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Monday, November 27, 2006

My Swicki

Being kiasu and not satisfied with having just one search tool on my blog, I have two! Lol! Actually, I just love searching for more and more cool blog tools to try out on my blog. Usually, I would try it out for a while and if it serves no purpose or causes my page to load too slowly, then I will discard it.

Switching template for my blog is like changing clothes whereas having new blogging tools on my blog is like wearing accessories to go with my clothes. I like to wear various accessories (new blog tools) and if they don't match my clothes (blog template or page) then I just change them to something else new that I fancy. Being woman, I am fickle! So my page changes along with me. Hehe.

I have worn and discarded photo tools from Flicker, a tagboard for chatting (which was fun too as it gave me another way to chat with my blog visitors other than through the commenting system), RSS for news tickers and headlines from my other sites etc.

My latest accessory is my Swicki.

A swicki is new kind of search engine that allows anyone to create deep, focused searches on topics you care about. Unlike other search engines, you and your community have total control over the results and it uses the wisdom of crowds to improve search results. This search engine, or swicki, can be published on your site. Your swicki presents search results that you're interested in, pulls in new relevant information as it is indexed, and organizes everything for you in a neat little customizable widget you can put on your web site or blog, complete with its very own buzz cloud that constantly updates to show you what are hot search terms in your community. Read more here.

What I really like about it is the fact that everytime someone does a search using my swicki, I am informed via email of the term they searched for. Cool! Another thing which I really like is the buzzcloud which you can see way down on my sidebar. Its like those tag clouds you find on Technorati. The bigger the word, the more widely searched it is on the personalised search engine you created. Nice.

I will wear this new accessory (blog tool) for a while and if I lose my fancy for it, then I will go searching for something else new. Typical fickle woman! Hehe.


  1. This blog is looking prettier and dazzlier by the day! LOL!

  2. pablopabla,
    Thanks. I've also started wearing those colourful little rss thingys. Hahaha.


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