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Friday, July 14, 2006

Blogging is no longer fun

There are many things going on in my personal life right now. Important milestones as well as little developments and sweet moments which I want to record and remember but I sit here and think hard "Should I be revealing this? Should I be writing about that? What if........?" Geesh! I think the previous incident hit me harder than I thought.

This is hard. Blogging is no fun when you have to think so hard about what and if you should write about certain events. Previously the words just flowed and flowed. Now, I have to stop and ponder and think so hard. Aaarrgggh!

I think I'll have to extend my coffee break and think further about whether I need to change my writing style and write about things more general and impersonal instead. Ok, I'm off now even though I've got about a dozen blog posts stuck somewhere inside my head unwritten and perhaps never to be published.


  1. luckily I am the type that is too lazy to think or care about what bad people will do :P

    I think you should continue writing what you like to write and not let those bad people take control of your blog :)

  2. I think Egghead has a pt, u shldn't let these people affect u so badly. Then they are the ones laughing abt it.

    As long as you write annoymously and don't reveal personal facts and details it shld be ok. I'm always careful abt my details as I'm so scared someone will see it and then stalk me.

  3. Just let it flow. You can learn to be cryptic using vague referrences and anecdotes. The point is, let it flow. Because it won't be natural if it's forced out like that and that rarely is a good thing.

  4. kekeke... again... I just wrote in my Chinese blog that I enjoy no blogging recently, same reason like you, but not because afraid someone copy and paste mine, but I afraid I reveal too much, which I already did :P.

    And also the empty mailbox some how give a peace of mind.

    I will still update my Chinese blog on and off, but not much on my girls, just some thought, that's all. My English blog will go for long holiday, and I have no idea whether to come back or not LOL... because I really enjoy writing in Chinese now.

  5. Feel sad that u still badly affected by recent case!

    Just blog it, keep in head will tend to forget in future! I am sure u (me too) want your kids to read it when they grow up!

  6. egghead,
    Maybe I'm just paranoid but better safe than sorry.

    Yes, I'm also worried about that plus the fact that I have little ones to protect. And despite no names or pictures, contacts or addresses, theres still the ip address if someone really wants to do bad things. I'm really paranoid aren't I? Hehe.

    "You can learn to be cryptic using vague referrences and anecdotes."
    You're absolutely right. Thanks for the idea.

    No, I'm not that worried about copy and paste but like you, I also worry about revealing too much. You are bad lah. You know I don't read chinese and I miss reading your english blog. (*sulk*)

    I want my kids to read but I don't want people I don't know to read. So how?

  7. Looks like you need to change to wordpress and do password protection liao. Or move to your own domain.. only those with password can read.

    I enjoy your blog very much, it would be really a shame to be shutting this one down.

    We all at one point or another worry if we reveal too much. Hubby is always telling too, not to post pix and all, but it's tough to have a blog about kids and not have any kids' photos. In your case, I think you are doing a very good job, w/out a single pix of your kids.

    Aigh.. just those bad elements out there affecting the freedom to express, to write, to share!

  8. Hey.. MG,
    Really sad to hear that you are taking a longer break.. and might not wanna blog. I truly enjoy your blog.. and will miss it tremendously.
    But as a online friend.. i respect your decision.. and will fully support it.
    Take care.. and take it easy.. eh..!

  9. Oh, what a shame. I am so sorry about that. I know it's frustrating. I had been there.

    My wedding card that me and hubby design ourselves got reprinted by the printer to other wedding couples without telling us. We got so shock when PIL received it from a friend whose son was getting married. I got so furious but guess what my Pil think "It's a small matter". Moreover the printer is his friend.

    I am over with it now. No point la. I tell myself I am good, I can do better than that. I have creative juices all the time which the copycat don't. Hehehe.

    Actually you are so good, without a single pic of ur kids, you can still depict them so well. Bravo. Pls don't let this single rotten apple destroy us all. You can still do it. :)

  10. go hantam 4 big bottles of ohkau! tomolo sure very terror to blog oredi wan.

  11. Dear MG,

    I respect your decision support you since what you have gone through. But I will sure miss your writtings as I love to read your blog!

    Take a break and think it over what you are going to do next. Sometimes being a mother is, we are very very protective and paranoid when it comes to our kids.

  12. I will miss your blog too.. Really enjoy reading your blog. Learn a lot from it too.

  13. Truly understand how you feel. Though it's not happening to me, but after reading what had happened, each time before I hit the publish button, I have to think real hard. The question of am I revealing too much keeps popping in my head. It's like I'm no longer be truthful to myself when I post, and try to be more general than personal.

    Miss your writing alot.

  14. zara's mama,
    Aigh.. just those bad elements out there affecting the freedom to express, to write, to share!
    *nods head*

    Yeah, thanks.

    Oh my goodness, You must have been very shocked indeed to receive the wedding invitation card in the same design that you had specially and personally created for your own wedding.

    ah pek,
    I feel very much like having some oh kau now lah... although its not related to this post. Hahaha.

    Its always good to err towards the cautious side for the sake of the little ones.

    I'm just taking a break but already my fingers itch to write! Lol! Guess it won't be much of a break then and I'll be back before you know it. :P

    "It's like I'm no longer be truthful to myself when I post."
    Yes, you certainly got that right. Its just not good anymore when you have to exercise self editing before posting huh?

  15. I think it depends on your own objectives for starting this blog and if those objectives have been compromised.

    Personally, I've always treated blogging as a creative outlet. But I do take care about how much I reveal. I don't really bother about strangers who come to my blog. It is those whom I know that I'm wary about.

    Like Zara Mama suggested, move to wordpress which allows for password protected entries if you like. It's quite easy to migrate from blogger to wordpress.

  16. dont b like that lah!! we like your blog. dont go away because of some ppl's indiscretion!

  17. I enjoy your blog too. such a shame lah...
    take your time, come back when you are ready.

  18. You are such a prolific writer and I really enjoy your posts. The ones on appreciating your husband, reminded me to really appreciate mine.
    Hope you will write more here soon. Take care.

  19. Considering what has happened, I probably would do the same. Sigh! Probably my hubby is right about the cyber world... I should also consider whether I should considering the same too. I have been paranoid about cyber world all these while and silently hope nothing crazy would happen. Mana tahu... Really thanks for letting us know this case.

  20. I just back and login, sadly to realize this serious case. I can't give you more practical suggestions but i hope you can continue blogging as i love to read your blog very very much.

  21. sesame,
    Actually I don't have an objective, I just love to write.

    Ok lah... Hehe.

    king's wife,
    I'm back. Just can't quit something I enjoy. :P

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading all your comments. Your newkidontheblog's new enthusiasm for blogging has renewed mine. :)

    I've read from some bloggers that when they mentioned they want to go to some places, some other bloggers go there ahead of time to meet them. Thats scary isn't it? So never ever reveal where you want to go, just write after the event.

    hui sia,
    I also love my blog very much so I have decided to continue to blog on. :)

  22. I have that same thought occasionally. Perhaps, it's just part and parcel of blogging. I suppose when you feel enslaved to blogging, that's when thoughts of killing it surface.

    However, a short break would usually put everything in perspective, and bring out the blog-crave again. :)


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