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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Books Indulgence

Mr MG and I can't seem to stop this indulgence. Both of us love to browse at the bookshop and we love to buy books for the children. Mr MG loves books. He used to tell me, that a book is worth its price as long as he can learn at least one thing or pick up just one idea from it. He devours books. Most of his collection are finance, investment, technical books and ........ comics! Lol! He has a vast collection of marvel comics. Sometimes when I am free, I would read some of his Thor, Iron Man and Silver Surfer in the bathroom as well. Hehe.

I'm not as avid a reader as him but I do have my own collection too. My collection are mostly health books, novels, self-help books, women's magazines, pregnancy and childcare books as well as recipe books. There are lots of e-books available these days but I don't read them, preferring to read blogs instead. Blogs give me a peak at the real world, into people's lives, which I can relate to better. When it comes to books, I still prefer the old fashion handheld way. Reading from a PC or a portable device just doesn't do it for me.

Hopefully, we can pass on our love for books to the kids. They do love their books and the trips to the bookshops. My girl is often delighted when she can read from my newspaper or her own books and my boy is picking up too with his "Mummy, please read!" Hopefully this is a sign that they are on their way towards a lifelong love for books.

Reading opens up a whole new world and to me, the best gift that you can give a child is the love for reading and books rather than endless toys. (although .... hmmm......... we do tend to indulge in that as well). Their books and tapes (vcds and dvds) are quickly growing at a much faster rate than mine!

I would rate the following

  1. books
  2. tapes (vcds and dvds)
  3. toys
  4. clothing

in this order as the top best gifts for a child so keep that in mind if you're doing Christmas shopping soon. :)


  1. I also used to love books but don't have chance to finish any after Darrius's arrival! Darrius just chew on anything and a few times I caught him eating papers which he tore off from magazines left on our table! So, the safest bet for me now is VCD/DVD for him. But I would want him to develop a love for reading when the time comes....

  2. It's great that your kids love reading. Mine too. He just can't stop pulling our books off the bookshelves, even though he has all of his all over the floor.

    Yup, I agree, a book makes the best gift. It is, after all, the gift of knowledge. Now what can top that? :D

  3. angeleyes,
    Eating paper! Aiyoh! Headache. haha.

    Yes, its great that the kids love books. Only, I've got to make them stop loving tearing up books!

  4. My rating is almost the same as you! I'm not good at buying toys, so I let the grandparents do the job.

  5. yar!! Know what you mean when they get excited recognising words in books/n-papers when you're reading. Mine will be screaming.."TO! TO! TO..or GO! GO! GO!"..hahahahaahah even if the word is in between the actual word...like sTOries...!!

  6. I love books. They're something I would spend money on even if I'm darn poor...

  7. yeah, i am more generous on spending for books. when i buy presents for my nephews on their birthdays or for christmas, they would complain that i bought books for them AGAIN...haha!

  8. I totally agree with you. Same ratings as yours! We kept on buying books for Brae and ourselves, we ended up storing them on our bookshelf.

  9. MG, yes books are good. There is one interesting book that I highly recommend is 'The Jolly Postman'. It is one book even I could pick up over and over again because of the letters in there.

  10. Since my son was born here he never got a chance to read books that I grew up with. So I made it a point to share my love for Enid Blyton books with him. Now he loves Secret Seven, Five Find Outers, etc, etc. Books are great as gifts however we found buying too expensive so we borrow from the library, only down side is we can't get latest books have to wait in line for those.

  11. shoppingmum,
    Me and hubby both love to shop for books and toys, something more than the kids, I think. Hehe.

    Hahahaha. Cute!

    If can't afford to buy, still can borrow. :)

    mdm 2359,
    Haha. Such a boring ole aunty you are! (But a good one!)

    Soon your kids books will take over your bookshelf, I tell ya!

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    No need to be latest one. Books are evergreen. Sometimes the older ones are even better.

  12. I absolutely love books too!
    I am now instilling the love for books onto Ryan and I think he is picking it up.
    Whenever we now go to the bookstore, Ryan will have a field time picking up books and pointing to familiar pictures.
    It will be such joy when we can all read together.

  13. MG, can't find your email address here. If you email me on j_leese@yahoo.com with your address, I send you this book for your little girl and boy lor. :)) Just hope it will reach you cos I send a few things to M'sia and never got there.

  14. may li,
    He will be reading very soon. They grow up so fast!

    Wow! Thank you so much for being so sweet. No need to trouble you lah. I'll be moving soon so no fix address but thanks for the thought anyway. I'm touched. You made my day. :)

  15. I love books too, we even borrow books from library too. :)

    There is a pay less books warehouse sale coming up

    Date: 15 (Fri) - 17 (Sun) Dec 2006
    Venue: Multipurpose Hall, 2nd Floor, 3K Sports Complex, Subang Jaya.
    Contact: 03-8068 2170


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