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Monday, September 04, 2006

Where to get cardboard boxes for moving house?

Time to make use of my blog as a personal forum for information gathering again.

I shall be very busy over the next couple of months, renovating and moving house. I'm planning to do the packing and moving myself. So now my question is....

  • where can I buy cardboard boxes to pack my stuff for moving house
  • where is a good place I can donate old clothes, books and other things (PJ/KL area)

I would appreciate if anyone who has moved house can share their experience and tips.

Since, I am in the mood for asking questions, here's more....

We're moving from an apartment to a house. I'm concerned about the security aspects. In an apartment, you basically just have to worry about your front door. However in a house, theres the roof, the front door, gate and back yard etc. In terms of security, could those who are staying in houses share their thoughts on.....

  • what we could do to protect the house from burglars?
  • How do you guard your roof etc?

Any thoughts anyone? (On moving house and house security but firstly I would like to know where to find the cardboard boxes for moving house.) Thank you.


  1. Well, being a student that has moved around houses to live every semester or so, I think the best place to get boxes are behind supermarkets. They usually come in all shapes if you're lucky. You don't even have to buy them, they were going to be recycled anyway, so you can nick it off them without any fuss. Then again, we also work in my uni labs and when the new shipment of lab items come, they come in a box...so we nick that off too without worries.

    But supermarkets should work for you. :)

  2. wahhh... kaya lah lu. buy new house. lol

    burglar alarms is a must these days. when you you install, make sure that fellow wire up your roof as well. they do have a security zone for the roof you know.

    some tips are available at my handyman's blog.

    happy moving! get a 3 ton lorry and do it in one trip if possible.

  3. Wah..moving to a house. My dream also but donno when can be realized.

  4. i know the headache! I agree with kamigoroshi - you can get these old boxes from shops or supermarkets (you got to ask them, don't think they will mind giving you some).

    Good luck in your moving!

  5. wah..moving house ald ah?? Good luck!

    Sundry or grocerry shop for boxes. (that's where we got ours 2 yrs ago)

    As for donating all the old stuff, call this number 03-89623745 (chan pu men) is a buddhist charity organization. They will come to your house to collect the stuff. (that's what we did too )

  6. forgotten to add. Alarm for a house is must and if can afford, add CCTV as well. :D

    Last time we moved (apartment to house), we got a 3tonne lorry, 1 trip for all for Klang Valley to NS. (If we move back to KL we might need a 5tonne lorry now :P)

    And also for man power in shifting, better hire extra hand. The transport guy don't do the shifting. Last time only hubby, dad and my bro to shift, the lorry men only load the stuffs into the lorry...so very tiring and exhausting.

  7. kamigoroshi,
    Thank you for sharing. Will check out the supermarkets.

    ah pek,
    Aiseh, you forgot to leave a link to the tips from your handyman blog. I cari but couldn't find. Another thing. Where got kaya. After buy house now want to eat roti oso kenot afford kaya liao.

    To realise the dream must sacrifice lotsa stuff ler.

    Yes, I remember your house renovation posts.

    Thank you for the tips. You must share your shifting house story on your blog so I can learn from you. ;)

  8. Wow...moving to a house, so excited right? :)

    Can't offer much help here...but just want to wish you all the best in your house moving! :)

  9. That would be a lot of packing and unpacking to do. Moving into house have a lot of advantages, no need to worry about parking, no lift problem and no need to pay maintenance fees.

    You can donate your stuff to salvation army centers or orphanage. Last time I donated my clothes to the doulos ship.

  10. too bad u r not in malacca. i have lots of boxes.

    1. from the factory i work.
    2. from the computers that we just bought from our biz. lots of it.


  11. Congrats on the new house! Moving house is in indeed exciting but lot of work. It is a good chance of throwing way unwanted things & also a good way to find things that u thought was lost forever!

    We collected our boxes from groceries shops, etc even 2 yrs b4 moving (it's been a year since we moved in) .

    Do start packing early esp things that u dont use daily so that u wont be overwhelmed when the time is nearer.

    Label ur boxes with numbers & have a notebook with the box no & contents written so that u'll know what is in the box & where it shd go once u have moved in.

    Ur kiddos must be so excited ya. Good luck!

  12. i know a fren put a grill and added some wood planks near the manhole to the roof. i've yet to move myself..now i'm motivated to get going with the reno...

  13. MG, moving house ah? House warming, don't forget to invite me ok? Wah, my skin real thick hor?
    Put grills on your windows, front and back door? Don't know lei, because burglars in M'sia more 'lee-hai' than in UK. Better not frighten you. Congratulations on your move!

  14. MG - when you get those boxes, please try to get good sturdy ones that won't collapse on you. I find cartons that carried cooking oils were particularly hardy. Also try to get all same sizes, then it's much easier to put them together. Odd sized boxes take up alot of space when it comes to transporting.

    TIP : Try carrefour..they are generally quite generous with their cartons.

    About security, pls invest on a good security system, the ones that call your phone if there's an intrusion.

    For your roof, please put in zinc sheets under your tiles, so that robbers find it impossible to break through..a little expensive..but trust me, I've had near break-ins and the scariest thing is your safety concerns for your kids.

    Pls ensure that you have keys to your grills near them, in cases of fire. I have heard that there is a way to build grills without having to lock them..but I'm not sure..you'd have to check with the grill guys yourself.

    Get auto gates. It's safer than you leaving your kids in the car to open the gates.

    Plus, please do not forget about termites. Please get a pest control company to do a thorough check and do a treatment, BEFORE you move in. Those chemicals can be very toxic on your kids. It's better to do one regardless of evidence of termites. My neighbour (a pest control guy) says it's much better to prevent than cure.

    Donations : you can call IBU House, they can collect your items and redistribute to shelter homes for underprivileged kids. 20942234/ibu@ibufamily.org . www.ibufamiy.org .

    All in all, very expensive..and you thought only hv to pay for land, reno and some repairs. But all worthed it, a house is much nicer than apartment!

  15. All I can say is good luck!
    But after all the headaches, it will be worth it.
    Don't forget to label your boxes, write down its contents.
    House burglar alarm is a must. And zinc roof sheets under the roof tiles are very common nowadays.

  16. I was about to suggest supermarkets. Or even electrical shops? Have your house `alarmed'. Grill is a must. Automatic Gate is also a must but install a tiny gate so that you don't have to open and close gate to get in to prevent your motor gate getting spoilt easily. Get a `guard' in your neighbourhood surrouding - perhaps form an neighbourhood association. It helps to show that someone is around supervising but in fact you know I know la..they sleep! Buy insurance for your house - fire insurance, stuff insurance...Do not leave expensive stuff outside the house e.g shoes (there are plenty of shoe thieves around) and expensive motorised stuff.If can, get a dog that barks loudly!

  17. oo i moved from apt to landed also last year in May. For security, u gotta put alarm lorr..and ask them to include the roof part also (those infra red censor mover type). Should be good enough :)

    As for boxes, try to get them from hypermarts, good place for box. I got mine mostly from my office cause that time they ordered a lot computers :).

    Hey, here are some links for you bout moving house, checklist to make sure u do it rite ;)


  18. blurblur,
    Its exciting but also a little bit stressful at the same time.

    Yup, the maintenance fees is a lot added up over the years if long term.

    Aww, yes thats too bad ler.

    a&a's mom,
    Yes, my first stage of packing shall be called "throw packing". Have to be ruthless and throw stuff away. Lol!

    Reno and dealing with contractors is yet another headache yah?

    You bought me cyber gift that day so I invite you to cyber housewarming can or not?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Speaking of termites, I've just started having termite problems here. Its a pain. You are right about the expense. My priorities lean towards the security aspects. The others have to wait.

    king's wife,
    But I read somewhere that zinc sheets are a fire hazard. Dunno lah... have to consider all options.

    My husband was thinking of a dog but I scared of looking after one. Nowadays theres also the guard service you can pay to ronda round the housing estate. So maybe have to spend some on that too. Money, money, money.

    Oh. Thank you very much for the links. :)

  19. Okay since so many ppl already give suggestion..i'm gonna give my 1 cent point of view.

    My Fengshui master asked me to put a pot of cactus (size: as big as yr palm) in front yr house, next to the gate.

    Back door: put a can of Ma Ling pork luncheon meat or pig bones(after u make soup *yummy* into a pot or something la)

    This is to prevent buglars and indon thiefs dat like to use jampi jampi.. so far, everything is OK *fingers crossed including toes*

  20. can...try la. Get the BIG BIG cactus!

  21. Wow.. Sasha use all the mambo jumbo one huh?

    We install a good alarm system loh.. with motion detecter etc.. and we pay some security company to ronda ronda round our place (but this depends if your housing area has such service).

    Boxes ah, I took from office or my dad's office. :P

  22. I've seen my neighbour grilled up their roof from the attic but everyone is talking about alarm now unless you are prepared to cash in some $$$. For boxes, you can ask from any shops.

    Tips during moving:
    1)pack room A and place everything in a box without mixing with things from other room. Label them. That way, it is easier to sort them out when you need to unpack.

    2)To make matter easier, try to leave old junk behind. Better still if you can move in with your luggage only. hehe... You rich already ma.

  23. zara's mama,
    Yes, these ronda ronda security firms seem to be everywhere these days.

    Move in with just luggage then where to sleep leh? Floor ah?

  24. Prioritize accoring to your financial ability. For me, it was in this order:

    a) Grill - If it's a 2 storey house, make sure the upstair rooms have grills that are able to open (as fire escape route) & lock.

    b) Alarm system - With at least one movement sensor. If everyone sleeps in one room, install the alarm key pad in your bedroom. If there is intrusion, you will be able to view which area the intruders are at according to the "Zone" shown on the pad. That is to prevent you from opening your bedroom door & being confronted with intruders right in your face!

    c) Extend the height of my fencing with sharp ends (arrows. This we did after someone climbed over our fence & tried to steal our car sound system.

    d) Autogate (which I have yet to install) but I would advise against getting a gate that is fully covered (unable to view from outside & vice versa).

    e) Personally, pest control is useless. I had a one year contract and they are not much help against the ants. I'd rather DIY nowadays.

    Ooops! Long one this time, sorry for hogging the comments.


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