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Friday, September 08, 2006

Buy shares through a remisier or d.i.y. online?

I was a remisier before and my license to trade expires in about a year. Thats seems like such a waste. Who knows? I may consider returning to the trade rather than allowing it to laspe. Otherwise, I'd have to sit for the licensing exams all over again if I return to work when the kids are older. But then they say that its a sunset industry especially with the advent of online share trading.

I'm just wondering aloud. For those who have investments in stocks, would you prefer to buy them online yourself bypassing your remisier or would you still prefer to call up your remisier and say "Today got tip ah?" Which is better? Do you prefer to do it yourself via online trading. Do you even have the time to monitor it on your own? Are our online trading systems reliable? Do you think the remisier is obsolete or heading that way?

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  1. I still think we need human intervention when things fall apart. I don't invest in local share but I do buy US shares online. US share go by perunit which is affordable.

    So any tips for local shares?

  2. My recent stock tradings in the last few years are all online, but then again it is in the US Stock market. So far no problem and it was a breeze to do it. But if given a choice for online trading of malaysian shares, i may opt for it, if the system is reliable.

  3. michelle & shooi,
    Kenot simply simply give tips online, afterwards kena sue. Haha.
    Y'all invest in overseas mkt, like dat I have to close shop for good liao. Lol!

  4. I don't buy shares. My brother and sister-in-law and my aunt. With the many years of buying and selling, they still prefer to deal with their remisier. My aunt watches the teletext all the time and then picks up her phone. Also, when they really get to know the remisier, he/she would call them (instead of the other way around) to tip them to buy and also to warn them if he/she knows they have shares that might fall. I would say that you should keep your licence. So people contact is still the way for some things.

  5. I am not much of an investor but I would rather go through a person - remiser than online. I seldom take risk. :D

  6. Online - is like playing majong without sound!

  7. i'm lucky. i hv a daddy who is a remisier...keeps bugging me to be one.. leceh and malas! ha ha ha!

  8. To me, I invest in stocks for dividends, not for short term gain or price speculation. As such, I always go for reliable company..

    It does not matter to me whether online or offline. In fact, for offline, it just takes a phone call to our remisier and online, just need to be extra careful to make sure to enter the correct numbers. 1 digit wrong will make a huge different. Ha!

    The most important to me is I just need to do my own homework on which counter to invest. Homework does not mean asking remisier for "tips" because they only speculate too, and a lot of time their tips are ahem.. not so accurate..Sorry ya, MG..

    Homework means checking EPS, future plans of the company, PL of the company or in simple words, the company's performance, etc. So if I don't have time to check, I'll just don't invest, rather than feel sorry later..

    Conclusion is.. I'll go for online if it means less service charge.. otherwise I will still opt for the service of remisier!

  9. I lost a lot of monies in shares. Not going to buy them ANYMORE!

  10. I prefer remisier as i'm not from this background, so i prefer there is a one to give me tips and guiding me.

  11. MG, i'm investing in overseas mkt as my company (US) has an employee stock purchase plan where i get to buy at a discounted price. Also like wat michelle said, US shares go by perunit, so is affordable.

  12. My hubby does all the trading online. I on the other hand don't follow the index..hehe. The online trading in the states is quite reliable. Eh, what happen to your Mothering Times?

  13. I'll choose remisier as I'm not good at investing. Yes, what happened to Mothering Times? Can't find the page anymore.

  14. Never had any gains on shares. Not going to indulge in them again :P

  15. i wish i have extras to buy shares...hehehe

    (i know i'm not answering ur questions) :P

  16. Yo.. Mdm. Blogoholic.. u ok? it's not like you not to blog for a week without prior notice..

    looking forward to your new blog entry..ya..

  17. MG, I was going to ask the same question as yeknee.
    Miss reading your blog but most of all, hope all is well at the home front.

    Thinking of you.

  18. OK, I've come back again but still no new post. MG, have you moved to your new house?

  19. hey there MG! long time no see!

    u know, eversince i moved to the US, i have been buying, selling and trading my shares online. i used to work for a trading company so at least i would know what i would be doing.

    it is true that alot more people are trading online.

  20. Hello everyone,

    Thanks very much for your feedback. They are all valuable to me. Sorry I was unable to reply earlier to each of you because I am having problems with my internet connection.

    To Yek Nee and Judy,
    All is well, you should have guessed that no internet connection is one of the few things that will keep me from blogging eh? *wink wink* I will be back when my line is back.


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