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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Simple, Fun and Easy Painting Craft for Kids

Here's a fun and easy painting craft I did with the kids recently. Here's what you will need:

  1. Paper
  2. Straws
  3. Runny Paint

Put a few drops of runny paint on art paper, then instruct the kids to blow onto the wet paint using straws. My girl enjoyed it and wanted to do more because it was so simple the craft ended too soon for her. Baby tried to blow too even though he only managed to blow air and not paint. Still he likes to join in the fun so its good to involve him for simple crafts like these.

Its really easy and lots of fun for the little ones. The results look like abstract art.

Kids Painting Craft Idea sourced from here.



  1. I think my son will suck from the straw instead :P

  2. Cool, this is something new to me! But i think my son is too small. WIll definitely keep this idea in mind for him later! :)

  3. Life's a cycle. We used to do this when I was about 7-8 years old. This was sometimes in 1966. Oops, I've just let out my age.

    The other one my mum used to show us was folding your paper into half and then squirting paints from tubes in the centre of the paper. Fold the paper back again and then press the cleab side of paper with your fingers. We normally formed a shape of a butterfly. When you open the paper, you get an array of interesting mixed colours shaped like a butterfly.

    Ah, does bring back memories. Cheap art, cheap games and no expensive gadgets.

  4. egghead,
    They're always asking me to blow balloons and their inflatable swimming stuff for them so they're used to blowing when I ask them to. Lol!

    Its really easy and fast for a lazy mommy.

    Don't forget then 'cos he'll enjoy it.

    See? I told you I'm not that far off from you in the ancient dept? I was born in 1966. Hahaha.

    I remember the mirror image art we did from school days too. I tried it with the kids. We painted one side and folded the paper but it didn't turn out well. Maybe I'll try again this time squirting more paint like you said. :)

  5. thanks for sharing.. it's good to help them control their mouth.

    I think zara will be a bit too young for this now.. but it would be good for future.

  6. I tried this before with my boy, but he's sucking it instead of blowing. So, I dump the straw and let him blow on paper or twist the paper. He can't do that by himself, and I did most of it, so better delay this art work until he's ready again.

  7. zara's mama,
    Happy trying... later on, I mean.

    My boy knows how to blow instead of suck but he doesn't know how to aim the straw at the paint. No problems for the older girl. So best to wait till they are older.

  8. This is cool! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Hehe..i believe Damien would suck in instead of blow out...kekeke..;p

  9. blurblur,
    Damien is old enough for this craft I believe so you can try it out soon. :)

  10. Hey do you make a big folder/box to keep their craft?

  11. You are still a young ciku. Look at it this way, when you were borne, I was already blowing straws. :)
    Hey, let me win on something mah seeing I can't win on the crowns (teeth). LOL
    In two years I reach 50 and you will have another 8 years to catch up.....now look at it like that, you are so young!
    You are doing a great job with your kids and hubby.

  12. michelle,
    No, not yet but I should do it soon.

    Ok ok. I'm such a baby! Hahaha. But then hor, I'm always young at heart.

  13. Interesting! I am going to do it with Nikita soon! :)


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