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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Buying and Selling a Property - Some Useful Links

These are some homebuying links I want to add to my cyber filing cabinet here for my own reference. You'll only find these real estate links useful if you're a Malaysian planning to buy or sell a property. Otherwise, give this a skip.

  1. BeeHomes - A simple home buying guide
  2. Maybank2u.com - First time buyer? Another simple guide to the house buying process
  3. HBA Article - "Make the right choice" contains some tips before you go house hunting
  4. Iproperty.com - Housing Loan FAQs
  5. National House Buyers Association - More Housing Loan FAQs
  6. KimRealty.com - More tips on buying and selling a home. Practical considerations you should know when buying or selling a house
  7. Property2u.com - Downloadable checklist for house hunting and moving house
  8. Thinking of Selling? - Choose Agent Checklist can be found here
  9. Malaysia Real Estate Forum - Interesting discussion on various real estate topics from Property Investment issues, S & P and Legal Issues, Financing to Security, Landscaping and Feng Shui
  10. Stamp Duty Calculator - Remember to sit down when you do this or you might faint!
  11. Loan Calculator - Find out how much you can afford.
  12. Shiok.com - Free Malaysia Property Online Classifieds. You can list your property here for free with up to 4 photos. Wah! Shiok man.

Just wanted to make a note here that when you're buying a secondhand property, also called a subsale, it would be necessary to do an inventory list of what you're getting together with the house (for inclusion in the sale and purchase agreement). Otherwise you may be in for a nasty surprise as "What you see may not be what you get". There has been cases of lights being removed and aircond units being changed to an older one. The world is sometimes full of selfish, unscrupulous people so it is always good to be wary.


  1. dear mamma blogger!! thanks for the link!!! hahahah....sooo funny too!! hehe..... ANd my hubby freaked out yesterday too when he saw my bill for disseta products!
    Ah..so I read you've weaned the night time feeds! Well..my baby is 11 months and still waking at least 3-4 times at night for feeds! Taht makes me a zombie! I'm still fully breastfeeding too. Let's see how long I last..I mean, not as in dying, but as in tolerance. ahaha.. Take care!

  2. You sound like a pro of property agent here! :P

  3. I offer malaysia property classifieds online for free at http://www.syiok.com. You could post upto 4 pictures and remain anonymous (with email contact). Therefore you could save your agent cost and sell at a better price.

    While buyer don't need to pay for newspaper or magazine to look for advertisements.

    I am just encouraging Malaysian to use online classifieds, as it will benefit everyone.

  4. hearts,
    It was funny to read the husband's point of view wasn't it? My boy is 27 months now and finally this zombie gets a full nights uninterrupted sleep!

    Hehe. Yah kah.

    malaysia property,
    Thanks for the info. Thats interesting as I didn't know of it before. I've updated my links to include you. Errr... any refferal fee for me? Hehe. Just kidding!

  5. Another point to remember when buying a 2nd hand house.. to check the water piping, built in cabinet, and look out for termites!!

  6. j,
    Good point but too late for me now as I didn't check those. Since its an old house I expected to do some repairs anyway. Hopefully repair work won't burn a hole in my pocket.

  7. I want a link to the lowest bank loan. :P

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