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Monday, July 17, 2006

I Quit Blogging, I Unquit!

I'm beggining to sound like a politician. I resign from my post. I retract my resignation. In the same vein, I quit blogging, I unquit! Hehe.

I went and reread my old posts about blogging and none of the reasons why I blog have changed. So, I'm back! I'm afraid my love for writing is too strong to stop me from blogging despite my reservations, so blog on I shall. I simply can't give up something I love doing. Its a great hobby. I even get paid for it. Haha.

Ok. Enough drama. Its back to business as usual with my next post on Take Charge Of Your Own Health.


  1. like Dr M ah? LOL!
    still... glad that you are back! :)

  2. Don't give up, mah. I like your blog and you have come so far with it!

  3. still blogging but in Chinese, hehehe... I know, you going to call me bad :P.

  4. a&a'smom1:12 PM, July 17, 2006

    Welcome back, MG!! Yay as I missed u!

  5. hugssss!!
    in my short stint of 1 and a half years of blogging, Ive seen SOooooooooo many blogs i love shutting down 1 by 1... everytime one shuts down i get dishearten and started thinking when is my turn...but if i ever stop i wont say goodbye, i will just leave it deserted. :>

  6. egghead,
    Amongst others...

    No, I'm not giving up and btw you're sounding very Malaysianised these days. ;)

    hip hip hurrah. Hehehe.

    You're bad. (*pouts*) and thats why when I walked past you at the mall yesterday, I didn't acknowledge you. Hahaha! Actually I was in a mighty hurry so I couldn't stop altho I would have loved to stop you to chat. Bet you didn't know I just walked past you. Hahaha. Thats the danger of posting your photo on the blog eh? You may be recognised by strangers and you didn't even know it! Bad hor me, rub salt to wound.

    I was never really gone at all! :P

    Oh! But why wouldn't you want to say goodbye?

  7. yee? I didn't go out yesterday wor, you sure it was me? or Saturday you mean? :P

    yah... see? I have to behave nicely like a fine lady in public, cannot dig nose or scratch butt, nanti orang recognise ROTFLOL...

  8. Lol! Yes, I meant Sat at Mid Valley. Luckily you weren't digging nose then. kekekeke.

  9. Welcome back! So pleased you decided to return to this blog again. Now I will have to add you to my daily reading.
    Now my lau-ang will say I am spending more and more time reading and commenting and no time for him.

  10. Wah wah wah...this is such a GREAT news. hihi:) WELCOME back MG!!!

  11. Welcome back!! Its good to hear this news. I like reading your blogs.! :)

  12. zara's mama,

    Be careful not to spend too much time on the blog newkid or your lauang will ban you from blogging soon. Hehe.

    Yah, but so sad that twinsmom won't be updating her double happiness blog anymore :(

    You do? Thanks. :)

  13. don't stop. I am not a good writer, so I like to write others blogs. Admire those (like you) who can write well....

  14. Chanel,
    Its your blog what, so you shouldn't care whether you write well or not, just write what matters to you. :)

  15. I just love your blog.. :)

  16. Hey MG, I do not know why there's no update on my blogroll when you posts. I am always one week behind. Glad to know you are back after the long coffee break. I really enjoy your blog and the ideas that you have. Welcome back!


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