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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mooncake Festival, Lantern Festival or Mid Autumn Festival?

So which Festival does one call it? To me it is either Mooncake Festival because we eat mooncake then or Lantern Festival because kids play lantern then. I can't identify with Mid Autumn Festival because we don't have autumn here in Malaysia. I have a simple mind. Lol!

I remember sticking candles on the gate of our rented single storey terrace house in Kuantan when I was a child and walking in the park nearby with lighted lanterns. Mr MG had similiar fond memories of playing with lanterns as a child too. We wanted to create the same excitement and fun for our children.

On Saturday we took the kids to buy their lanterns. My girl was very excited about it. During her afternoon nap that day she asked "Mummy, when we wake up, is it going to be dark dark already? Can we play lanterns then?" And as soon as she woke up from her nap she asked "Mummy, is it dark dark already? Can we play lantern now?" Then throughout the evening, little Miss Pesterer kept asking "Mummy, I want to play lantern. When can we play lantern?"

I told her she can play on Friday, which is the day of the Festival but of course she couldn't wait till Friday! Thats a very long time to wait for a child. Mr MG and I feared that it may rain on Friday which will mean that they would be unable to play the lanterns on that day so we decided to take them to the park to play it at least once to make full use of the lantern.

And that was how we ended up at the park at 10.00pm on a Saturday night (on the way out to buy supper). There weren't any other kids there playing lanterns. Maybe because it was late or maybe because you are supposed to wait till Friday to play, I have no idea which. However, I saw joggers, old men taking an evening walk, a couple walking their dog and boys playing basketball. Amazing! It was 10.00pm! No paktor couples though except for Mr and Mrs MG. We lighted some candles on the seesaw (Its made of iron, not wood. No worries, we won't burn down the park.) It was a very romantic atmosphere. I tell ya. Hehe.

My girl enjoyed carrying her traditional fish lantern with candles for the first time. This the first year she gets to play with the real thing. Much more exciting. We let baby play with a battery operated one. Its safer. His McQueen car lantern was lightweight, the music was not too irritating and it can be recycled into a regular toy after the festival by plugging out the lights and music handle. Great!

Since we were at the park, the kids decided to take a few spins on the slides too. I think they enjoyed themselves. Back home, I'm hearing the pester again "Mummy, I want to play lantern. What day is it today? Is it Friday already?" Guess I have to put up with this till Friday.

The new versus the old


  1. Wow..10pm is quite late eh but as long as it's safe, that should be fine. I let Bb play with his lantern almost everyday. :) I guess it's only once a year, just make full use of the entire month and let him play kao kao. hahaha!

  2. 10 pm and in the park! I'm snoring with my kids in bed already. Your girl's pestering ways sounds a lot like No2...
    always asking "Is it dark already?" or " Is night already ah?". Have fun!

  3. Wah, what time you put your kids to sleep ar? Hehe..sucha romantic atmosphere..sure got #3 coming soon..LOL! *runs away*

  4. It's mooncakes galore in our home too. Last week my boys got 2 lantern (battery operated one & tradional 1) which thair Mandarin tutor gave them. Now must take them out one night with it

  5. phooowwaaaa.. how romantic hor! friday coming already!!!!!

  6. allyfeel,
    Yes, must play kao kao. Lol!

    Saturday night mah...

    Oh you naughty! Its a public place, kenot lah.

    a&a's mom,
    Actually, getting a bit sick of the mooncakes already and its not even the day yet. :P

    Yes, yes, must go and "look at the moon again." ie kids can have fun and adults curi curi pak tor at the same time. Good idea anot?

  7. my belle when she wants something she will always say, "But mommy, it's (insert time frame) already."

    i hv not buy any lantern for my girls yet. they are too young to play with it. sure will get the lantern burnt.

  8. My kids used to play them one month before the actual festival till the festival day. Lidat only syok wat.

  9. aiyah...this year mooncake festival very quiet coz MIL is not here and Darrius is too young to have a lantern... have not eaten a pc of mooncake too! My PiggyBeng don't like sweet stuff so I have to suffer a bit lor... :(
    So nice your kiddos can play lanterns...
    btw, when i was living in S'pore, ppl jogged in the park (East Coast) at midnite!

  10. miche,
    The battery operated lanterns are suitable for young kids. You can buy those and cover the annoying loud music with tape.

    Yah, yah. Lidat only shiok.

    Aiyoo... kesian you. Ask PiggyBeng to buy you one piece loh, no need to buy whole box.

  11. I wanted to get my boys the old type of lantern.. I remember having those when I was younger.. it's nicer and more original, right ;P

  12. geetha,
    Oh yes, the paper ones are lovely and the old type are definitely more exciting to play with. Its probably the only time we got to play with candles and matches (it was matches in those days, now its plain old boring cigaratte lighters) too but the new ones are much safer for the younger kids.

  13. wahh..the car is very nice :).

    i still remember my uncle used to make lantern for us from the pomelo skin...best is never gets burnt hehe

  14. jazzmint,
    Wow, your uncle is creative.


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