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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Early Stages of Toilet Training

Yesterday my boy saved us two diapers! I was delighted. I think he was too.

I noticed recently that he could tell me whenever he had a poo or pee. And so, once or twice when his diaper was still dry before a shower, I would encourage him to pee during his shower. With the sound of the shower running (it helps), he managed to pee and would laugh at his own "success". (Things that we take for granted is an achievement to a child trying for the first time.)

Last evening, he pointed to the toilet and told me "I want to shh shh (pee) there." I checked to see that his diaper was still dry and took him. It took him a little while. I told him "C'mon baby, got shh shh or not?" He said "Don't have", "No more" and "Dunno". Lol! I turned on the shower, kept on encouraging him and he managed to do it. Again, he laughed amazed and delighted. So was I.

Later in the evening, after his milk, he told me "Shh shh again" "Do you want to go there to shh shh" I asked him and he nodded his head. Again, his diaper was dry so off we went to try.... and success again! He was delighted. I was delighted. Looks like we're off to a good start in toilet training. Hehe.

Moms who like to exhange toileting stories, please head on to Lazy Mom's Approach Towards Toilet Training on my Mothering Times Blog.

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  1. hee hee smart boy!!! was he sitting or standing? my no.2 very clever to wee wee whenever showering!!! Then, he'll play with his urine...aiyo..pengsan la! LOL

  2. Clap clap to your boy! Great to achieve another milestone!

  3. Congrats to both of you on another milestone achieved!

  4. congrats!
    Jayden is also "toilet" trained. But he can't use a potty, he must use our big toilet and i have to carry him and sit with him. He's so used to toilet, he can't poop in the diaper also. Can't wait for him to tell me he wanna shh shh and stop using diaper.

  5. mott,
    Actually, at first he told me he wanted to go and sit there to shh shh and I told him, boys stand to shh shh, so he did it standing up loh. Haha.

    huisia, a&a'smom,
    I love watching them achieving their milestones. Its an amazing thing to watch.

    Mine learn to pee first. Dunno how the pooing will turn out.

  6. So happy to see the little one reach another milestone ya!

  7. *applause* Well done, mumsgather and boy boy! :) Can save your diaper money liao.hehe

  8. woah...clever boy...can save $$$ lioa.

    I've also started to train Darrius the past few days with 'sshhh..sshhh' style and seems like he's getting the idea... oz last time he refused to pee when i tried.

  9. That is one of the proudest moment for mother and child. Soon no need nappies liow....so easy already.

  10. Thanks everyone for sharing my joy. Achieve milestone already, must fall sick. So no time to reply to comments.

  11. wahh so clever boy...it really saves alot when they go diaperless huh


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