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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Time To Wean

I'm planning to wean my almost 2 year old soon. And to imagine that he took 2 completely whole months before he learned how to breastfeed directly, now he won't let go. He is extremely attached to his milk bottle cum pacifier ie ME! Gosh. This will be a hard time for both of us.

So here I am, reading up all the literature, forums etc on weaning and a few things that sounds practical for me to try are:

  • Don't Offer, Don't Refuse
  • Start with the middle of the night one first by offering water instead (gosh, this will be hard on lil' ole me cos its so much easier to just feed him and everybody goes back to sleep soundly. Now, I'd have to get up to get the water and thats sure to keep me awake for at least 1-2 hours after that as I often have trouble falling back to sleep after getting up at night. I haven't tried offering water before but I have tried just patting him back to sleep but it does not work. He'd sit up and point to the breastfeeding pillow and if I still didn't get the message, he'd go and drag the pillow to me himself and cry very, very hard. Aiyoh! Susah loh!)

Hubby says I have to not only wean him off the "pacifier" but I'd have to make sure he gets other sources of milk. Haha. Now, why didn't I think of that? Silly! So far he has rejected the formula milk. He loves drinks, any form of drinks and takes all of the fruit juices I prepare for him but when it comes to formula milk, he turns his face away in disgust and tries to spit it out. Susah loh. Susah.

Last night I tried to offer him some again. At first he looked delighted when he saw that he also had a bottle similar to his sisters. (He loves to copy her in everything that she does) but after taking one sip he takes his hand and tries to push the bottle away but at least he didn't look as disgusted as before. Hahaha. Thats a start. I'll continue offering him for awhile and hopefully he'll get used to the routine and the smell and taste of it. We'll see.

Right after this strategy, I will drop the morning feeds first as its easier to distract him then. The naptime and bedtime one will be the hardest. My Girl was so easy to wean, it went like a breeze but somehow for My Boy, I have a feeling its going to be a lot harder. Wish me luck!


  1. hmmm... will wait to hear from your success story soon... so my wife can learn from it :)

  2. hehe..happy weaning..hey maybe make milk shake for him, it's also a source of milk, with added fruity taste :)

  3. oh... weaning... almost two years I weaned the girls, but still remember everything. don't think the then 13 months old will remember, but a experience for me.

    wish you luck, it is hard, but it will pass.

  4. Ur post sure brought back memories how I weaned Abilash at 2.5 yrs abt 3 yrs ago. I had to wean him 1st from cosleeping & afterthat the breast (God he was truly a breast addict!). I think weaning is more difficult compared to starting to breastfeed during the early months. He just hated formula as I had never given him any other milk than bm. Don't worry too much as he will be weaned sooner or later.

  5. egghead, well, I hope for success too. ie smiles.. not tears.

    jazzmint, I've tried Milo but he still hates the taste of the milk.

    maria, they forget more easily then we do huh

    2&a'smom, I think formula for the babies who's never tasted it before is really a strong taste and needs some getting used to.

  6. Ok, see if you agree with this. As for the water get him a cute non-spill cup (since he follows big sis, buy her first).
    Bring it to bed, you won't have to get up to get water. Let him get used to drink it from the cup.
    That works for me...I mean when I got no milk during pregnancy.

  7. Hey, your story like mine lah. My girl was easy but my boy is so stubborn. Even I put chilli on nen-nen, he learned to love chilli. But the water idea is good. The kids always have their water bottle near the beds. I don't get up, I make them get up. Hahaha. Here's my latest trick, last night I put a bandaid on nen-nen and told my boy it was injured. I told him he sucked so hard it has to go to hospital soon. He understood and settled for his water bottle instead. Yay! But how long this trick can last I don't know lah. Good luck.

  8. mama22beas, thanks for the tip. I will try it as he loves sippy cup. They both don't drink from bottles, they don't know how but they love sippy cups. Only, I've removed all the non-spill thingys (since it makes it so difficult to drink from; I tried it out myself) so I have to go get a new one or he'd try to pour all the contents on the bed!

    lian, haha, what a funny story. My Girl was really easy, I just dropped the feeds one by one like the books say we should and she didn't even realise or miss any of it but My Boy is very attached. I forsee more difficulty.

  9. Aaa.. you are in the same predicament as Two Little Fellas.. she's having a tough time with her younger fella too.

    I'm also trying slowly to wean Zara, but luckily, from some one who total doesn't accept formula in the beginning, now she takes 1 bottle per day.

    Anyway, let us know how it goes.

  10. zara's mama, I keep hoping that he'd show signs that he himself is ready for weaning but he shows signs of attachment instead. :P

  11. boy, oh boy! This has been one of my main concern. Though my gal is not even one, I can see that she's gonna be one strong 'super-glue' when it comes to feeding at night. She's still fully on breastmilk. She has to suckle many, many times before she goes to sleep and many many times early in the morning before she wakes up. That's not counting the middle of the night feed. Susah.. susah... Must learn some kungfu from you once you manage to wean him off.

  12. baby smooches, not sure if you'll learn any kungfu from me at all because at the moment so sakit hati, no heart to do it when see him so happy for his breastmilk. So far just managed to introduce the formula milk to him. Previously he used to reject and hated it but now he's getting more used to it, so at least I have one less worry about having an alternative milk for him.


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