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Monday, November 06, 2006

Banned Books Furor

Did you know that this wonderful children's book is among the list of banned books? I'm really speechless when I saw this book in the list at 5xmom's blog.

Errr.... can anyone tell me why anyone in their right mind would want to ban this wonderful children's book that teaches counting in a most delightful and interactive manner that encourages learning? It even plays wonderful age old nursery rhymes music. Can anyone see how this book can be "detrimental to public order" or liable in some way to"contribute to immorality".

Gosh, this is so sad.... so very sad.... *shakes head*

Go visit freethebooks.blogspot to read more about the book banning.


  1. Frankly, I wonder they banned the book too. And why these 2 books too?
    1. Making Globalization Work
    2. Breastfeeding Your Baby

  2. All I can say is ..(expletives exploding..)..you'd hv to see my comments in 5xmom's blog!!!!! I know..I shouldn't be swearing..but this is absolutely ridiculous!!!

  3. actually hor...HOW did you get this banned book??? *raising eyebrows*

  4. I just found out that my indo maid has telling my daugther DORA and Barbie Doll and those western cartoon she watches are SYAITAN!!!. I think these people are really fanatic. Why do they have such a narrow mind. For my maid, I dun blame her coz she's from kampung & not so educated. But why our Gohmen??

    Luckily my daughter doesn't know what is syaitan yet (I tested her).
    anyway I am not going to keep this maid, coz she's too fanatic!!

  5. shoppingmum,
    Because Book No.2 got too many pictures of breasts mah.

    Yup. Its just ludicrous. I oso want to swear adi. On your second question, I bought the book at the bookshop BEFORE it was banned. So now how? Burn the book ah?

    Aw.... thats tough to handle. Luckily you found out.

  6. OMG...this also banned?
    Aiyo, so free to ban these valuable books, then why don't they take time to ban those pornography?

  7. How to become a developed country like tat? Govt are doing the thinking for us and not let the ppl think for themselves. I really hope that this decision is reversed.

  8. Kids like those colourful disney char pic ler. Why this book gonna ban??

    haiz..gov like to do the things that not so need to do but buzybody at others =.='

  9. Too sadden to comment. There are many more things to ban in this world than to go after innocent children's books. What next? Nursery rhymes? I mean after all Jack and Jill did go up that hill? Khalwat?

  10. i read about this also in the papers...this is really mad lah...i can never imagine children books also kena ban!!

  11. huisia,
    Those are in the list too and thats ok but banning children's books like these does not make any sense rite anot?

    I hope so too.

    Yup, theres better things to do than banning this type of books ler.

    The Wiggles and Dora oso ban wor becos gay maybe.

    Neither can I imagine it.

  12. Don't know why our gov so many comment...Banned children book with ridiculour reasons.Even some others things.Sometime really makes people laugh...People from other country too.They must be think that malaysians are stupid.

  13. I also bought this book last year for my daughter. She likes and eager to press all the pictures got sound. Now 'kong' already tear by her little sister.How 'ganas' is my 2 princess. :-)


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