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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kid's having Sore Throat - To see doctor or not

Both the kids are having sore throat and runny noses. Tuesday night my girl vomitted all over her pyjamas and quilt cover. I cleaned up the place quietly in the dark so as not to wake baby while Mr MG did the fun part and held and comforted her while he slept.

My girl was extra manja. She told me she was not feeling well and wanted to see the doctor then she reminded me to inform her daddy to take her to see the doctor when he got back from work. After we consulted with each other a little bit, we decided not to for the time being. Its probably just a viral infection as she is otherwise still her jolly good self, has good appetite and is well enough to bully baby.

We found this link from AskDrSears.com about Sore Throat useful and I'm keeping it here for future reference.

This morning its baby's turn to throw up his breakfast. Luckily they are both still cheerful with no fever so I don't think they need antibiotics for it. So no doctors for now just tender loving care required. Everytime I take them swimming this happens. Must be because they are always trying to drink the pool water when I am not looking!


  1. Goodness, hope both the kids gets well soon. U very kenglah, if I see them vomitting, I'll sure send them straight to the doctor.

  2. well, as long as they r not feverish. I'm sure you'll know what to do. They vomit one time only? poor kids!

    well..hope they much better by now!

  3. Sorry to hear that MG. Hope both kiddos have a speedy recovery. That's why I dont send my boys to public pools anymore as dont know what's in the water these days. Hope you dont forget to take care of yourself too.

  4. Yeah, you're cool...but if there's no fever, usually i am less worried.

    Hope they gets well real soon and give them lots of water. :)

  5. Yeah, if see doc, sure they prescribed antibiotic. As for me, if no fever, no need to see unless got other serious symptoms.

  6. immomsdaughter,
    No fever should be ok.

    Yah one time only. Now just runny noses and clearing throat once in a while.

    Thanks, they are fine.

    Hopefully its just a minor cold that will go away after a few days.

    They are still happy as a lark and running about so should be ok.

  7. I don't sent my kids to the doc if they are not down with fever or wheezing...if just normal cough and flu I will let them heal by themself...don't really like the idea of stuffing too much medicine down their throat..

    You take care and hope ur kids get well soon.

  8. normally i'll only take them to the doc on the 3rd day. and thanx for the link.

  9. hope they get well soon. My girl also down with high fever :(

  10. Doctors are slow to give antibiotics these days as they don't cure viral infections and instead kill the bacteria which you need to fight bad bacteria. Not that I am expert but I was told of this and have heard about it on documentaries. My kids were on a lot of antibiotics (these were days when we were ignorant about effects of antibiotics) until my radiographer colleague told me not to and to allow their own bacteria do the fighting first.
    In our days, no googling so you are very lucky.

  11. hope they get well soon! poor things!

  12. Hi everyone,
    Thanks y'all for your get well wishes. Their sleep is not so good so that means mommy is very sleepy right now. Yaaawwwwwn!

  13. hmm....in the last few days, my son did throw up after his meal. He does not seem disturbed by it...still active & happy, so i also just brush it aside. Now that i read this...i was wondering if he is having throat infection, coz he sometimes will cough as if to clear his throat, & i did take him swimming last Sunday....hmm..

  14. Hope your kids are feeling better.

    If got fever, should consult doc. You never know what the kid is having. Luckily, the doc has never prescribed antibiotics to my girl ever since she was born :)


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