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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bed Wetting Troubles

Patience. Patience. Cool It. Do not lose it. Do not go beserk. This is what I have to tell myself each time my girl wets the bed. And yet........ I go beserk most of the time. I can't help it! There's just too much cleaning up to do. Lets see. Theres....

  • my girl who needs to be washed up
  • her clothing
  • the duvet
  • the duvet cover
  • the bedsheet
  • the mattress protector
  • another thicker mattress something (dunno what its called) from ikea
  • and the actual mattress itself

All soaked through! How not to go beserk??!!

I try to put some protector underneath the bedsheet but somehow she always misses it.

I'm yet to take her off the diaper at night hoping that she will clear the naptime hurdle before I do. Hubby says thats being inconsistent and I should do it all at once but I just cannot imagine getting up in the middle of the night to clean all of the above. Earlier on, I tried taking her off the daytime nap diaper before but she wet the bed consistently everyday and so I put her back on the diaper. I did that twice I think. Off diaper then on again.

Later on when she stayed dry for a while then I started again. Still there are accidents, even when I take her to pee just before napping and if I'm beside her I would remind her to stop herself as soon as she awakens. The only trouble is sometimes she pees while she is still asleep, its what wakes her up and by that time its too late. Everything is soaked.

I read that bedwetting is common for children till around age 5. Thats a consolation to read. I was beggining to feel like such a failure, like maybe I've been handling it all wrong and I really don't want to make her feel bad because I know its not her fault when she can't control it. I guess theres no other way accept to bear with it for a while longer and try, try, try not to get so upset over it.


  1. hehe... should feel lucky coz at least your girl don't poop in her sleep... coz I heard some toddlers do! LOL!

  2. MG, be patient. My Ryan at age 6 (almost) once in a blue moon will wet the bed too. One my my strategy is to wake him up in the middle of the night to shee shee (even when he does it before going to sleep). Good luck!

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  4. Wow.. I never thought about this as I'm still not even able to toilet trained Zara.

    But I guess when the time comes, I have to think about having the clean up all those that you mentioned..

    You try laying those big sheets of hospital be lining which will absorbe moisture? I think they were made to handle such accidents.

  5. I can truly understand the part of loosing your cool eventhough it's an accident. It happens to me as well going all beserk when JS peed on the bed during nap time though is very rare and there is someone to clean the mess, because I have the same list of things to clean up as you do plus a baby sleeping nearby that I would have to wake him up and he would tend to touch the wet wet spot.

    One way to try is to get those trainer pants, I have got those from Mothercare, so when she accidentally pee in her sleep, your bed will be spared. I have put that on JS when she was 18th months, she's no longer on diaper during the day, but only during the night because I dont want to take the risk though most morning she woke up with a dry diaper.
    WH who is on cloth diaper since young, does not pee in his sleep during the day anymore. So keep it a thought on the trainer pants

  6. MG, at least ur already almost there in toilet training. I'm getting no where with DD. She's not willing to go without diaper plus is still terrified of the toilet since she got her head stuck inside her training toilet seat almost a year ago. Had to take her to the fire station to get it off at 2am. lol.

  7. Destinee was off her diapers when she was 2 years 2 mths. Taught her to potty train only in a day (guess I'm one of the really lucky ones) and *touch wood* so far so good.

    I usually get Des to shi shi before she goes to sleep and carry her (still in dreamland) to her potty in the middle of the nite to shi shi again (sometimes twice). But sometimes she'll wake me up. So, she's somehow trained (like alarm clock), and I'm used to it oredi, at a certain time (at around 2 or 5 in the morning), she'll toss and turn, then I know she needs to shi shi.

  8. Being a lazy mom, I still insist to have Bea1 to decide. She is still in diapers at nights and dry on most of the time. She told me one night that she did not want to diaper and she was ok. Will wait till she says she is do with it altogether

  9. egghead,
    Now don't you get me started. Just the thought of that makes me go beserk!

    The problem is I treasure my sleep so much its hard to wake up myself just to wake her up to go to pee.

    zara's mama,
    Thats a good idea. I don't know where to get them though. Tried checking once at the pharmacy but they didn't sell them.

    I haven't tried training pants. How is a training pants different from a diaper?

    sarah's mummy,
    Oh my goodness. How did that happen?! Your poor girl must have had such a scare! Kesiannya.

    Oh lucky you! That sounds like a dream!

    Yah. I'm lazy too. My girl did tell me that she didn't want to wear the diaper for naps anymore but accidents still happen. Also for her early toilet training, I didn't toilet train her from young. I took my time till she was old enough to go straight to the adult toilet (with a child seat of course), so I never had to clean up any potty contents as we didn't use one. Some smart alecs tell me that I waited too long to toilet train her and thats the problem blah blah blah but I beg to differ. When the child is ready, the child is and every child is different.

  10. I am not good at training kids, most of the time my MIL was training wien, use cup or go for diaperless during nap. Now she already train her not to wear diaper at night and wake her up 1 or 2 times in midnight. But after MIL's surgery, I get wien to sleep with me..guess what! I still wear her the diaper till next morning, as I too lazy to wake her up and carry her to potty (but dare not tell MIL else sure kena screw! LOL). sometimes she told me no need to wear la as she will not pee, so one day i listen to her! OMG, she wet the bed, calling me to change her middle of the night!! from that day onwards, i wear for her, no fail!

    In fact i should continue potty train her since MIL already train half way but but I am so lady to wake up from my dreamland ler! :P

  11. MG, cool down... all the kids are different, in this case may be you should let her wear the nappy to sleep first, becasue I notice in my twins, one can sleep without nappy and pee in potty in the middle of the night, but one still wet her nappy through out the whole night.

    So, after few days of trying, I decided to let Isabelle wear nappy at night.

    this is not a failure, just our kids slightly more dependent, so we need a little more of time, so as them.

    and I remember a mother said before, if we stress too much on toilet train at night when the kid not ready, we will put more stress on the kids, and in the end they wet bed even more often.

  12. Aaah, I see so much stree here. I can imagine what I am going to go through in the next few months. Good luck dear.. she will soon learn :)

  13. Hey mumsgather,
    You should RELAX....then everything will happen like magic! I am definitely not one that is going to wake up middle of the night ( poor me) or wake my boys up in the middle of the night (poor them), so just let the bladder mature, they will stop peeing. I just wear diapers on them till they are dry almost everynight, then I 'graduate' them. No2 kept telling me he doesn't want to wear diaper to sleep but I still wear for him altho the diaper is no longer sticky and koyak koyak due to overuse too many times. No1 sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night, otherwise next morning when he wakes up then he'll 'fly' to the toilet. He is off diaper (night) only this year ( 6 years old, altho he has been dry for sometime). For daytime, they seemed to be able to control their bladder earlier..abt 2.5 years. Between the 2, no2 seems to have better and earlier bladder control. So it depends on the kids, when they are ready, they are ready. I don't use any method (lazy mum) ..RELAX ya!

  14. jesslyn,
    Alamak! Your mil sure breathe down your neck like dragon if she finds out you curi-curi wear diaper for Wien. Haha.

    Thank you for reminding me not to stress my poor girl up. So kesian to be scolded when you can't control it isn't it? Feel so bad :(

    Maybe you can learn from some of the smart mummies commenting here. :)

    Oh! Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing! I shall try to RELAX now.

  15. Ya,it's terrible to clean up the mess. Although Jo still wears his diaper, sometimes he would wet the bed too due to leakage. But the worse not to clean up the wet bed, is cleaning vomitted things as Jo easy to vomit most of the time especially during bedtime.

  16. Oh I can imagine your frustration. This is really very tough...Which is why I haven't started. My boy is still on diapers when he naps and when he sleeps in the night. Even then, he gets himself wet sometimes cos of too much urine!

  17. Don't feel bad, you still a good mum. Yeah get those plastic sheets. If you cannot find them, I can send some to you. I know a few shop that sell these.

  18. MG, dont be disheartened ok. i am sure the girl will stop when her body's ready. for now, just put diaper on at night lah. but during the day leave it off. this will solve the bedwetting problem until she stops peeing accidentally at night.

  19. mumsgather, my daughter was still having accidents at night when she was almost 5. Not often but when she was very tired, she would wee in her sleep. It was very embarrassing when we were visiting our friends in the US. She was embarrassed to be using diapers at night but what to do? At least no need to wake her up at night to wee or have to deal with wet sheets. Good news is, she stopped wetting her bed overnight! As if someone switched on the wee wee sensor LOL

    Use a diaper at night if you have to. Less stress for you and for your daughter.

    In the day, insist on your daughter going to toilet to relieve herself before she takes a nap. That should help.

  20. MG, this is a good one
    . If you need it, I can get for you.

  21. hui sia,
    Hmm yes, vomit is much harder to clean and the room smells of puke afterwards but thats all part of being a parent isn't it?

    The day time training is much easier than the night time one, I think.

    Thanks, I'm sure I can find if I look hard enough. :)

    I don't take it off at night. Only during daytime naps. Otherwise would be a lot more grumpier having to do all the cleanup in the middle of the night! Haha.

    May I borrow the wee wee sensor switch? Lol! Maybe it'll happen that way when they are ready and I stress up for nothing.

    Thanks you. I'll shop around here first or can get it online. Thanks again for your kind offer to help me get it. :)

  22. A training pants looks like a panty. Just that it's leak proof. If accidentally peed on the pants, then it won't leak out.

    Those big sheets that protect the bed doesn't work for me, as JS sleep all over the place, rolling from one end to another, so the sheets would be out of place or not big enough to cover the whole bed.

  23. elaine,
    Thanks for the info. What you say is true. My two little kiddoes sleep all over the bed as well!

  24. Gosh, it sure is stressful isn't it...but MG, take a deep breath and relax! Don't be too hard on yourself and your girl. ;)

    Damien still wear diaper when he goes to bed at night, but not for his nap. I'm just too lazy to wake up/wake him up in the middle of the night lah..;p but mum let him go diaper-less at night when he stays over at her place, and she said he managed to stay dry throughout the night woh...i should try huh..;p

  25. blurblur,
    She is usually not dry in the mornings so I dare not/don't think its time to take the night diaper off yet. This happens during the day but not all of the time. Sometimes its ok and I take that for granted and don't think too much about it.

  26. Poor MG!! my turn might come real soon too.. and i think i might be this way too.. :(

  27. I still wet the bed a couple times a week until I was 11. I wore diapers so my sheet didn't get soaked. When I was 10 my mom started spanking me with a switch on my legs if I had a wet diaper in teh morning. THat made me really want to stop.

  28. anon,
    Ouch! That sounds painful.

  29. I wore night time diapers till age 10. Better than a wet stinky cold bed. Mom put me back in them at age 5,was kind of embarrassing at first but soon learned of the advantages.It would have been better if she had continued the diapers instead of having a long time without themand then restarting.

  30. anon,
    I've put her back on diapers again, after another week or so of a wet, stinky cold bed.

  31. I am a 19 year old girl and still wet the bed. When I was in high school I wet my pants a least once a week at school. I tryed meds and alarms but nothing would work. So now i have to wear diapers to work and have mine co workers change me. I don't know what to do my mother still doesn't know. What should I do?

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    The Enuresis Treatment Center has put together an informative guide to understanding and treating bedwetting. This free bedwetting guide is available to download at www.freebedwettingguide.com.


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