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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Totally Natural Appetite Suppresant

Today, I'm going to share my diet secret. I have a couple of totally natural appetite suppresants at home. Its guaranteed to work. Its not a herbal concoction. Its not a synthetic pill. No tiring, sweaty exercise is required. Its totally natural with guaranteed results! Okay, okay, enough selling, now for the secret.

First, you need to have two sick kids. Then you lay your dining table with freshly cooked, good looking food. Then you feed each of them a mouthful. Then you watch as the vomit flow (no, the more correct adjective would be "pour") right out of their little mouths, one after the other, spraying the high chair and dinner table with bile. By now, your appetite is feeling a little suppressed.

Then you tell them "Don't move! Don't touch anything!" while you run around frantically (this is good exercise) searching for some toilet roll to do a quick and simple clean-up of the mess. Then you change one of them and are thankful the other doesn't require a change of clothes. You are also glad, they have not yet taken their dinner and the vomit did not hit the food. After the change you cleanup the table with a wet cloth and proceed to feed the kids. By now, the natural appetite suppresant has fully kicked in. You no longer feel like having your dinner.

And if thats not good enough, you take the sick kids to bed, only to be woken up at 5am by two feverish crying kids. (waking up early is good for health). You feed them medicine, sponge the little one, change them and get them to bed by calming them with 4 stories. It has to be 4 stories or they can't sleep (according to one of them, my girl that is). Then you lie down to rest while rubbing the tummy of the little one who is in pain. Very soon after, the little one throws up on the bed.

So you get up to rinse the soiled bedsheet and give it a nice new change. This time you are thankful his clothes don't need a change. (Theres always something to be thankful for if you look hard enough) Then you breastfeed the kiddo (thats bound to make you lose even more weight) to calm him and get him back to sleep.

Then you are unable to go back to sleep so you get up to blog. There! Dieting secret revealed. Good anot?

Ok, enough nonsense. (1 Sick kid + 1 Sick Kid = 1 mom blogging nonsense.)

Time to go back to ZZZZZZZZZ! Goodnight. Oops. That should be Good Morning.


  1. Even times like this have its worth in the memories they make.
  2. Looks like the cold bug has hit us. It hit Mr MG about 2-3 weeks ago and I was just congratulating myself for managing to avoid him passing it to us. Thats no mean feat I tell you. We avoided him and managed to avoid his germs to avoid the unmerry go round. But then my girl got sick (probably from germs picked up at kiddy rides, kiddy rides can be really dirty) about 2 days ago and has now passed it on to her little brother. So it looks like the unmerry go round has started. Will I be next? Better go back to sleep now or else not enough rest = low resistance. I CANNOT afford to fall ill. Afterall, I'm a mom. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. we moms gotto be like immortal, cannot get sick.

  2. Sorry to hear about your kiddos getting sick. On the bright side however, your kiddos are building resistancy to this bugs.

  3. sasha,
    Ah yes, must be like immortals like dat. I thot I cld go back to catch some sleep but they're awake so immortal have to get back to work.

    Yes, I just read an article yesterday that suggest that you get your kids to play in the mud and grime so that they get exposed to all the bugs there is during childhood to build up resistance.

  4. Aiyo...another two sick..I just read L-amah's blog! Poor kids!! Poor mum!!

    Nxt time, keep a "chuck" bucket close...that way, minimal cleaning up! My boy knows when he wants to chuck, he yells for it!

    Poor Mum!2x sick = 10x work!

  5. Sounds like gastric flu... it's going around in s'pore schools as well. Because u need to clean up the vomit and stuff, it's very important for you to wash your own hands clean so that u yourself do not get the bug when you touch food, rub your eyes etc. It's highly contagious. It's highly likely caregiver will get it, so take great care!

    People always say need to expose kids to dirt, but some of these germs are nasty, need to wash those grimy little hands often, esp. before eating.

  6. Whoa, so many kids sick nowadays. Hope they get well soon.

    Sasha is right lah, moms cannot get sick. *grin* . My wife hardly get sick, in fact probably never get since ever since I known her!

  7. hey, get well soon! Long holiday coming soon, else cannot enjoy ler!

    I hv 2 kids too, but when they sick , my weight still the same ler..:(

  8. Hope the kids get well soon.

    The vomitting in a norm at home when the kids are sick..

    Your "Natural Appetite Suppresant" doesn't work for me. Because only when sick this happen, when they are not sick, usually I have to be bandaraya to clean up the left over (dont waste food ma) and the lack of sleep (good days or bad) cause dark circle under my eyes.

    So instead of staying slim...I become a panda. Chubby with dark eyes circle. LOL

  9. mott,
    "Chuck" bucket sounds like a good idea. Thanks.

    Yes, I'm washing my hands every few minutes.

    Wah, you are married to a healthy lady eh?

    jesslyn, dragonmummy,
    Nyah. Don't listen to my crap when I'm sleep deprived. The moment when they Uwek! Uwek! all over the table was Ewwwww but actually hor, when they are sick, I feel stressed (which makes me eat)
    and I'm up during the night (which makes me hungry), so I chomp, chomp, chomp and gobble, gobble, gobble!

  10. Hope they get well soon..and you, MG, get some rest.

  11. Really sorry abt ur kiddos & wishing them a speedy recovery. Looks like u working out regularly & eating healthy has given u the immunity. Ebenthough my boys will sneeze at my face when they get the flu, but touch wood managed to stay clear for over a year now. Eating loads of veggies & fruits also contributes to the immunity.
    Anyway hugs to you & take care of urself ya.

  12. Oh dear, poor you and poor kids...hope the kids get well soon, and you take care of yourself ok?

    Btw, i need appetite booster..any tips? :P

  13. aiyoh...better take care...
    today my Darrius was spotted with slight fever too... quite worried coz we will be leaving this Friday so hopefully he recovers soon. Myself is having sore throat... probably due to the bad haze. :(

  14. wah good leh this diet! hahaha..ya man taking care of sick kids really no joke..but me hor so spoilt one got hubby n maid to help dat's y still so fat lor!

  15. If that's one thing I don't enjoy, it's cleaning up after sick kids...thank goodness my lau ang did all that. Now that they are older, it's not the sick but the sounds that make me sick. I really have no stomach for sick or blood but whatever, YES...MUM CANNOT BE SICK. I hope your kids are better and you have managed to soldier on. Don't blog late, late...you must sleep so you are not receptive to all the bugs around you.

  16. Ya, ya...that's what I always remind myself, I can't afford to get sick..so we moms really have to take care of ourselves.
    Thanks for the Raya wishes;)

  17. Mud and grim will also give them nice skin complexion :)

  18. Thank you all. No mood and no time to blog with the kids sick. So won't be blogging till after the long festive holidays. Even our regular paed has gone for long holidays. Damage at new paed = RM 242 for two kids! Siao! Poor little one had a suppository as his fever went up to 39.6c. :(

  19. poor you...hope everything will be better soon and you can gain wt again :P

    btw, that's almost my diet secret too. but without the sick children. praise God for that! just the minding all my 3 minis all by myself and breastfeeding.

  20. aiyoyo.... poor thing...
    How are they feeling now?? Hope they get well soon, so you can get your rest.... :)

  21. oh no! yah, sort of know what you are going through. Mrs B have two sick kids for such a long time. I really kesian my wifey when i look into her eyes. so tired. gotta work the next day summore! ya, mums are superwomen. hope your kiddos get well quickly. :)

  22. Goodness, this is bad. Hope your two kids get well soon & hope you stay sick-proof. Good to see your sense of humour is still intact despite the lack of sleep. Take care.

  23. aiyo..i can imagine the amt of work u gotta go thru..somemore no maid..salute salute u

  24. Sorry to hear the kids are unwell - trust they will get well soon. Take care!

  25. You take care, we moms don't have sick leave!

  26. MG, thinking of you this morning and I pray that your kids have fully recovered from their 'bugs'.
    Have a nice day.

  27. I agree...no need to waste money on slimming programs...hi hi

  28. Hello Everyone,
    Thank you for dropping by and your comments. Sorry, I did not reply. I'm sick now too. :(


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