during a home haircut. OMG! Have to be very careful indeed!

As soon as I finish his haircut, I shower him immediately and all is done. I love to look at the kids after their baths. They look so innocent and clean and loveable. Mmmm Geram! Speaking of geram, my boy loves to pinch people's cheeks in a geram manner the way adults do to little ones. Its very funny to be the recipient of such a pinch from a little one instead.


  1. i wish to cut for my little girl who is 1 and half year old. i let ppl to cut, need RM5, is reasonable lar..but she wont sit properly there and let ppl to cut, she will grab her scissor one..fainted..

  2. I hv two boys. i go to barber to relieve this hair-cutting stress. I only got one heart...I will need it for other types of stresses! ;-)

  3. the "official" hairdresser for my girls is daddy...he will throw a fits if anyone touches his girls hair!! hahaha...so u must be the official hairdresser in your house??

  4. I am the girls'hairdresser too! B4 placing the paper cloth, i always take off their cloth, and pour powder all over their body, easy to clean afterwards.

    Never trim boy hair so far, so no experience.

  5. You're good! I have only trimmed his fringe but never tried to cut the whole head of hair.

  6. irene,
    Grab the scissors? Alamak, yes, sure faint.

    Yup, maybe girls hair not only easier to cut but girls easier to manage too. Lol!

    mommy of two angels,
    Yes,I'm the official hairdresser. If I were better at it probably hubs will ask me to cut his hair as well to save time. Haha.

    Oh really ah? Must try the powder trick.

    I try to observe how they cut my hubby's hair and use the same method and style. Lol!

  7. I tried trimming my girl's fringe once and ever since, my mom has banned me from this potential occupation :)

  8. wah RM20, must be some branded place la..my hairdresser charges RM8 only nya..i dare not cut ler cos they move here n there but when they go to hairdresser, wah like frozen one..very good!

  9. When DD's haircut is due, I just wait for DH to go to the barber for his haircut and let the mamak trim it for free. I'd do it myself but since the last time I trimmed her bang and found out that I'm a tad obsessive compulsive in getting her bangs in a straight line, I ended up making DD look like Temenggong Jugah. Lol. Poor DD...:D

  10. my Darrius's hair grew like 1mm in a month so still nothing for me to try any hair trimming yet...
    my brother's official hairdresser is my mom since dono when and he has one hair cut at a saloon just before his wedding and it turned out to be disastorous!

  11. immomsdaughter,
    Why? Very ugly ah. Lol.

    Wah, if mine like frozen like dat, no problem cutting loh.

    sarah's mummy,
    Yes, if cut straight across and keep on cutting to get it right, soon it will become shorter and shorter and.....

    Lol! He should have let his official hairdresser work her magic.

  12. Use to take up the hairdresser role, but am really not good at it. I did it a few times on JS but now it's off sending her to the proper hairdresser (she's getting vain), it cost RM5 here and RM8 in Subang. So far only trimmed once for WH and turned up quite ugly. Lucky he doesnt need any further trim since the last time I did it.

  13. We mums have to be everything hor? I cut my son's and hubby's hair. Even put tips on my son's hair when it was the fashion. Attempted my daughter's a few times but now she is a 'teenager', I won't try just in case she comes out looking like 'sua ku', her boyfriend run far, far away, how?

  14. dragonmummy,
    Wah, JS knows how to be vain already ah?

    Hubby's hair I dare not cut.


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