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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weaned Off Middle of the Night Feeds

Baby has been weaned off the middle of the night feast. Previously he used to wake up in the middle of the night, cry and if I didn't respond, he'd search for his breastfeeding pillow, then heave it and walk with it towards me sleepily. Then if I said "No" he would bawl his eyes out at the very top of his lungs. Fearing the neighbours would call the police, I'd quickly feed him. Hehe.

Now, when I say "No. Come here, mummy hug hug." he would merely throw me a very sulky look, turn away from me and plop down to sleep in another position. Hahaha. No more tears. So now there's only two to three more breastfeeds left to wean him off ie the one before afternoon nap and the one before nighttime sleep and the early morning one ie around 6am.

Its an irony. I starve them at first but then now I can't get them off the breast!


  1. hmm..must learn from you. is that how u wean your 1st one?

  2. my son still wakes up in the middle of the night... but my wife too tired to begin her weaning process... so just let him BF :)

  3. I heard boys are normally harder to wean off mid night feeds huh? Egghead's and your son are the same..

    Zara weaned off night feed at 6weeks.. I hope I'll be as lucky for the next one.

  4. Hahaha...your boy angry with mummy! ;p

    '...plop down to sleep in another position' so cute! ;)

  5. a&a'smom5:41 PM, July 18, 2006

    Good luck with the full weaning. It was hell with my 2nd boy as I had bf for 2.5 yrs without formula

  6. MG, baby sure knows how to give you a taste of your own medicine hor? :)

    My goodness, this is pretty scary. Having read how each of you weaned your babies, I actually forgot how mine were weaned. I must go and ask my husband. In hindsight I should have kept a book for each one of them.

  7. vien,
    The first one was very easy like textbook. They say drop one feed at a time and thats what we did and she never seemed to miss those feeds we cut off (probably because she was on mixed feeds to begin with). Eventually she was weaned off at 17 months.

    Yes, I know. Its definitely easier that way! Probably J can slowly test it out. Mine used to protest loudly at first when I said "No" but now he just sulks. Haha.

    zara's mama,
    No ler. My girl was weaned off night feeds at 17 months ie about the same time she was fully weaned off.

    Actually I wrote this post about a month back but forgot to post it. Now he won't sulk anymore but he will come and sleep close to me and press his face next to mine then go back to sleep :)

    a&a's mom,
    Well, I introduced him to formula just before he turned 2, he hated it at first but now he will take it during the day.

    So its true. I read that one should record down these things while the children are young less we forget. So you better blog now before you forget more things then! kekekeke

  8. Wah..so efficient. You manage to wean night feed first? I had hell trying to make my girl stop night feeds as she would always 'layan diri'..LOL. I started with her afternoon feed and went backwards ending with night feed.

    Try GROW Vanilla formula...I konow 2 previously bf kids that immediately after weaning grew a liking for the formula...including DD! :)

  9. err... problem is I always too tired and don't even know whether i feed him during midnight. :p

  10. sarah's mummy,
    No lah. Baby has been weaned off the daytime feeds before this accept the daytime nap one. Oh and I also weaned him off "car feeds". Hahaha. Used to feed him in the car during journeys home from shopping etc cos I found it sooo convenient but not anymore so now during car journeys have to distract by singing songs, pointing to the scenery etc.

    That happens to me too. Sometimes I just pick baby up to feed and fall right back to sleep. After that I can't remember whether I fed baby or not.

  11. MG, aiyah, in those days, where got blog? I am quite ancient already you know? In 1987, you must be filthy rich to have a pc at home. In 1994, you were lucky if you have a pc with 125mb memory with speed of 450-500 mhz, no broadband....yawwwnnn.
    Now that they are 19 and 17, what can I blog about them? On top of that, if my son finds out that I blog about him, I may not live to see the next day, hehehe ... mmmmm....I might try. :)
    So, if you don't hear from me, you know what's happened.

  12. newkidontheblog,
    Yeah. We only just got our pc a few years ago too. And btw hor, I'm near ancient as well. Married late so kids are young.


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