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Friday, September 29, 2006

Car Troubles

This happened about 2 weeks ago.

Saturday – All dressed up with somewhere to go……. and then……. the car broke down. The clutch just stopped working. Luckily we were still able to drive (all the way at first gear) to the workshop to have it looked at. A few hours and a few hundred dollars poorer, we had our car back together again with a new lower clutch pump and some other minor servicing. What a way to start the morning.

Sunday – Was being driven by dad (who had been given the green light by his doctor to drive after his recovery from stroke) We were driving along a main road, minding our own business, when this idiot, reckless driver suddenly turned into the main road we were on at great speed, swerving into our lane as he did so. He hit our car and then the coward driver drove off still at great speed. He did not even bother to slow down or stop to see if he had done any damage or hurt.

It turned red at the traffic lights for us and the idiot got away. I didn’t even manage to see his car number or make. Dad got a bit of a scare and so did I and later when we were able to stop, we discovered that the driver’s side of the door could not be opened after the accident. My dad may be old and his reflexes a bit slower but even if that were not the case, anyone else who had been driving at the time would have been caught unawares and hit by the idiot. (He came so fast into our lane, there was no time to react and he drove off just as quickly as though nothing happened after he hit us!) In fact, if the idiot had hit another car which was speeding just as he was, his car would have overturned from the impact. He was lucky we were not driving fast.

*&^%$^*&%&**##!! Dunno what type of person drives like that and then behaves like a coward and runs away. May his car suffer broken lights and other trouble from the impact so that he has to pay for driving like a madman. Poor dad was a bit shaken after that, got distracted and missed a turn to go home. Sis will have his car checked up. Hopefully, it won’t cause too much. Sigh! (Eventually the car workshop which dad usually goes to did not charge him for knocking the car door back into shape, thankfully.)


  1. Geez!! Lucky your dad is ok. I hate it when kena accident with kids/old folks in the car. Either the punk panicked or he got kid/old folk/pregged lady, desperate to get to hospital.

    I also kena hit b4 like that. The young punk thot he was right. After I gave him many pieces of my mind, he realised YES! I am a stupid young punk after all!

  2. m.o.t.t.,
    "Either the punk panicked or he got kid/old folk/pregged lady, desperate to get to hospital."

    Well, lets assume that its the latter then, because the punk did not behave like he panicked. He did not even pause. He just drove off as fast as he did right before he hit us.

  3. Ah He got away!!! Why never fast fast see the number plate? Missed! If not can make police report and catch the coward!

  4. ur dad must be really terkezut... well, he should be. sometimes, when we are careful, others might not. as for me, as i drove my kids to the kindergarten everyday, i have to be very extra careful and my mind are 110% on the road. but sometimes, ada jugak idiots who drive like nobody's business. *malaysian mentality drivers - i also pay the road tax! LOL! *

  5. Gosh...thank God all of you are ok. My colleague had a similar experience few weeks ago. The car turned out from a junction & swerved right in front of him, causing him to knock full force into the car. But the driver sped off quickly eventhough it was my FRIEND who knocked into him. My fren's waja was totally kemek in front. The whole portion was almost off. My fren's intial thoughts are maybe the car is a stolen car or the person is a wanted person, that's why don't dare to stop even to look at the damage.

  6. sasha,
    Too slow the reaction, didn't even catch the make of the car, only the colour, maroon, I think. :(

    Yes, when driving or walking around with our kids we must always be on the alert even though they are a distraction.

    Yes, that crossed our minds too..... that the driver drove as though he was driving a stolen vehicle.

  7. I'll curse that idiot to death if he hits my car and runs away like that! Luckily your dad is fine.

  8. Cars, like computers. Great when they are working. Headache when they're not.
    Accidents are never pleasant and causes lots of anger and inconvenience if other party not co-operative and 'silly billy' lor.

  9. Did you have a glimpse of the driver? However, it's so irresponsible of him/her... Lucky no one got hurt! Is your dad ok with the whole accident now? Or is he still shaken up?

  10. Driving is madness these days. I'm getting really sick and tired of these types of drivers out there. They turn out from junctions without stopping, won't let you switch lanes, all kinds of nonsense!! Hope you're all okay after the scare esp your dad.

  11. shoppingmum,
    Curse oso no point. Just be thankful that we are ok and the car is not too badly damaged.

    Or in this case, when the driver runs away!

    shannon chong,
    Hi and welcome to my blog. My dad's ok but unfortunately it happened too fast and unexpectedly we did not catch a glimpse of the driver and not even the car number plate or make. :(

    Yeah, this one turned out of the junction without stopping and whats more, as if that wasn't bad enough, it was at great speed and it ate into our lane. You said it. Driving is madness these days.

  12. tsk tsk tsk... I really hate driving in M'sia! There are so many reckless drivers around and honestly, there are a threat!

    I never dare cross the Zebra crossing here until I make sure there's no cars in sight! I was almost hit the last time when I first came back from Aus... tot people will stop for me to cross but hell... never happen in Malaysia!

  13. ok ok got to make a post on #$%*^ drivers i encountered with too...

  14. angeleyes,
    Yeah, my brother got hit by a mini bus once and he wasn't even crossing the road yet.

    Yup! Its teruk indeed.

    So am I. So am I.

    I'm sure it'll have to be a long post.

  15. Well, the thing about the road nowadays is that even though there are lots of signs and warnings and devices that helps traffic, and though how careful one driver is, there are always those reckless drivers who are inconsiderate about others.


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