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Friday, November 10, 2006

Weaning baby from breastfeeding - Baby led weaning is much easier than mum led weaning

Dragonmummy was asking about how to deal with boy obsessed with breast which reminded me to post about our weaning progress. I wrote about my plan to wean baby from his breastfeeds in February. Oops! Its November now. How are we doing?

  • He no longer rejects his formula milk taking it 3 times a day together with his sister. (Phew!)
  • He now sleeps through the night so theres no longer any need for a middle of the night feed or a need to wean him off it (Yippee!) In my previous post, I read some articles that suggested getting up at night to offer the baby water instead but I didn't try it because I was too lazy to do so. I continued to offer him the breast because its easier for him and me to go back to sleep this way. Eventually, he just slept through the night and if he does wake up and make a fuss, he normally goes back to sleep when I put my arms around him and pat him a little bit so there was no more reason or need to wean him off the middle of the night feeds.
  • I've managed to wean him off the morning feed. This is easy as he is distracted in the morning by other things so he no longer asks for a feed when he wakes up.

So now, we're down to two feeds a day, at naptime and at bedtime. Last night (nope should be the night before last actually), he forgot to ask for his breastfeed, so I quickly pretended to be asleep. (Hahaha. Lets hope this is the first step towards self weaning). He just played with my face (as he usually does), pinching my cheeks, poking my eyelids and pressing my nose while he smiled and talked to himself till he fell asleep. Lol! (Admittedly, he did forget about a night feed once many months ago but I hope this time its because he is ready to wean himself off breastfeeding. ) Baby led weaning is really much easier than mum lead weaning so I really hope that we're heading towards that direction.


  1. I don't breastfeed but I do get my share of cheeks being pinched, eyes being poked and nosed being pressed ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing this, at least I know how it should progress. :) Your boy is really good.

    My boy already skipped the morning feed for a while when he got up. But in between still help himself whenever he feels like it. Many nights he would still get up to asked to be nurse and I'm too lazy to get up to offer him water instead. Some nights I give in and nurse him, some nights I just pat and hug him and he keep crying till he fall asleep. Looks like I still have a long way to go...

  3. my girls wean themselves at 8 mths (belle) and 6 mths (kiki) coz my milk is not sufficient for them and they get impatient...suck suck suck...milk comes out slow...bottle feed faster! hehe...

    i hope to breastfeed my boy longer. from what i read boys like to cling to mummy's milk longer than girls. :D

  4. Playing with your face?! Haha...he treats you as dough!

  5. sigh... think BLW is not going to be within sight anytime in the near future for me. Mine makes such happy noises whenever she sees Mc B.

    and "Phew" indeed on the formula. I can imagine how many tins of formula went down the drain prior to that . LOL

  6. pablopabla,
    Hahaha. You're a dough too?

    Yes, theres no need to get up and give water in the middle of the night.

    Don't think theres any difference in boys and girls. In breastfeeding, when theres a demand, there is supply. Thats the beauty of it.

    Yes, he really does, he kneads, squeezes and pinches. Sometimes he even tries to stangle me. Haha.

    Mine still makes "happy noises" and his face lights up with such obvious glee and happiness its hard to refuse him!

  7. Yeah, I think my daughter wants to make patty cake of my face!


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