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Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Girl's Dream

My Girl: "Mummy, I got a dream. I want to tell you about my dream."

MG: "Ok, what did you dream about?"

My Girl: "Mummy, I dream about the kite. I was playing with the kite. I couldn't hold the kite. I fall down and the kite flew away. When I "wheeeeee pom" (fell down) from the hill than you and daddy and baby disappeared and I couldn't find you. The kite is square with a tail."

Later on.........

My Girl: "Mummy, I want the kite can or not?"

MG: "Yes, you can play with your blue kite."

My Girl: "No, I don't want the blue kite. I want the kite in my dream."

MG: "Ok, you can play with the kite if you can tell me where to find it."

My Girl: "Mummy, its in the dream shop."

MG: Hahaha!

Can anyone tell me where to find the dream shop please?


  1. dream shop? i think u just make one exactly like the one in the dream for her is easier la

  2. Maybe go into ur girl's dream to find out where the dream shop is. Kekekekeke.

  3. TOYS 'R'US lor, like that also dunno one.....hahahaha. I bet you if you take her to Toys R Us, and ask her if that is her dream shop...the answer will be obvious. :)))

  4. Wow,dream shop? Haha..she really could relate the kite with the dream hor..

  5. She remembers so well! It's time to do a kite huh?

  6. aiyo your kid is so cute!! maybe you should try sending this to reader's digest. If accepted, they have a $100 payout. Not sure if it's in RM or USD, but hey, it's still $$!!

    all the best yea!! *smiles*

  7. She know what is dream??So cute!!!I havent hear any dream my son had dream ler.

  8. sasha,
    How to make?

    If only I could....

    Hahaha. Thats brilliant! I'll try that.

    Her description of the dream was quite detailed too.

    During CNY someone gave her one and she loved it but she didn't want to play with that one wor, she wanted the one in her dream!

    That one is dream shop for greedy mommy maybe lah, not hers.

    Hi and welcome to my blog. Oh really? Must check it out. Hehe.

    When she was younger, she told me her dream when she woke up and I explained to her that it did not happen for real and was only a dream. She seem to grasp the meaning of it and from then on use to tell me her dreams.

  9. You go get some sleep and you will find it. Remember to buy something for me too ;)

  10. haha dreamshop..she's imaginative...gotta ask chau kung lah where's chau kung's shop :P


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