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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Conversation with my 30 month old boy

I was giving baby a bath when he said to me...

Baby: "No head. No head. "

followed by...

Baby: "Put there. Put there." (pointing to the shower and indicating to me to put it away)

After a while, I finally got it and told him...

MG: "Don't worry baby. We are not washing hair today."
(He was afraid that I would start spraying the shower over his head, hence the "No head")

He looked at me and I repeated myself to encourage him to speak...

MG: "Not washing hair today."

He then tried to repeat after me...

Baby: "Not.. washing... hair... today."

Not bad, not bad at all. I tried to say it again so he could learn from repetition...

MG: "Not wash... (when suddenly a small, wet little hand covered my mouth to stop me)

Then he shook his little head a little impatiently to indicate to me that he wanted me to shut up so he could try on his own and he said...

Baby: "Not.... wash... hair"

And then he smiled, pleased with himself at his own attempt.

MG: "Yes baby, thats right. We are not washing hair today."

Yup, baby is on the road to become a talkative little fella. Mummy loves you lots, Baby. Mmmmmmuah!


  1. Wahhhh..I'm so proud for you! I'm sure your heart was bursting when you saw your lil fella trying his best to talk!!!

    Clap clap clap!!! ;-)

  2. AAAWWWWW......they DO grow up pretty fast, don't they? Anyway, this reminds me of the first word that I thought Jared to say which was (ahem) Mama (of course!) But he always said 'Ba Ba' which irked the hell out of me!! Ha ha ha ha.... :-)

  3. Soon, it will become the "Mummy, why...", "Mummy, why...", "Mummy, why...", "Mummy, why...", "Mummy, why...", stage, right? :P

  4. mott,
    *Bursting with pride* liao!

    Both my kids call "daddy" first before "mummy". Not fair!

    It has started early because he has his sister to copy mah. Everytime I tell him "You can't do ......" he will look at me with the most innocent expression and ask "Why?"

  5. Oh, he is same month with my son! :)

  6. Wah..so pandai! But i tot kids loves to wash hair?

  7. Woohoooo!!! Give him a glass of bue nee na to celebrate :)

  8. See kids excel is sucha great feeling. :) Thumbs up to boy boy!

  9. Awww...he is such a sweetie. MG nose also kembang with pride liao :D

  10. Hi. My name is Barbara and I'm a stay-at-home mommy to a 16 mth old girl. Saw the link to your blog from another mommy blog. Just want to say that I enjoy reading yours very much. I have also just started my own blog but don't have much time to update though :D Have to run after my little girl all the time :D

  11. huisia,
    High 5! Hehe.

    Mine hates to wash hair. Last time my girl cry until vomit when wash hair dat time.

    Most definitely.

    Seeing them try and feeling pleased with themselves is another high.

    Today when he was having his bath, he remembered and tried to say it again. "Not...wash...hair" Double kembang.

    mommy to chumsy,
    Hello. Welcome to my blog. Me too, have to run after the kids all the time... but...errr... still got time to update blog. Hehe. Hope to see more of you around here.

  12. Cute little boy. He surely will become a talkative boy. So proud of him. Bravo!

  13. when i was little i too hated washing hair, meaning cannot pour water over my head! so i made sure i early early start pouring water over my kids' head to avoid the fear! hahaha,

  14. ooww...he's learning every word and wants to speak after you huh..

    why sked of washing hair?

  15. wah...little baby is going to be a big boy lioa lor...

    So interesting to see babies learn to improve themselves...

  16. babykhong,
    I'm proud of him too for trying. They're really eager to try, the little ones. We should learn from them.

    Wah, smart lah you.

    Because water runs into their eyes and noses mah.

    Yes, its really interesting to see them trying and feeling pleased with themselves. Thats why they always say "give encouragement and praise". They thrive on it.


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