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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My broadband internet connection is back.Yippee!

I've removed an earlier ranting post about poor streamyx service (according to Jason its screamyx. Lol.). Anyway, the technician finally came and as it turned out the fault was not really theirs but mine as one of my internal wiring was faulty.

Still, I learned a good lesson from this which I want to note down here. When you are facing interruption in your streamyx broadband, you will not automatically receive a rebate during the service interruption period. What you have to to, is wait till the problem is resolved, then, email to custcare@tm.net.my giving your full name, account number and mobile phone contact number to request for a rebate as soon as you get your connection back up. They will then do an investigation (by checking your report etc), calculation and rebate. Otherwise, you still have to pay the full charges.

So, now my broadband internet connection is back on. And that means I'm back on the blog. Woohoo!


  1. I was wondering why the silence :)

  2. no wonder soo quiet...
    Didn't know got rebate...something new to me

  3. Me too. Thot you moving house or something. If I no broadband even for one day, I go siao lor. Then again, that's what neighbours (unsecured line) are for.

  4. *wipes sweat off the brow* phew!

  5. Yay & I missed u dear! THOUGHT u must be pretty bz packing 4 ur move

  6. good to see u back in action.. broadband problem? that explains why todate I still keep a back up, the dial up.. hmm..

  7. oo didn't know they give rebates.

    good to see you back in action :).

    I'm on Maxis, so far so good

  8. Waiting to read your next post. We have come to a point whereby internet has become an integral part of our lives, supposedly to make life easier for us BUT it makes you want to pull your hair out when you have problems with it....ie why I'm a little bit 'botak'. :)
    Glad to have you back in action!

  9. Nice to have you back! Also thought you were busy with new house. Glad to inform you that I cooked quite a bit of slow cooker stuff for my son now - thanks for the leg up!

  10. Welcome back! :)

    Ya, me too thought you were busy with your new house...

  11. so ....the long break manage to cure the blogaholic or not? hehe

  12. ya man, thot u busy moving house! :P

  13. wah, miss your posts leh, start blogatorn now!

  14. pablopabla,
    Now you know...

    If you don't ask, they oso keep quiet. I asked the complaints section and they asked me to call biling. Make it so difficult for ppl to get rebate don't you think?

    Yah lar, almost siao adi!


    Nope, haven't started.

    Dial up is a pain.

    Maxis eh? Will keep that in mind.

    Its part of everyday life so much so that we feel lost without it. I still had to rely on dial up to do my other online transactions but not blogging ler... thats too time consumming, afterwards pokkai!

    Thats great! What have you cooked?

    Otherwise where got so quiet wan..

    I'll be busy in a month or two.

    Hahaha. What do you think? Of course not! Now even worse! Got blog withdrawal symptom.

    How come nobody thot I went back to work or something? Hehe.

    Yes m'aam! Blogathon coming right up!

  15. no wonder lah... tot you MIA lioa! You're a bloggamaniac and not seeing any new postings really surprised me....Welcome back!!

  16. Good to see you back in the blogsphere. :)

  17. Why delete that post? They wont sue you because it's a FACT and WORLD WIDE KNOWN that their service SUCKS TO THE MAXIMUM.

  18. angeleyes,
    Donchlah call me bloggamaniac. Malu.......

    Its good to be back. I missed visiting your blog and reading about Belle.

    Because the fault was not entirely theirs ler.. my wire rosak so bagi chance loh.

  19. Never know can get rebates... happened so many times to us that SCREAMYX gave us problems.. will definately ask for rebate next time..


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