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Monday, January 31, 2005

Chinese New Year Mood!

At the mall with Toddler.
Toddler: "Mummy, where's the Clisdas tree?"
MG : "Christmas is over Sweetie but Chinese New Year is coming soon."
Toddler: "Chinese....New....Year..."
MG : "Yes Sweetie, Chinese New Year, you will see lots of red everywhere. You will have new clothes to wear. You will receive angpows from aunties and uncles. There will be lots of cookies and oranges to eat and you can see lion dances everywhere." (this simple explanation will suffice for the time being for toddler)
Toddler: "Look mummy, more red!" (pointing excitedly at the red decorations at the mall)

Toddler: "Look mummy, got dancing doll!"

Toddler: "Its spiderwoman on the chair!"

Toddler: "Spiderwoman so high up there"

MG: Toddler's new toy complete with flashing eyes and dances like the real thing. Doubles up as a decorative item too!

Hehe. Now toddler's excitement and anticipation for the coming Chinese New Year is building up. Seeing the festivals through toddler's eyes is indeed fun! Its also fun to shop during Chinese New Year. So much to see, eat and do. There's even free entertainment at the mall amidst the mad festive rush to buy food, clothing and decoration for the home. MG in Chinese New Year mood now.


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