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Thursday, July 20, 2006

What exactly goes on in their little heads?

Recently we went house hunting...

MG: Do you want to live in a house?

My Girl: No. This house is dirty. (She was right of course since there was no one living there at the time of viewing and it hadn't been cleaned up)

MG: Don't you want to have more space to run around, have daddy park his car in the house and help daddy to wash his car?

My Girl: Yes.


My Girl: Mummy, will you and daddy live there too?

MG: (*laughs aloud and exclaims*) Of course! Of course we will sweetie!

My Girl: Mummy, don't talk so loud! (This girl usually gets self concious when we exclaim too loudly or when we shower her with too much praise giving me response like these or "Don't look at me" etc. I think we always have to be careful what we say to the little ones as they can be sensitive and may think that we are laughing at them otherwise.)

She was probably afraid that mummy and daddy was sending her off somewhere and abandoning her! Poor little thing. Isn't it cute what goes on in their little heads?

A few days later........

My Girl: Mummy, I don't want to go to the house.

MG: Why?

My Girl: Because I want to play with the pop-up house ( a toy house we got for her 4th year birthday present)

MG: Don't worry, we'll be bringing all your toys with us when we move.

My Girl: But the house is so dirty, my toys will be dirty.

MG: Don't worry, we'll be cleaning the place up. We'll need to paint it too.

My Girl: We need a man to climb up the ladder to paint high high.

MG: Yes

My Girl: We have to find a strong man. (looking very serious when she said that)

MG: Hahaha. Yes we will have to find a strong man.


  1. she is really particular in terms of cleanliness and hygiene hor? :)

  2. OoOoOooo~ Sounds like she's trying to change daddies. Hahahhah.

  3. Sooo cute she is..
    It's really amazing how their little minds work, and how the piece information together.

    That's the age of innocent!

  4. So cute.. very clever indeed.
    Hmm, very particular on cleanliness.. quite good :)

  5. Kids are quite particular with familiarity. When we talked about the new house, JS also will say "Daddy, Mummy and didi also stay together?" "I don't want new house, got no books and toys..." or "New house dont have ....."

  6. Your girl is so inquisitive and observant.

    Funny how their little minds work right? Sometimes they think of things that didn't cross our mind at all...:)

  7. egghead,
    She's very, very particular. She hates to use her fingers to eat so when it comes to eating any finger foods, she always gets the baby to feed her! (*rolls eyes*) but they both seem to enjoy it.

    No lah! She's smart and discerning enough to know that we have to get other workmen to do the work. hehe.

    zara's mama,
    Yes, they surprise us all the time don't they?

    You won't think its good anymore when theres someone always telling you "mummy wash hands for me, my hands dirty" following you around all the time. Lol!

    Yes, they thrive on routine and the familiar. Their daddy does too!

    Yes, they always think of things that don't cross our minds so its nice to interact with them.

  8. She must be a very organised and clean person. That's good.

  9. Aww, how touching that ur girl is afraid ur abandoning her...it's wonderful feeling to know that ur daughter still wants & needs you. :)Yes..I'm definitely with her about strong men...no harm in a little eye candy..LOL

  10. LOL! She suggested strong man not Mr MG to do the painting. Your hubby taught her well. :P

  11. khongfamily,
    Clean yes, organised not so sure. If she learns from daddy she will be more organised but at home with a disorganised mummy all day long.....

    sarah's mummy,
    At the moment we are still important to our little ones. Next time when they start to reject us probably we'll feel like want to tendang them!

    Thats because when she watches the men who come to fix the aircond or plumbing at our house I always just refer to them as "the men". Hahaha.


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