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Friday, September 22, 2006

My new cross stitch project

This week I’ve started working on my new cross stitch project. Dobbs, another cross stitch enthusiast has very kindly offered to email me some patterns. How sweet of her. However, because I was cut off from my internet connection I did not receive her email till much later after I had bought my own cross stitch patterns.

I bought my cross stitch pattern from this little handicraft shop in IOI Mall. Great stuff they have over there. It did not come cheap though. The cross stitch material, threads, tapestry needles, beads etc all came up to a whopping RM185. After its been completed the framing will probably cost a lot too.

The man at the shop said it was some award winning pattern. Aren't I ambitious? Haha. Its a bit harder to do than other cross stitch that I've done before as some of the colours require the use of 15 strands of thread at the same time! Thats very thick and not easy to get a nice smooth finish. Talking about ambition, I've still got leftover wool from an unfinished sweater I had wanted to knit probably more than 20 years ago! I like to knit and crochet too but I'm better at cross stitch so I'll finish this one, yes I will!

I better start on this before I need glasses for far-sightedness. My sisters tell me they started needing glasses to read etc after they turn 40 which means I will be needing one very soon. I used to be near sighted, needing glasses when I drive but stopped needing them about two years ago. Maybe thats the first step towards needing grandmother glasses. Lol!

I’m recording this as the start of my project date just so I can have a record of how long I take to complete the cross stitch. When I’m done, I’ll post the picture of the finished cross stitch picture. Meanwhile the above is my “Before” picture. I wonder when I’ll post the “After” picture. Last time I did a big cross stitch project like that, it took me about 6 months I think (and I didn’t have the kids disturbing me every few minutes), but then I can’t remember the actual time I took to complete the needlework because I didn’t have a blog to record it down at the time. Now, I’ll have a good record on this blog.


  1. Good luck to you on your new project. I like handicrafts too but I tend to leave my projects "terbengkalai" after a while. Always kena from hubby. Still have a half-done quilt cover, half-done crochet blanket, almost-finished cross stitch, almost-finished smocked dress, half-done jigsaw puzzle..

    Now I dare not start anything or sure kena from hubby again! :-)

    After reading your blog today, maybe I should just do myself a favour and dig them out and finish them one by one. :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. ahhh..i havent done cross stitch in a long time...it's quite addictive yea...

  3. At my last visit to the optician, he says that it is good that my near sightedness level did not go up or down. I asked, go down not good meh. And he said, no good, coz it is a sign of aging. LOL

    Good luck in your cross stitch. I love them a lot too, and some of the complex pieces are just awesome. But after reading your blog, i am not sure if i have the patience or the skills to do one.

  4. Dancing Queen,
    You've got so many unfinished handicrafts? *faints* No wonder kena from hubby. Hahaha. Oh yes, you just reminded me, I love jigsaws too but I could never leave one half done. Must finish!

    Yes, I suppose it can be rather addictive. Its like doing a jigsaw puzzle, very eager to see how it turns out so keep doing. But unline the singlehood days, now I've only just got time to do a little each day, so its going to take a looooong time.

    Yup. Its definitely a sign of aging but who cares. Now I don't need glasses anymore to watch tv or drive and thats nice. Lol!

  5. cross stitch use to be my favourite past time during teenage time! I hv few hanging at my mom's house. Don't know when I can do again now! *sigh*

    Hope to see your end product soon!

  6. Wow..it's been ages since i do cross stitch...my last piece was like 5 or 6 years ago..it's fun, i actually enjoyed..might pick it up again one of these days..:) Good luck!

  7. you bring back memories lar...my last project was the pix of snowhite and the seven dwarf.

    now, i cannot afford to start again...everything so expensive. those days, one thread like 35-50 cents only. how much now ah?

  8. jesslyn,
    Seems like it was a teenage past time for lots of us here eh?

    I can't remember when was the last time I did one. 5 years ago maybe..

    Yes, I still remember the time when it was only 50cents each for the thread. Now its RM1.30 (*faints*).

  9. I used to help my mum to do her cross-stitch during secondary school days. LOL!

  10. wah wah so expensive!! The price of threads must have gone up.

    I love cross stitch too, but I'm really not a needle person, it always end up alot of holes all over (I pull it too tight hahaha)

  11. MG, don't get too engrossed with cross stitch project until you have less time for blogging, ok? :)

    Also, don't forget to wear thimble so you don't keep pricking your finger then cannot type, then no blog, how? :))

    I have unfinished cross stitch, unfinished, quilting, unfinished crochet. The only thing I always finished is knitting.

    I look forward to seeing your finished product on your blog....in 6 months' time?

  12. RM1.30!!! *chokes*

    i'll never touch it again! :(

  13. Waiting to see your finished product.

  14. I envy you have the time for your own hobby .. I wonder when can I start my hobby again..I do not even have time to read newspaper..

    Can't wait to see your masterpiece.

  15. pablopabla,
    I used to have a guy friend who was very good at it. He had 6 sisters, maybe they made him helped till he was good. Lol!

    Yup! The cost of threads have more than doubled.

    I'm not used to a thimble but its ok, the tapestry needles usually aren't that sharp. I may post the progress pictures from time to time, just for fun. Hehe.


    Me too.

    baby darren,
    I don't have time to read the newspaper too. I do that just once a week, on Saturdays. Now that the kids are a little bit older, at least I can have time to eat and wash my hair and bathe! Hahaha.

  16. hey, i used to be crazy over cross stitching too!!! I love to work with my hands. hopefully when my gal's bigger i'll have time to do my handy crafts.

  17. ooo...I love cross-stich! I have a lot of 'unfinished' projects also... a few boxes of threads still hiding somewhere in my closets. My latest finished piece was the V-Day present for my PiggyBeng...5 years ago! hehee

  18. All the best with your complicated project MG -- looking forward to seeing some WIP (work in progress) pics in between to let us know how you are getting on.

  19. mommytomeia,
    Maybe you'll have to wait till after No2 or 3. Hehe.

    5 years ago is not that bad. :)

    Ok, I shall post the work in progress pics. It'll be a nice record for me too. :)

  20. Arr..u remind me of my unfinish project. haha! I wanted to do a tiger pattern unfortunately before I could complete, it was missing.

    Very ambitious eh you, good luck!


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