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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Homemade Shanghai Mooncakes

Someone gave me some homemade mooncakes and well ahem... there goes my diet! My self discipline melted when the mooncake melted in my mouth.

If I'm not mistaken the homemade mooncake we received is the shanghai mooncake variety. Its smaller in size (thereby easing my guilty conscience somewhat) and dome shaped. Usually the shanghai mooncakes we buy at the shops has a rather hard and crispy crust but these homemade ones are rather soft and buttery. Feels rather like butter jam tarts with mooncake filling. It melts and crumbles in the mouth. I'm not sure whether its supposed to be like that but it tastes good nonetheless. Still its a wee bit too sweet for my liking. Other than that...... goodbye diet, hello fat! Luckily the mooncake festival is only a couple more weeks away. After that I can end my indulgence and its back to the exercise mat. One, two, kick left, kick right!

If anyone is interested in baking their own mooncake, here is a Mini Shanghai Mooncake recipe link. Me? I prefer to buy or better still receive them!


  1. MmmmMMMm..looks good! homemade somemore!

  2. my fav shanghai mooncake are Foh San brand. Not too sweet and the crust is soft and buttery.

  3. Luckily I'm not a mooncake fan, so won't get fat during this mooncake festival! Ha!

  4. OO I received the same thing!!Smaller and not ad sweet as the big ones! Yummy!

  5. It really looks delish! Dont have to wait for Mooncake Festival to finish to start ur workout as you'll have more fat to get rid off. I still eat some sinful & fatty desserts once in a while but I make sure I workout more afterthat.

  6. m.o.t.t.,
    Yummy yummy says my tummy.

    Foh San. Must remember for future reference. Haha.

    Usually I'm no fan either. Mr MG is more a fan but this year dunno why terbalik pulak. He's off it and I have to eat loh. Hehe. Excuse to eat.

    Smaller, not so guilty.

    a&a's mom,
    No worries. My diet and exercise still on track. Only about 3-4kg left before my pre-pregnancy weight.

  7. yummy yum. I wallop an entire mooncake by myself too. :P

    They are plenty of low sugar mooncake on sale in Jusco, they are so lovely and creative too. Love their packaging as well. My favourite is Green Tea flavour from purple cane. What is yours?

  8. I love this mooncake..

  9. oo i love shanghai mooncake too...sinful food haha

  10. So far I only had 2 slices of mooncakes (passed out from co-workers). No craving for it ler but last year while I was preggie with Belle, the craving was damn strong.

  11. allyfeel,
    Yes, last year I tried the Green Tea from purple cane. Its nice.

    You pandai memasak what. Go make your own. Hehe.

    Can see kenot eat. Lol!

    Very sinful sweet pastry.

    Oh, I would think that during preggie would be turned off since the taste is quite strong.

  12. This one too complicated for me liao! I want! I want! I want! (I think I sound like my daughter...)

  13. pablopabla,
    I think you sound like both my kids!

  14. Aiyah, you make me 'lau nuah' already. OK, like Pablo but with an older shrivelly (got such word ah?) voice, "Iiii waaaannt, Iiii wanntt....".

  15. Judy,
    I think I prefer the childish "I want" to the shrivelly (not sure whether got such word) one. That one sounds a bit scary. Hehe.


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