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Friday, November 17, 2006

Monetising my blog

Should I or should I not? Recently I've been pondering the idea of whether to monetise my blog or blog for money. I've been thinking hard about whether to turn my blog into a money making machine and start earning some money in my pyjamas! Well the idea of that is too good to resist! In addition, after blogging for two years with no knowledge about how to promote blogs, increase traffic or do any SEO (search engine optimization) to improve search engine results and page ranking etc my blog has automatically achieved some of these to a small level of being able to generate some revenue. Its amazing and an opportunity that seems too good to let it pass just like that.

Having decided to go ahead and take the plunge to earn money from blogging, I feel rather excited. Excited because there is so much to learn. Its really thrilling! Its like how I felt when I first started blogging. Suddenly, my blogging has taken on a new dimension. After two years blogging, you sometimes start to lose steam a little and wonder how long you can keep at it but with this new twist, yes, one can certainly maintain the momentum and keep on blogging. Now, I can blog on with this new direction and goal in blogging.

The opportunities out there for generating revenue on your blog is plenty, you only have to look for it. You can sell adspace (for a flat fee or payable per click) to advertisers who are willing to advertise on your little cyber space that you've created and grown to love. You can be paid per post to write reviews (I prefer to call them press releases) and provide a linkback to the advertiser. Yes, there are lots of oppportunities available.

I've made several starts and have done some blog housekeeping to achieve my new objective in blogging. I will be writing about some of what I've done in my next few posts.

In the meantime, how about a little debate. What does everyone think about the issue of monetising your blogs. Good or bad? Shoot!

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  1. monetising your blog is a good idea..you've already begun doing it with adsense, the most important thing is placement..don't overcrowd your blog with ads..your faithful readers will thank you for that, i'm not a faithfull reader (i confess!!) but i've been on this blog a couple of times and from what i've seen your posts are genuine and original so overcrowding would be bad indeed as it distracts people from the actual content.

    Think of ads as a compliment to your content, if people like what they are reading and if yr ads are in strategic places than naturally they will click..of course clicking only applies to PPC based ads, like you said they are many out there.

    I would suggest visiting forums such as Digital Point and Sitepoint for good tips n tricks and even sell your ad invetory there.

    You may be very well accustomed to blogger but it's a good idea to make a shift to other platforms such as Wordpress...as a personal experince some people and even companies prefer to buy ads from sites that own their own domain name ..so you should consider that as well.

    I'm no millionaire but i've learned alot too and am making a decent living form the net with some sites and blogs, so i hope this mini info may be of help to you.

    If your on malaysiabloggers.com than PM me if you need any help..my username there is "Petai" :D

    Have a nice day.

  2. YES! MONETISE!! Don't need to ponder. Your readers are not going to buy the pyjamas for you, no matter how entertaining your posts can be. Only your loyal fans will give you some sympathy adsense clicks.


  3. Ehem!

    If blogging is your hobby, why not put ads to give you some side income?

    If blogging is your profession, you need to have ads to give you income.

    Conclusion? It's not too bad at all.

    BUT! I would advise that you continue to stick to your contents and character of your blog and not change to a purely commercial-want-to-make-money-only blog. I think readers like reading your blog because of your originality, personality and ideas. I am one of your regular readers :)

  4. moses,
    Thank you for visiting, for your tips and your offer to help. I visited your network of sites and this little newbie was impressed! So much to learn from you. Hehe. Very happy, now I have another blogging guru to seek advise from.

    Ah Pek,
    Yah, yah, what you say is true. I need some new pyjamas.

    No worries. I plan to stick to the theme of my blog and write commercially only about the things I am passionate about. You won't find me reviewing tech gadgets all of a sudden. Hahaha. And I will disclose all paid posts as sponsored posts so that readers can choose what they want to read. There is a controversy and a lot of bad press out there about paid postings. Just do a google search on "pay per post" and you will find a lot of negativity on it. However, I think that it applies more to those big time bloggers and not to small time ones like me.

  5. Earning from your blog is ok but do maintain some kind of standard in your blog and not go overboard. Not saying you will.

    I surf into a couple of blogs which have no good material but a whole lot of ads.

  6. I think it's a good idea. Daddy says since we spend so much time and effort on our blogs, we might as well get some money from it. But knowing Daddy, I think he'll hold my money until I'm 21 or something. There goes my plan to buy more toys .... *sigh* ....

  7. Blogging for $$ is good I think as long as you don't have too many of those pop-up ads. Those are annoying. Each time you click on something, something else pop up asking you to buy computer or enter competition or you've won something must click here, etc, etc. It really interferes with your reading pleasure. But what do I know, I am just your kha kia (student). Go for it, make some money then teach me, hehe.

  8. MG, since you have so many arden fans, you should consider getting your own domain.

    I wish I can earn some $$ from blogging too but lazy buffalo like me who hardly put up posts will sure drive many readers away... hehe

  9. As long as you don't get sidetracked..make la the money! then you can be officially WAHM! ;-)

  10. michelle,
    You are right of course. When you write a paid post you are merely rerouting all your search visitors to the advertiser. However this should not affect your regular readers who may be annoyed to read your paid posts instead of your regular postings. Hahaha.

    ajab booboo,
    Hahaha. Bad bad daddy!

    That reminds me. I notchet teach you how to put in a stats counter. :P

    Yes, I'm considering that and looking around but it'll be a lot of work.

    I want! I want! I want to be WAHM. Sounds better than SAHM. Lol!

  11. Why not.. you love it & passionate about it.. you've got the interest. So go ahead.. I'll be your regular reader. Then I can ask you for tips (hehe...) when I decided to be SAHM soon.

  12. For me, I have no issue with monetizing blogs. But I want to be careful.

    I started out blogging for fun and I know my readers are at my blog reading about my snippets. I can only afford to put in textlinks that are totally unobstrusive to them. In terms of reviews or write-ups, I want to make sure that I only write those relevant to my readers. Otherwise, it could turn them off completely and they stop coming.

    This is the reason why I've started another blog. Then I make it obvious that I will monetize the blog and in time to come, I don't expect any complaints.

    I agree that it adds another dimension, but yet it also requires a delicate balance if you've already built an audience and suddenly you want to bring in a lot more advertising.

    I would say, continue with selling adspace or textlinks but go easy on the reviews here. Or use your other blogs for this purpose.

    While we can say that our blog is our property and nobody can control what we write, but at the end of the day, if nobody reads, then it also affects the pageranks, etc.

  13. If you've got it, flaunt it.
    It will work for you as you have all the right articles, you are genuine with what you write and you already have many visitors.
    You've got nothing to lose but can only improve your income.
    We're all behind you. Then hor, next time when you get richer, you help us lah. :)) All the best and GOT FOR IT!

  14. If I can write as good as you and have the spare time, I'll go for it! Too bad my blog got rejected, if not, I won't lose this opportunity to earn money too.

    Go for it!

  15. sweethome,
    Encouraging me to become guinea pig for you eh? Hehe.

    Thanks for the great advise.

    Well, for starters, you can start putting in adsense. Nothing to it, just pasting a few codes on your blog. Its fun to check how much money you made while you slept, even if its just peanuts. Hahaha.

    Tip: Try submitting your blog to all the important search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN.

  16. MG - U should know my answer by now :) I've just decided to close off comments for paid post so I do not confuse my readers. I also include a label "Make Money" so it's pretty obvious.

    I occassionally click on your adsense link but not sure whether you are getting anything from it ;)

  17. immomsdaugther,
    Theres lots of bad press about writing for money but I think that only applies to big timers, not to small fries like us. Lol!


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