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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fast Learner

One day while watching her cartoons on tv, some advertisements came on.

My Girl: Mummy, what happened to my show? Finished already?

MG: No, that is an advertisement. An advertisement shows you something inviting you to buy it. When you see the advertisement then sometimes it makes you want to buy it.

To illustrate the point, each time an advertisement comes on, we would ask her to think what the advertisement is about ie inviting people to buy what? She would reply "wash hair" for shampoo etc.

A few weeks later......

My Girl: Mummy, I want to buy the barbie dollhouse I saw on the advertisement on tv. I want to buy!

MG: *slaps forehead*


  1. Your Girl: Gotcha! (another new word not to be taught to children under 12)

  2. Wow! barbie dollhouse, she got taste. :)

  3. Haha..tat's is why I stick to VCD, no tempting advertisements for the children.

  4. egghead,
    Yah, yah, recently she's trying to ask me what is the meaning of "promotion" when there is some "promotion" going on at the toy stores etc.

    Don't know what ads she has been watching during the morning cartoons.

    Yes, VCD is good.

    mama bok,
    Trying to outsmart her mama.

  5. That's an expensive one, so it that on your christmas list? :P

  6. Wah .... she's fallen into the marketing trap! One of the reasons why I seldom let my son watch free-to-air TV is because of the advertisements for toys and unhealthy food targeted at kids. Very clever these advertisers, hor? They don't go for the mummies and daddies - they go for the kiddies and use them to convince mummy and daddy to buy stuff for them.

  7. LOL! Those darn marketers! Looks like the hole in your pocket is getting bigger.

  8. shoppingmum,
    What christmas shopping list? Heheh.

    Toys not so bad. Junk food worse!

    I've mentioned before that their favourite word is "Buy!" Even baby is catching on that phrase now. :P

  9. Haha, Ah Girl wants to play Barbie dolls with my girl? She can come over to play with Des's Barbie's hall, bathroom and bedroom.


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