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Monday, September 25, 2006

Look who's talking now!

Baby’s speech development has improved by leaps and bounds almost overnight recently. It is so delightful to hear him speaking out his little mind. Its as if he decided all at once that the best way to get what he wants is to say it. Suddenly, he’s talking a lot. Oh, he is still mostly talking in short “sentences” of 2 or 3 words but it’s wonderful to listen to him anyway.

Previously, the most he would say is to “order” me around.

  • "Mummy come"
  • "Mummy sit"
  • "Mummy read"

Those were some of his favourites. Now he is saying things that are more unintangible like ……

  • "Don’t touch" (his poo when I want to change him)
  • "No space" (when too many of us are squeezing into the chair together)
  • "Baby push" (when he pushes his chair about)
  • "I wanna go" (kai kai of course, where else?)
  • "Daddy fix" (referring to the new shower head he saw his daddy fixing)
  • "Wait first!" (while waiting for the computer to load their favourite online game)
  • "Baby one!" (when guarding his own propery)
  • "Mummy's things" (when guarding mummy's property)
  • "Can't reach" (when trying to reach for mummy or daddy's phone high up on the table)

And recently when I call out to him “Baby, come here!” he will shout back Com...mming!” Hehe. Sounds very cute!

He also misappronounces a lot of words which is adorable and a time to cherish. Some of the words include:

  • "ais keem" (ice cream)
  • "I want didwan" (this one)
  • "Mummy dotty" (Mummy naughty. Note that its "Mummy naughty" not "Baby naughty" He says this whenever mummy is scolding him. Lol!
  • "drink niulk" (drink milk. Sounds like drink nuke!)

When his sister plays hide and seek with him, she shouts "Ready or not, here I come" and he does a really funny imitation of that which I can't reproduce here because it sounds like such a jumble but we can make out that its "Ready or not, here I come". Even his sister has a good laugh when she hears it.

Another funny thing is that whenever he wants to "complain" about something, he won't call me "mummy". Instead he will start chanting "Amah......Amah.......Amah...." to which I would tell him "Hello, I'm not your Amah lah!" (*rolls eyes)

Its much easier now that he can "converse" with us and he is begginning to use his new language skills more and more. Now he will tell me "cough" when his throat is uncomfortable, or "pain" when he hurts himself or "dirty" when he gets his hands dirty (this morning he told me "floor dirty" when I accidentally dropped some crumbs of food on the floor) or "cheh cheh beat" when his sister bullies him.

When any of that happens and he starts to cry, he would insist that "mummy wipe" his tears with a tissue paper or he won't stop crying. His tears magically disappear when wiped away with a tissue. Lol! These babies really thrive on mummy's attention. Mummy is always very popular at home. Everyone requires her services all of the time including the big baby. Now if only mummy has more time..........


  1. hohoho...now cheh-cheh got match liao, and can no longer let him eat dead cat anymore LOL...

    err... now I also cannot let my girls eat dead cat liao, they can defense for themselve: "Daddy, I didn't do it, mommy did." die!

  2. Wow..!! that's really good..! chloe just started saying all these.. not too, too long ago.. :) How old is your boy again..??

  3. wow 2 words oredi huh...kids just grow very fast for us to even catchup

  4. Awww...tat's so cute. My baby boy has just started to imitate us talking. And he is so excited with his new found skill that he is babbling non stop most of the time. Sometimes if we (& he) is lucky, he'll actually get a few words right. Last weekend, he said "hullo", "ais kim", and "puk ke yi" (cannot in mandarin). I think he just got lucky in his babbling because, try as we might, we could not get him to repeat those words. Nevertheless, we were very happy and proud, so i can imagine your pride.

  5. Now, you can have converstation with both of them, that feels great huh?
    And I wonder when will the "debate" between your girl and boy start? :P

  6. LOL! I can tell you will soon become a referee too..now that baby can talk back to his sister.

  7. maria,
    "Daddy, mummy play with the computer all day!"

    He's 29 months. They say boys are slower but he caught up overnight. Lol!

    Much too fast!

    Oh yah, I forgot the "Allo". Hehe. They sound so adorable at this stage don't they?

    The debate has started!

    You are right. Its so funny to hear them "quarreling". My boy will often "scold" his sister with his original babbles mixed with words.

  8. Hearing those "baby talk" takes away all tiredness of the day :)

  9. I'm sure he's very cute and manja!

  10. Wait until he can tell stories, even cuter. This is by far the thing I enjoy most with my kids - when they are learning to talk. Time to get your book ready and start writing down some of their witty insights. For example, my son came up to me the other day and seriously said "Mommy, you know mosquito bite me? because he got nothing else to drink so he drink my blooood." :)

  11. mom,
    Thanks. Howzzit feel to have everyone call you "mom"? Hehe.

    Yes it certainly does.

    He is manja king!

    Mine will say "So bad the mosquito, bite your daughter!" Lol!


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