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Monday, November 20, 2006

Official opening of my virtual department store - Its not too early to start shopping for Christmas!

I have become a retailer, a virtual one that is. I signed up for the Amazon Associates Program and created an aStore. I had so much fun doing it! Its akin to playing with a SIM computer game. I really had so much fun deciding what to sell on my store. Lol! Building a store is so simple. You can build a store relevant to your site in minutes. You can restock anytime too or add any number of departments that you wish. In other words, you have a lot of control over what is sold on your stores.

I created a store for mothers and then since I believe that there is a vain woman lurking beneath the exterior of every mother, I created another store for women. (Sorry men, I have no idea what to sell in a men's store so this is strictly for women but you can visit this store for ideas on what to get for your partner.) I then added some departments in my virtual store. They are a bookstore and a Christmas Gift store. If I allow myself to be carried away, I'd probably create a children's department and a household department for my store. Lol! It was so much fun. Even if I don't earn money from it, I got a kick playing this "SIM game" and pretending that I'm a store owner.

Feel free to enter my store and browse around. (Christmas is coming. I've got some ideas for christmas gifts in there) Its ok if you don't buy. Lots of people do window shopping at real department stores. (But don't let your boss catch you shopping at work. Lol!) Thank you for shopping and please come again.

Enough of this silliness of pretending to be a department store owner, now on to something more serious. For those interested, the Amazon Associates Program allows you to build several types of links including text links (which is on my sidebar under the heading "New Hot Links". I added the links to the stores I created here as well as direct links to Amazon on items which I felt are relevant to the theme of my site). I also put in a recommended products link which I did on my Mothering Times blog (I recommended parenting books which are relevant to my page. Another reason why I put the recommended products link there and not here is because I didn't want to clutter up this blog. The text link ones are fine for this blog as they are less obstructive or intrusive. However, I felt the other blog needed some colours. Its so dull, all blue blue. Hehe).

So, what do you think of my store?


  1. I just did my 'window shopping'. Cool stores u are having.

  2. Seems professional. Really its just a pretending? No commission?

  3. was trying to figure out how this astore thingy works...
    hehe...maybe i can ask u since u pro already!! hehe

  4. wah cool...must go kepoh kepoh

  5. tracy,
    Cool eh? Hehe.

    Of course got commission but most of the time just role playing. Lol!

    I'm sure you can figure it out but if you have anything to ask, go ahead.

    Haha. kepoh adi anot?

  6. wah.... can start selling ah??? $ in RM or USD???

    Issit functional already???

    Aiyah... me using WP... dono can start my own store or not leh...

  7. angeleyes,
    Issit functional? Why don't you try? Hahaha.

  8. eerrr.... later i click click and my cart is full but boh $$ to pay how??? hehehee


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