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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Everybody loves to hear "I Love You"

All day long I hear this........

My Girl: Mummy, I love you.

MG: *Smiles and gives her a hug*

My Girl: No, mummy, say "I love you too!"

MG: I love you too!

Or sometimes I hear this...........

My Girl: Mummy, do you love me?

MG: Yes, I do.

My Girl: No, mummy, say "Of Course I love you!"

MG: Of Course I love you!

I also hear this....

My Girl: Mummy, I love you everyday. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday......

MG: I love you everyday too!

or this....

My Girl: Mummy I love you, happy, happy, happy.

MG: And I love you.

My Girl: No, mummy, say I love you, happy, happy, happy.

MG: I love you, happy, happy, happy.

Or sometimes I hear her talking to herself....

My Girl: Mummy loves me no matter what.

Everybody loves to hear "I Love You!" I'm lucky to hear it everyday. I wonder if she will still be so generous with her "I Love You!"s when she grows up.


  1. Yes, Everybody loves to hear "I love You". I tell my son that everyday, and i can't wait for the day when he willbe able to say the same to me.....*dream* I think it is the happiest when our children knows that we love them no matter what. So you are truly lucky your girl knows that.

  2. i'm waiting for my Jayden to tell me he loves me oso..although he cannot talk yet..but i can see it in his eyes..everyone loves to hear another person telling them "i love you".

  3. Lucky you, get to hear 'I Love You' everyday...:)

  4. Wah.. just saying I love you is not enough for your girl huh? Must say it the way she wants.. :P

  5. i am the more demanding one. when the kids were small, i'd blackmail them into saying, I sayang you mama. Once, my youngest wanted a glass of water and I said, "saya, i sayang you, mama, first"

    He looked at me and said, "oh for heaven's sake, mama, its only a glass of water!"

  6. I am sure she will still generous with "I love you" but keep in heart without saying too often, nevertheless will say often to her boyfriend...

  7. Lucy,
    Hi! Welcome to my blog. Yes, I think she's cute too but then I'm biased. I'm her mum!

    Your dream will come true very soon. They grow up so quickly.

    Yes, I can see it in the eyes of my 2 year old too! Makes me melt like butter. *glub glub glub*

    Hehe. Yes, but not from the man. Lol!

    zara's mama,
    Yes, she's like that. A little bit of a perfectionist. Things must be done exactly right too HER way!

    kak teh,
    Hahahaha. Maybe I'll try that on the husband!

    Alamak! Like dat kenot!

  8. Yes, I feel up in the air when my children say the 3 magic words. Almost feel like giving them anything the want at that moment.

  9. How sweet of your daughter! The many variation of 'I love you'. Treasure all the hugs and the 'I love you'.
    My son still hugs sometimes, but no 'I love you' but would sometimes come near to roughly smooch me.
    As for my daughter, she still says a lot of 'I love you' to me and her dad. She also asks, "Do you love me?" To which I would answer, "NO" with a smile and then she would say "I know you really love me loads". Then I'll say "Why do you ask them?" :)
    I am sure your daughter will never lose these three words.

  10. michelle,
    Me too. Maybe thats why they say it!

    Its wonderful you have such a close relationship with your grown kids. I wish to have that too next time.

  11. How sweet yr girl :).
    Yes everyone like to hear this 3 magic word, when my son said it to me, it melted my heart :D..


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