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Friday, July 28, 2006

My new free hit counter and web statistics tracker

A while ago, I visited Yvy's blog and saw her blogging about her stats counter. Immediately, the kiasu me said "Hey thats cool! I must have one!" Hahaha. At that time I was using another free web counter to check my web site traffic statistics but this one had a lot more features than the web site tracker that I was using. So now I have two. Only, the new one is invisible but don't worry, I will share the link with you.

With more and more free blog tools, my blogging routine has been extended to the following. When I first start up my pc, this is what I do:

  1. Sign in to messenger
  2. Check emails
  3. Check Adsense Console to see how much money has dropped out of the sky into my PC top while I was sleeping. Participating in the Adsense program is like having free money. My blog helps me to make money even while I am asleep. (Hahaha)
  4. Go to my blog to see who left a comment
  5. Check my stats counter to see my "recent keyword activity" and my "recent came from" statistics. These are my two favourite stats. The "recent came from" will show me who visited my blog recently. Whereas the "recent keyword activity" will show me what searched items caused visitors to land on my page.
  6. Go to my online bloglines feedreader to read updated blogs. (This usually gets me into trouble because the reading list can be looooong!)

For example, today's (28 July) "recent keyword activity" for my two blogs are as follows:

People searching for the following terms landed on this blog:

emotional blackmail
change baby instruction
homemade fair and lovely masks
saw mum and dad
kids finger pointing
writing practise for pre-schooler
save mykad photos
someone stole my pictures
trusting your husband after lies
how to teach your baby how to fall alseep on their own
green tea cooling heaty
wets the bed site:blogspot.com

People searching for the following terms found its way to my Mothering Times Blog:

pregnancy red blood 7th week
coping with a newborn
hcg levels after chemical pregnancy
fall during pregnancy
missed period then chemical pregnancy
mothering blogs
time babies need housework
red spotting during early pregnancy
find a game for a toddler to remember on the three little pigs
natural birth after caesarean
mothers who bleed during pregnancy
pregnancy symtoms first two weeks
watery newborn poo
discovery pregnancy test faint positive
juggling newborn and toddler

I merely copied and paste the terms direct from the stats page so it comes with links. Clicking on each of the links will bring you to the search page. Its especially cool when your web site is No 1 out of millions of pages turned up by the search engine for the particular searched term. (But today no No 1 spot to "brag" about. Lol! To those people who came from search engines I say, "Mari, mari, mari". A warm welcome to you to my blog. Its ok if you only stay a second, just click on the ads on your way out. :P Most of the searches come from Google. I'm not very popular on Yahoo and MSN but I'm working on it. Hehe.

Ok. Enough cheap thrill for this aunty. I need to get a life! Cooped up in the house all day with two screaming little ones can make you go crazy. For those interested (that is if you're not currently using this particular web site analystics tool) you may want to check it out. Here's the link - Statcounter.com The statistics are measured realtime so you can experience the cheap thrill as soon as you copy and paste the code onto your blog template. I chose to have mine invisible so you can't see me tracking your visits silently. Lol!

Another thing, to make a cooped up aunty laugh, would you please share your routine when you turn on your pc? ;)


  1. *giggles* i was hoping the word "shopping" would be in the lsit somewhere :P

  2. Eh, eh, got one more thing I learnt hor,if we are interested to have advertisers hor, must put our stat counter big-big, with no restrictions for potential advertisers to snoop around. They do check out our site and the traffic. It doesn't have to be big but rather, niche. You can try Sitemeter also, it is very detail too. Heh, just sold two more Text Link Ads this morning, so very high. Now off to sign up for Statcounter.

  3. oli,
    For the shopping word to appear, I have to blog about shopping then. ;)

    Thanks for the tip. I will make it visible then. Hehe.

  4. My routine short & simple:
    i) Go to my blog to check comments
    ii)Go to my site meter to see who's on

    Hardly ever check adsense earning as usually tak adalah :(

  5. glad that you found another way to keep the ka-ching rolling in! :D

  6. i oso use statcounter invisible. but i oni get 1 or 2 searches to my blog and the most popular search term is 'puki'. always top of the search page wan.
    terror hor.

  7. I've got an invisible statcounter too, but hor, i have never check before because...i forgot how to loh on already...hahaha..blur sotong right? ;p

  8. really blur liao..i meant to say 'i forgot how to log on already...' :P

  9. immomsdaughter,
    Well, for money to drop to the sky, you still have to make a small effort of listing your blog in directories and submit your url to search engines loh. Hehe.

    Small kaching still kaching what hor. Still can buy a plate of "char koay teow" or whatever ;)

    ah pek,
    Shhh! Shhh! This is child friendly site yunno! Afterwards I got ppl searching for the same word turning up on my site just because of your comment. (You know hor, sometimes the keywords in the comments bring the searches in too)

    Thats why you're called blurblur!

  10. *sob* *sob*, the only shortcoming about Wordpress.com is that I can't have these HTML code at the side bar...so I cannot have all thess adsense and cool counters... unless I've decide to get my own domain....:(

  11. Other than being a SAHM, my daily jobs are:
    - check my blog's comments
    - update my blog if something to write
    - comment to other blogs
    - check email
    - chat with my friends

  12. Me, never put in any advertisement on my blog.. psst.. makes lots of money one huh?

  13. Why are you so clever with all these blog things eh? I am a 'sua-ku' still trying to download photos without losing them.
    Clever lor....win again lah! Hehe.
    I am trying to add my wmp on the side to put my daughter's singing there also cannot whereas you making $$$ while you are asleep some more.
    I am still more comfortable emailing.
    1. Turn laptop on.
    2. Check gmail for emails from friends. Write emails.
    3. Check yahoo to see anyone commented on my blog and bebo.
    4. Check online banking...always ££ taken away, no adsense to online banking lei.
    5. Check blog and read other blogs if I have time.
    6. Get out of the house to get to work to earn some £££ while AWAKE.

  14. definitely for the cheap thrill. thanks so much for sharing statcounter :)

    quite recently join adsense, and am so addicted to logging in checking the account eventhough, i do not make much :(

  15. Thanks for the tip. Wow got lots of visitor to your blog. Have you gotten your first adsense cheque?

  16. I love Statcounter. Is gooooood!!

    As for my routine when I "on" the Pc, it's basically the same as yours, with the addition of checking my Flickr page to see how many people have seen my pictures. Hehe!

  17. It's interesting to see what people search for, huh? :)

  18. dragonmummy,
    You just moved otherwise I would recommend that you look at Blogsome. Go to AhPek's blog. You can see that he has done a very good job with categories etc and he has adsense. Hehe.

    Lol! We live partly in the cyberworld nowadays don't we?

    zara's mama,
    Well, if you have a blog as long as yours with many posts and good traffic, thats a good enough reason to participate in Adsense. The amt may be miniscule but hey its in USD! Hahaha. Being paid peanuts when all you have to do is paste some codes on your page is still a good deal to me. Besides you're doing a service of bringing advertisers and consumers together mah.

    Hahaha. You ar... Well, we all have to start off as sua-kus.

    Statscounter is very detailed. With it, you'll have another new addiction besides checking your Adsense account.

    First cheque? Wait loooooong loooong first lah.

    ajab booboo,
    Hi 5! I love statscounter too. Oh, I forgot another routine. That would be going to my Bloglines online feedreader to see who has updated their blogs.

    king's wife,
    Yes, for example AhPek's mention of the word "Puki" may lead visitors searching for that word to my blog :P

  19. hehe .. mumsgather, I was just about to say that I am now addicted to checking statcounter as well as adsense. U beat me to it :)

    Thanks a bunch for introducing this cool counter.

  20. woohoo!! congrats on ur new counter. u can kiasu even more now! lol :P

    am also glad that many ppl found this counter to be cool too. :) make me femes! make me femes! lol :D eh, actually, u must get more tips from lilian - she's the adsense sifu lor!! :D

  21. working mum,
    You've got to thank Yvy then. I knew about it from her.

    Of course I consulted Lilian, the adsense sifu. Hahaha.

  22. Yvy, thanks a bunch :) All this sharing, it's just wonderful.

    mumsgather and yvy, is lilian the forum admin of mymombest?


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