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Friday, October 06, 2006

Moon Gazing through the smog filled skies (*cough cough cough*)

Today is the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month of the Chinese Calander. The Lantern Festival has arrived! And so has the haze! :(

My little Ms Pesterer has been counting down to this day, daily, every morning as soon as she wakes up. "Mummy 3 more days,............ 2 more days,.......... 1 more day..................". She can't wait to play her lantern and eat mooncake. (The countdown is a good mini math lesson for her so I go along with her in good humour).

The sky has been hazy for the past few days. The air quality yesterday was particularly bad. I could smell the smoke filled air, like someone burning or barbequeing something all day long. We stayed indoors and shut all the windows.

I have a sensitive nose and on days like these it goes into overdrive, producing mucus non-stop blocking up the nostrils making me sniff all day long. Haiyah! Even my girl seems to have inherited this sensitive nose from me. I see her sniffing all day long too especially before sleep and first thing in the morning. People with sensitive noses look really terrible. Like they're having a perpetual flu, sniffing and sneezing but thats another story for another day.

Today, I hope that the sky will clear up just a little, otherwise it'll be hard to take the kids outdoors to walk their lanterns. Hmm... the candles burning from the little lanterns will probably add to the smog eh?

Happy Moon Gazing to everyone and don't eat too many mooncakes! (Hopefully we can see the moon through all that haze)

Credit for image of the moon: russelsastronomy.com


  1. I've been eating so many mooncakes, I dare not go weigh myself! I just can't resist them and today's the last day to get them. :( Happy 'Chung Chau' to you!

  2. You got sensitive nose too? My hubs and boy also! And my boy had flu cos of the haze...sianz...

    Anyway, Happy Mooncake Festival.

  3. my collegues r all with running nose, sneezing n coughing trying to spread the germs to me!!!! me bf mom sure has strong antibody

  4. Lots of ppl in the office sick and coughing. Can't bring Jeremy outdoor this weekend if air quality continues to be bad. I can't believe we have to endure this every single year *sigh*.

    Happy Mooncake festival!

  5. Happy Mid Autumn Festival @ Mooncake Festival! We are celebrating it with heavy rain and thick smog.

  6. hopefully strong winds will blow the haze away!! hv a good time with your kids n hub!

  7. Happy Mooncake festival to u too!

  8. Happy Tanglung festival! It is hazy here too. :(

  9. There goes my diet, got 2 FOC boxes of mooncakes at the office *chomp chomp*

  10. bkworm,
    Happy "Chung Chao" to you too. Eat now, worry later. :P

    Yah, the sensitive nose. At times its really bad, must toss and turn to clear the nostrils otherwise all blocked up, cannot breathe properly, can't sleep.

    Theres a flu bug running around. Everyone is sick and the haze doesn't help one bit.

    Yup, every year.....

    No rain here, only smog.

    Thanks, their grandpa is joining us too, so we'll have fun.

    Remember, don't overdo the mooncakes. Afterwards tummy ache. Hehe.

    Hmmm.. yes the haze. Not good for your cough. Better stay indoors. I hope you feel better soon.

    I still managed to lose weight despite my indulgence. Just take it in moderation loh. Hehe.

  11. its called sinus. i have the same prob.

  12. I wanted to bring my boys out to play with the lantern.. but hubby is worried about the haze and he said may be we shouldn't :(

  13. jason,
    Me thinks what I've got is Chronic Allergic Rhinitis rather than Sinusitis.

    The kids will be much too disappointed if we cancel lantern playing so have to go on despite the haze.

  14. happy mid-autumn festival to you and yours, mumsgather! :)

    Yeah, the haze is terrible..hopefully the sky will be clear and we can have a good view of the moon! :)

  15. My boy has some running nose too. Really hate the haze now...

  16. no lanterns or mooncakes for me... here super hazy as well so tried not to go outdoor. My PiggyBeng also down with sore throat... :(

  17. Aiyoh, I finished all the mooncakes already and now you remind me again. Make me crave again. I hope the weather was not wet and also no haze or smog for your daughter to enjoy her lantern carrying. She likes mooncake too? Clever hor? Even if I pay my daughter, she wouldn't try it.

  18. Haha..i know we talked about sensitive nose before. Sigh, now another thing to worry for my trip home.

  19. Oh,my son has the sensitive nose recently due to the haze too. Sigh, it's like no more freshy air for us, hazy in M'sia and even my side. OMG......

  20. blurblur,
    Yes, so unhappy about the haze.

    Yes, we did!

    Me too. Me too.

    The haze is getting worse. :(

    There was no rain, only haze, but we couldn't disappoint the kids. Its only once a year, so we went ahead and there were loads of people at the playground. It was a very nice festive atmosphere.... accept for the bad air quality. Haih!

    Yes lah, you coming back to this haze. I hope it will go away before you come back.

    We're all sniffing away like mad.


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