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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fireworks Glitter Art - Great craft idea for festivals and celebrations

The kids love to do art and craft. Kids basically just love to get dirty and some of the arts and crafts give them a chance to do just that! Recently I saw a fun festival craft idea on the internet. Its a wonderful and simple craft idea, using glitters to make a fireworks picture. Glitters are really nice for crafts. I don't recall using them before when I was a kid. The kids are lucky to have so many types of fun materials available for creative little minds these days. Here is the craft idea source: Enchanted Learning Fireworks Craft. Its very easy.

Here’s what we used:

  1. Black Paper
  2. Glue
  3. Glitters

(Note: Not glitter glue but rather glue and glitters)

Here’s what we did:

  1. Draw the “fireworks” with the glue stick
  2. Pour the glitters all over the paper over the glue
  3. Use many different colours for a better and more colourful effect

Taddaaaa… You've got yourself pretty, colourful, glittering fireworks!

The children loved it of course, the chance to pour and get their hands dirty plus the end result for this simple craft looks really nice. Great for decorating the children’s room during festive seasons. Later, my girl suggested that she draw a car using the glue stick and we pour glitters on the car creating a glittering car. Looks like she's getting creative.


  1. Ryan loves doing craft with glitters too but for me it's an absolutely no no as I have cleaning the mess. So bad mommy :P

  2. I have another suggestion..use coloured confetti. much easier to clean.

    No.1 had so much punching out coloured paper..and even double fun of throwing it on the paper and watchin it transformed into a picture!!!!

    I blogged it..chk it out..

  3. looks like octopus to me...hehe :P

    what a great idea...my belle loves playing with the glue, might as well let her do some art with it. :D

  4. Almost forgot about this type of art craft. I used to do that during kindie school. Very pretty.

  5. Wah, the glitter is very tough to clean up. They stick to the hand and your skin.

  6. Wow, that's nice. I'm in doubt if I should let Justin start playing with glue, worry that he'll simple stick everything up!
    But it's a good idea to occupy kids, expecially on rainy days like these.

  7. Nice! Have u tried colouring the entire paper with crayons and then paint it over with black water colour+mix with laundry powder. Then wait for it to dry.. u can use something to scrap off the black part in shapes. The colours and effect will be fantastic! try it!

  8. wah cool...creative thoughts :)

  9. immomsdaughter,
    I'm usually like that too. Deny the kids of many things because I'm too lazy to clean up and that includes allowing them to do self-feeding etc. Bad mommy.

    Sounds interesting.

    Haha. Yes, it does look like octopus doesn't it?

    Yes, and I have a naggy hubs going "Make sure it doesn't get into their eyes."

    The glue I used wasn't too sticky. After she has finished "drawing" her pictures with the glue, I quickly kept it.

    Wow, that sounds complicated!

    The internet is full of creative idea sources. I merely surf for the ideas.

  10. Sounds easy to do and looks nice too. :)

    Hehe...why car eh not barbie doll? :P your little girl is very creative ,knows how to think outside the box.

  11. allyfeel,
    She doesn't have any dolls yet, so far the hubby kept on buying her boys toys.


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