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Friday, July 21, 2006

What do they want from me?

I'm just going to take a moment here to think about what the people close to my heart wants from me.....

My Boy
  • more hugs and cuddles and to be carried around more - this shouldn't be too hard to do since I love to cuddle him and I better do it more before he outgrows this stage. He is getting heavier by the day.
  • more interaction - he just loves it when I talk to him, look into his eyes and plays with him. I should do this more often too so that he can improve in his language skills. He is still not talking in sentences.

My Girl

  • more attention - she is constantly on my back calling out to me "mummy play with me". Yes, I should be paying more attention to this growing little girl and hopefully more love and attention translates to more security and confidence
  • more hugs and cuddles - now that she is no longer a baby, she gets much less of this from me. A baby naturally gets more of this when you carry them around and especially when you breastfeed them. When she does get a cuddle these days, she glows and her eyes light up in delight so I must remember to do this more often

My Man

  • more foot massages - this, he never gets tired off. Hmmm... come to think of it, next time when we get mad at each other, I should give him a foot massage to break the ice. Hehe. Hopefully it works and I don't cause him too much pain while at it. Lol!
  • more attention - I should really listen to him better especially when he calls to chit chat with me on the way home instead of being too distracted with the kids and other things to be done around the house
  • more routine and less chaos - I need to be more organised and orderly and less of a miss "kelam kabut"/"mong cha cha" (confusion). As long as we eat the same things, do the same things on certain days, and the kids are not complaining, he's happy. He's very easy to please really

And what do I want from them? More love, more smiles, more hugs and kisses and more attention too. I guess we're all the same. They say "What goes around comes around" so if "I want to receive love, I must first give out my love and reach out to those I love."

Great! I enjoyed doing this thought exercise. Now its time to implement these thoughts. :)



  1. all I want is to read more of these inspiring post from you, MG...

  2. Yup, there're lots of demands for a mom. Fortunately, my hubby shares most of my responsibilities, like playing with the kids, giving them attention, hugs and etc. On the other hand, my older kids recipocrate by giving my husband the attention, such as massages, clearing the house, etc. In the end, I have more time for myself, which is what I really want. :)

  3. Ah MG...you forgot one more thing that husbands need. The word begins with S. It's a three letter word. hahaha!!
    It's so true how the older need our hugs. I really try to make it a point now to give extra attention to my older girl..coz she lacked it for a while when baby was constantly bf. Take care dear mum!

  4. Hmmm.... its good at times to just sit down and think of what other poeple want or need from us. It will remind us what we might be lacking recently and its those little gestures that will make them happy. :)

    I will definitely sit down and think for myself on this topic!

  5. Now that you know what they want, it's easier to give them more ;)
    Nice listing.. :)

  6. We are often too busy to sit and think about what you just wrote. Thank for the reminder :)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking about what Damien wants from me, but i have somewhat neglected what hubby wants from me...your post is a good reminder! Thanks again! :)

  8. Everybody loves cuddles and attention..

    We should really give our kids more before they feel so self concious and push us away, or later, prefer their boy friends or girl friends to cuddle them instead of us.

  9. My daughter just turned 17. Regardless whether we are home or out, she still clings to me, wants to hold my hand and hugs me all the time. Therefore my husband gets less body contact from me when my daughter is around. My son (19), on the other hand, has learnt to cope on his own as he used to help me by getting his sister from her class and carrying her bag to the car since he was 6 plus he enjoys his own company. Nevertheless, many a times he too comes to me for a touch and affection or request for his favourite food.
    In other words, no matter how old they are, they still need TLC.

    MG, well done for putting your thoughts to practice.

  10. Your back hurts or not? Even if my backache still hurting me sometimes, I don't think I can resist carrying my boy. They're really getting heavy huh?
    Did you learn how to massage? Or just simple foot massage your hubby? Must be good to have that "service" daily...:)

  11. Wah... at least your husband is getting the foot massages, I'm the one who gives my wife foot and back massages. But its a good way for us to enjoy each other.

  12. egghead,
    I also wish I can write more inspiring post instead of ranting ones. hehe.

    "More time for myself". Yes! How could I have forgotten about that? ;)

    Oh the 3 letter word. You're stereotyping yunno, sometimes its the other way around. *wink wink*

    Why not blog about it and give a holler to me to read when you're done. :)


    "Busy" is a good excuse for many things isn't it? (Not talking about you lah, just generally speaking.)

    Pity the husbands. Usually comes last when the kids are young. :P

    zara's mama,
    Yes, better.

    I hope I can still be as close to my kids as you are when they are in their teens. :)

    Don't play play. I have about 2-3 books on reflexology... Hehehe.

    Ooh... lucky Mrs Ricket! Yes, I agree. Its a good way for us to enjoy each other. Often we get to chat during the foot massage sessions...before he falls asleep that is. Lol!

  13. Ya hor. We should at least chit chat if hubby calls home instead of yelling "NOT FREE LA!!!"

  14. hijackqueen,
    Hahaha. Yes, I yell that much too often or there'd be sounds of children crying in the background and me yelling at them.


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