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Thursday, November 09, 2006

How to store drinking water safely

Mr MG has been complaining telling me that I am not taking care of our family drinking water well enough. He asked me to do a little more research on what is the best and safest way to store clean drinking water. So being lazy busy as usual, I have decided to do my "research" here on my blog.

First, let me share how I store our drinking water. Our tap water is not very clean at times. After boiling, I can see lots of sediments collected at the bottom of the flask or water container. I usually boil water once a day using an electric kettle. I would boil two rounds of water. One, just enough to fill up my hot water flask. I throw any balance water from the previous day away to get rid of the sediments. I leave the second round of boiled water in the kettle to cool, after which I would pour them into plastic containers and tupperwares for drinking.

What am I worried about or what is wrong with my system?

  1. I presently do not use any water filters
  2. I am worried that storing water in plastic containers would cause the plastic and other chemicals to leach into the water (sometimes the water has a funny smell)
  3. By cooling the water in the kettle itself, the filamens get rusty.

I have many questions for my readers. I hope you can answer them as I need a little help in this area. I have also seen many people buying water from water kiosk machines. Is that any good?

  1. Do you use a water filter and what type? Indoor or outdoor?
  2. What type of water do you drink? (Pure Distilled water? Boiled tap water? Purified water? Mineral water?) Which is better?
  3. How do you store your water?
I have many more questions but I better not bore you guys. Haha. Hopefully, I can have some answers so I can tell Mr MG that I have done my "research". Lol! Thank you for reading.

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What type of water do you drink?


  1. Am I the first to respond? ;) Ha! Ha!

    Okay. I live in an apartment and gets water supplied by the most famous water supplier in the country - SYABAS! The water is so good, they congratulate you for receiving water packed with minerals (read : sediments).

    Our thoughtful developer has placed a pipe at the yard which allows owners to fix a water filter there (for water supplied to the kitchen and washing machine tap head). So, we install the al-cheapo filter (glass canister type) which costs about RM60 and the filter catridge costs about RM10 for 5 pieces). That takes out quite a lot of sediments.

    For kitchen tap, we use a National-brand water filter which costs about RM130.

    Nett effect : The water is clearer and the water jugs (plastic jugs) do not get brownish stains. For travelling, we use those "space age-looking" type of bottle.

    What water I drink ah? Piped water lor...boiled first. But in office, we just pour tap water into the "Mineral Pot" and drink it.

    Cannot worry too much about water. Water you drink from food stalls ain't that clean in any event.

  2. We had the same problem as you. Since installed Bacfree in the kitchen.. no problem liao. We only boil to stall in the flask. Normal drinking water, can drink direct from the tap (with Bacfree filter).

    Why Bacfree??
    Doesnot need to change filter often.
    Filter can be taken out to clean
    Only one filter to maintain - save cost lor. Kiam siap mar.
    No need to boil so much water.
    Bacfree comes with chrome piping.

    We have been drinking unboil Bacfree water for a year now...still alive! My 4yo daughter also drink direct from the tap. But for my almost 1yo son, he drinks the boiled one (left over from the hot water for flask)! So basically boil only once a day.

  3. GO with BACFREE, like Annie !!! You must install this filter for your new home. I mean, go for the BIG-ASS-COST-YOU-RM5K Water filter...not the kici-molek one ah..!! if u buy big ass, u get small one FREE!

    When you back-wash the big-ass filter..you'll see how brown the water is..JIJIK!!!! You hv to back-wash every week..no thanks to Syabas.

    I tell you.. no point you filter yourself. Wasting your time.

  4. We use ceramic filter with carbon core at home (Doulton brand).

    Reasons being:
    (i) Ceramic filter is good enough to remove 99.9% of impurities, including Pb and Hg.
    (ii) Carbon core to remove the organic matter that causes odour, etc in the water.
    (iii)Do not overspoilt your body with over clean water.
    (iv) It is cheap. (< RM 200 (casing and filter)for initial installation. However, do insist on to have the carbon core type.
    (v) Easy to maintain, just to maintain the filter. (wash it when it get clogged, replace it every six-monthly or you observe any crack on the filter elements)

    Our kids drinks boiled water. Adults drink filtered water.

  5. Sorry can't be of much help to you. Don't know the systems back home. However I do know that pure distlilled water is not good for your body because we need the minerals.

  6. What i did when i was in KL,
    - I used Diamond as my kitchen's filter, i even boiled the Diamond water as my mum said don't drink directly as it's a bit "leong" for body. I used electric kettle to boil it, then i would pour to another stainless steel kettle to keep the hot water. I never kept the hot water inside the electic kettle as i ever heard people said it's not good to cool down the water in the electric kettle. After it cool, i would pour to Tupperwares and it's ready to drink.

    And now in China, we just ordered the mineral water, lagi senang. I do boil the mineral water occasionally, as i realized that my son would suffer the puffy eyes if he drinks the mineral water directly.

  7. i use the Diamond anti-bac filter for drinking water. 3 filter (one of which ceramic). Only Rm299 or 399. Value for money.

    To me, What's important is clean water. No need what "Energy" water one la.

    I drink straight from it including my baby from birth.

    The ceramic filter can be removed for washing but still need to change every 1.5 years (i think).

  8. I'm using Diamond small pack filter at kitchen..drink directly from tap without boil (lazy mah)..Clear filter once or twice a month..sometimes store water in plastic container too..

  9. My house has two filters, one outdoor and one indoor, but both are the same brand. Bracfree, or something like that.

    The outdoor one is shaped like a big ass rocket launcher, roughly 2m tall.

    While the inside one, is those smaller version, 1 cylinder filter.

    We drink directly from the filter and hence we don't store water. :D

  10. My home use indoor and outdoor water filter. And we also boiled the water with pot and keep inside till cool then transfer to those big container.

  11. We drink bottled water here. Papa BoK buys them in 4 litre jugs.

  12. MG, what a coincidence, me too looking into buying a water filter. I am also in the process of throwing away all my mineral water bottles which I have been storing my boiled water for so long. Been buying proper storage water containers from supermarkets to replace mineral water bottles.

    Oh ya a reliable source told us to get Distillers for our daily drinking water. So we r now in the process of getting one.

  13. oh..i got filter both outside and inside the house, but not those mega looking bacfree ones..just normal, but good enough. Inside is 2 filters, I think works pretty well so far.

    as for storing, I got those chinese porcelain/ceramic container (white with blue drawings, big big one) and store water. It can take hot or cold, nice eh ;). As for boiling, use gas not electric, so I guess no rust kwaa...that reminds me gotta check the kettle :).

    Mineral bottles I think after sometime got smell, we have disposed that liao. For cold water, we put into glass jars (recycle from juice that we drink).

  14. Hello Everyone,
    Thank you. Thank you all for participating in my "research". Hehe.

  15. I have RO filter inside for drinking water and a general cheapo filter outsife my house. Darn those water doesn't come clean now. Yeah get a filteration system, it solves your problem.

  16. Pur Water Filter and Pure Water Filter You can either purchase a water filter system on line from a store that carries them; or you can purchase them at your local small appliance stores. Water filter system allow humans and non humans all over the world to have access to clean drinking water. Water filter system are very popular on today's market; however there are only two that are at the top of the list. Water Filter System and Water Filter Cartridge


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