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Thursday, October 12, 2006

You know you're scolding your child too much when........

One morning, as soon as she woke up, my girl said to me.....

My Girl: Mummy, sorry.

MG: Why are you sorry?

My Girl: Because its Christmas and we play with so many things under the tree and then I dream we eat ice-cream.

MG: But why are you sorry?

My Girl: Because I dropped the ice-cream.

MG: Oh. You don't have to be sorry. Its just a dream.

My Girl: No... Sorry!

Oh dearie me. I think I must have been yelling at my girl too often. She even wants to say sorry to me because she dropped her ice-cream in her dream! These days she says sorry for a lot of things. "Sorry mummy, just now I didn't eat my food". "Sorry, just now I messed up the place." are some examples. I must really stop yelling at her and start explaining things to her nicely.

I really have been raising my voice at the kids too much. "Don't do/touch/mess up/tear/go there/spill/play with your food ........." "Don't fight/snatch/bully/scream/jump around like that ....." Blah blah blah. You can hear me at it all day. I even SHOUT out "Don't SHOUT/SCREAM!" to the kids. (Talk about teaching by example. *Rolls eyes*) Last evening at dinner, hubby asked me "How come you don't have very much patience with the kids?"

MG's mantra for the day: "I shall not YELL. I shall not SHOUT. I shall not YELL. I shall not SHOUT."



  1. haha! I just blogged about this! So hard to maintain..but 2THUMBS UP! for trying!

  2. I also failed so often to control myself. The other day JS lost her cool (something WH done to her) and she kept scolding WH like the way I scolded her, I see the "mini me" in her. I recorded it down in video, but I'm just too ashame to show it. It's really alarming, the tone, the temper.....:(

  3. SAHM is babysitting 24/7, so how not to explode sometimes? Even me a FTWM also do thatlah :D

  4. Your mantra is my mantra also...

    You know, you're facing them 24/7 leh, so i think it's only normal for you to lose your cool once in a while..dun be too hard on yourself ya! :)

  5. Easier said than done but we shall have to continue to remind ourselves, shall we?

  6. Poor Mg, It's not easy to do the same thing day in day out.

    Your girl is so sweet, apologize when she is wrong. She must have fear you eh?

  7. When I read ur mantra, I can imagine u are shouting out loudly, hahaha.

    Wuah seh! Ur girl is having phobia of u shouting/screaming at her? So kesian.

    MG, u are not alone. U can shake hands with me. What more u are at home. I shout/scream at my kid almost every day and dat's AFTER work - imagine facing her for the few hours only. Pappy always reminds me to be patient with her. Just cannot be patient with her, she really gets on my nerves sometimes.

  8. sometimes we'll loose patient when we're too stressed. I'm also yelling and scolding my son who is only 6 months old. And all he does is smile..*sigh*

  9. hahah.. i do that too with ashley. like the other mommies said, "too stressed out". i shout until my hubby asked me to cool down. when i explained, he said it's my choice to be a sahm :( really don't know how to answer him. Men!!

  10. MG, we've all been there, done that. Now my kids are bigger, cannot tell off anymore but instead, they can turn around and tell me "Tut2, spill something mum?" "Chill mum, why you angry for?" Don't worry, they will have a chance to have the reverse role!
    Sorry ah, a few days not visit your site already, busy, busy...until what the Chinese would say, "No time to even 'w---
    b--ks--e. :)

  11. Poor girl...she has been conditioned. But I can perfectly understand why you shout and yell. It's really not easy taking care of two young ones 24/7. I do that even when I don't care for mine 24/7.

    We have to constantly remind ourselves!

  12. mott,
    Easier said than done.

    Alamak, scary to see our image reflected like dat in the kids isn't it?

    Explode once in a while not so bad but until ppl dream about it even? :PpPpP

    Still wanna be SAHM? Hahaha.

    Yes, we shall!

    So terrible until she fear me, mummy, the big bad monster!

    Ya lor. So kesian. Everytime, I hear her apologising especially if its for something really small, I feel very bad.


    mommy to chumsy,
    Oh, I get that too.

    My sis tells me that when they start playing the reverse roll dat time, you dun wanna yell at them anymore, you want to slap them! (for answering you back) Hehe.

    Poor little girl. Bad mommy. Yes, must constantly and conciously remind ourselves.

  13. How come you sound like me? It's not easy lah. Forgive yourself and change.

    My younger son spent three sons sporadically apologizing to me for the same incident...over and over again. "mom, I am sorry I dropped the french fries in the car". He repeats this over time when he sees me frown. I must have scared the living daylights out of my poor baby!!! :-(

  14. now my Darrius knows how to yell back... terra or not? He's only 10 mth + leh... aiyoh.. can't imagine what's next... don't think he feels sorry...LOL

  15. marsha,
    Oh dear, poor baby. I feel so bad too when I see fear in their eyes when I raise my hand. Bad mommy!

    Haha. Yes, mine will sometimes "scold" me back in his funny baby babbles and say "mummy notty" (naughty).

  16. I tried those "I shall not yell, scream, shout" but cannot adher to it lah....

  17. never easy ler..takes a lot of patience not to shout n scream at kids...myself also sometimes can't control


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