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Monday, October 16, 2006

Slimming Equipment for the lazy

During the weekend I saw a lot of bums vibrating at the mall, mainly big ones! They were promoting a new slimming/exercise equipment. The big vibrating bums belonged to those trying out the exercise equimpment while the smaller sexy bums stood by at the side showing them how the exercise equipment worked. Lol!

Just stand, sit or place your arms on this vibrating equipment and your body gets toned. Imagine that! And its very cheap too! Only a few thousand ringgit!

First there was the belt that you could wear anywhere, at work, at home, even while relaxing. Then there was the seat that rocked like a wildly buckling horse. And now this. Whatever will they think of next?!

Thank you very much, but I shall just stick on with my own home exercise and diet, ie eat less of all food groups (not just one and deprive myself of the necessary nutrition my body needs). Its much cheaper that way. No expensive slimming centres, pills or specialised equipment for me. (At least not the new fad ones.) I will still use the bike or a threadmill. At least those help to work up some sweat.


  1. heheh No need to buy "hope" la..just stick to housework is enuff..

  2. If I went to the gym, it's definitely the treadmill & bike for me.

  3. hahah... decided 10 years ago playing game (the sweating type) was my exercise regime. still play squash once a week with yoga on antoher day.

  4. U r so right MG & exactly my sentiments. For permanent weight loss u just have to eat healthy & workout daily-no such thing as slimming pill, sit on ur ass gadget, etc as it is only be temp.

  5. MG, I too don't believe in spending that sort of $$. Eat less...use the money to shop more cos in that way, you get exercise by walking in the mall.....then lose some calories deciding what to buy. Come out of the mall empty handed....lose more calories from lots of sighing cos can't find the right size or item to buy! Great calories loser without putting a hole in your pocket!

  6. The bucking bronco is really funny. Can't imagine how rocking your butt will help you lose weight LOL.

  7. yea man..the horse thing is somehow quite perverse to me!

    Everytime I look at those 1 page ads those slimming centers, I really wonder, if there are a lot of women who actually go through it..because it still seems like a lot of work to me! HA HA!

  8. the buckling horse one hor...damn obscene leh... PiggyBeng was saying that dono the fellow who designed it could be lack of sex.. LOL!

    The best way to slim down is to eat before 7pm and sleep after 4 hours from your last meal and cut down on carbo esp rice.

  9. sasha,
    When you live in a small apartment, housework is not enuf ler.

    Me too.

    see fei,
    If I play game, I will pick balls more than run, so no sweating, kenot!

    I wonder if there will even be a temp for those gadgets. I'm a disbeliever in gadgets. Come to think of it "gadgets" is a good choice of word.

    Haha. I agree with you 100% right down to the sighing for not having bought anything part.

    You haven't seen the vibrating platform yet? Its just as funny.

    Yah, a lot of work plus a lot of money too!

    I am sure there will be some salivating lips and nose bleeds when the men walk past those SYTs doing the demo on the buckling horse. Lol!

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