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Monday, July 31, 2006

How to make your child brush teeth, take a bath or stay in bed

Make everything fun! Thats my strategy to get the kids to brush their teeth, take a bath or go to sleep. So far its worked out quite well. So I'd like to share it here:

MG's Tips on how to get kids to brush their teeth

  • introduce them to the concept using videos and interactive play. You can get some of the links to those interactive site and songs from my old post on "My kids love to brush teeth!"
  • make funny faces together with them in the mirror. We like to go "Eeeeee" and "Aaaaahh" together
  • brush your teeth together with them. Everything done together in a group is always fun especially if mum is involved. So the 3 of us (me, my girl and my boy) will brush our teeth together most of the time.

So far these strategies have worked and they always come when I yell to them "Time to brush teeth". Sometimes they even insist they want to brush teeth before I can call out to them. Hahaha. The idea is to make them look forward to the activity

MG's Tips on how to get the kids to take a bath

  • allow them to play with fun toys during bathtime. The kids yearn to have a bath in the baby tub as they love to see their toys floating around. I also use little pails (the ones you bring to the seaside) and let them pour water from one pail to another. Then there's the watering can and their little toy cups. These bathtoys are usually quite cheap too. Bathtime is the only time they get to play with water. And playing with water is always fun for little ones so they look forward to bathtime

Just as for brushing teeth, I don't have to call to them repeatedly to take a bath. They usually request for it. Lol!

MG's Tips on how to get the kids to go to sleep and stay in bed

  • first I let them sweat it out and get a little uncomfortable
  • then its time to clean up, brush teeth, wash little faces and change into comfy pyjamas
  • then I make their bedrooms as comfortable and cool as possible
  • then its time to snuggle up for some reading, singing and story telling sessions

With such a routine, bedtime becomes irresistable to them. They look forward to going to bed so no problems for me there as well. I relax together with them and then fall asleep together with them.

Tips on how to get the kids to eat their meals

For sharing all the above with y'all, now WILL SOMEONE KINDLY SHARE WITH ME THEIR TIPS TO GET THEIR KIDS TO EAT THEIR MEALS? (Apart from making fun looking foods that is. I've tried that before and it requires too much effort!). I fail miserably here :( Help, anyone?


  1. you almost answer all my problems with my son... will try it out! thanks a million!

  2. So far i hv no problem with brush teeth & taking bath; but for stay still in bed, still need some time to achieve my success :)

    Well, for meal time, what cause me headache is they too slow......i also need help! Sorry, no tips from me...:P

  3. Hehe...As for Keith, bath time no problem. He just love to play with water except for washing his hair. Sleeping oso no problem. Let him play and run as much as he like, at nite, he'll definitely sleep early.Hehe...As for meal, I cannot feed him nowadays coz' he'll bully me and refuse to eat. My maid will carry him outside the house and feed him. He likes to see the lorries and tractors nearby my in laws' hse as there is a construction going on. At home, I'll on the tv or play his Barney VCD for him.

  4. I was given a responsibility by my mom to feed my little brothers and sister. I've been doing one thing, from then till now with my own kids. Make a story, eg: a school of fishes (the food) swimming into a cave (their mouth), with a lot of sound...anyway, you may have tried something like that before! And, not really have prob. to get mine to eat;)

  5. switch on their fav cartoon. eyes glued at the tv. then...they'll just follow ur instruction. "open your mouth" they'll open their mouth without looking at the food. "chew" then "swallow". :D

    or maybe u can bribe them. "if you finished ur food, mommy will..."

  6. I have introduced Belle to teeth brushing since she started solid. She loves having her gums/teeth brushed. As for bath, this girl LOOOVES her bath..so no problem there. Can't help you with food la..so far my chubby girl wallops everything (as long they are tasty). But thanks for the tips..who knows, mebbe she might change once she becomes a toddler.

  7. Ancient here again cannot remember. My husband did most of these except bath times. They always can't wait to get in the bath with their water toys so no probs there.
    NOW, I have a teenage daughter who is too lazy to have a shower (phweeee)unless she is going out but no probs with teeth and a son who can't have enough showers but needs remininding with teeth.
    Another long story that one but I don't want to be 'cheong hei' lah.

  8. egghead,
    Reverse psychology is powerful. Hahaha.

    For going to bed, must make it so enjoyable that they ask to go to bed. Haha. Won't do if we ask them to go to bed then we the adults go outside to watch tv ourselves, then of course outside activity seem more interesting than going to bed! (AFTER they have slept then can go outside and watch dvd loh)

    Luckily I don't have a maid. Having one gives our kid a choice to.... bully mama!

    The baby has no problems with eating, only the older one and I think she has outgrown our airplane flying zooooom into her mouth stories. Hahaha.

    Yes, I also use the bribe. If you finish your food all by yourself, you get to eat some ice-cream later. It works but its terrible isn't it?

    You are right, its an ongoing challenge. My kids may fall for these tricks now but later on, they may become difficult again.

    Yee? Your ancient husband so modern one ah.

  9. Haha...watch TV or videos that the kid like. It works for me.

  10. My son showing his roller-coaster mood to me, today he likes to take bath, but dislike it tomorrow, how to handle this case? I hate to bath him, have to yell until my neighbour can hear my voice.

  11. I am using the same method, so far no problem with brushing, bathing and sleeping.

    I do not know why, how or wat. After Emily attended school, her appetite increase. Now I have no problem with her meals too. I usually ask them what they want to eat, rice or noodle. They tell me and I cooked for them. Whenever 1 eats, the other will follow.

  12. sesame,
    It worked for me when my girl was younger but not anymore. As for my boy, he is a good eater so far.

    hui sia,
    Don't like dat time dun bathe. Hahaha. Bad advise huh?

    Sometimes when you have two they influence each other. If its good influence then we are happy. Hehe.

  13. I too am having problem with meals. My son will only eat quickly if it is his favourite food but cannot cook hotdog, canned beans and sweet and sour fish everyday mar.Lol.

  14. One trick which works for Damien is that i will tell him: Let's have a competition, whoever finishes the food first will be rewarded a sweet! It usually works, but the only problem is i need to ask him to slow down..and too much sweet is no good also...;)

  15. Yes, I need tips on meal time too. Ever since my boy knows how to eat with a spoon, he'll play with the food but not putting it in his mouth. Gee...so tired of feeding a running toddler.

  16. immomsdaughter,
    Actually I do cook canned beans, eggs and sweet sour fish or meatballs almost everyday. :P

    Yes, I'm also trying the reward system (sometimes instead of desserts its allowing her to play with something she likes) with my girl whom as you know we are trying to get to feed herself. It usually works but she does take a looooong time to finish her meal by herself.

    Yes, I won't chase after a running kid, but I'll need to keep reminding my girl to stop getting up from her seat every few minutes. Luckily baby sits quietly in his high chair or else I'll have more white hair.

  17. Woww..you are good! Good tips as well. Definitely will follow your tips. Thanks!

  18. I'll prepare their favourite dishes over and over again till they get real bored. Lately I gave them Aperton with Lysin. It works.

  19. babykhong,
    Remember to report the progress. Hehe.

    I also prepare the same dishes over and over again. They enjoy it and its easier for me. No need to crack head on what to cook. Only sometimes, what one enjoys the other dislikes. So usually its the same two favourite dishes over and over again!

  20. Thanks for the great tips! My baby is only 3months old. I need to remember this useful tips :P

  21. You're such a WONDERFUL mother!
    I felt touched so deep in my heart while I read all your post.
    I wish YOU are my MOTHER!

    For me, you've become my inspiration to try hard and enjoy life with my lovely baby boy and baby girl plus cuddly hubby.

    In addition, I'm one of young mother at the ages of 22, I've decided to become full time mama since I gave birth to my baby boy at the age of 19.

    Really hope to keep in touch with you via email or blogs soon.

    Good job MG! I proud of you :)

  22. mamafiza,
    Hello, welcome to my blog. You are such a young mummy and trying to become a good one too. I think becoming a mum so young makes you matured beyond your age. At 19-22 I was still a lost child! I'd probably be a lousy mum then!

  23. Thank you very much MG!
    For me, you're such a sweet mum with lovely personality.

    Your comment replied were very meaningful to me.

    Everyday, in my free time (while my toddlers is taking nap) I will read your post on your blog.

    Really gave me many useful information and I do really want to do the best for the sake of this family :)

    May God bless your kindness and best wishes to your beloved family.

  24. mamafiza,
    Thank you for such a sweet comment. :)


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