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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mama's Vs Papa's

I'm back from my blog break. I thought I might have some time to read blogs even when I was not blogging but in the end, I didn't have the time. So, after two weeks, this is what I got on my feed reader.

Looks like the Mama's have more to say than the Papa's with a total of 151 posts vs 61 posts. (So what else is new?) But the statistics not accurate lah... I've got more Mama's on my feedreader.

Wah! So many posts to read. 151 + 61 + 157 makes 369. Think I'll have to mark them all as read. Can't possibly catch up with all. Sob. Sob.

Mama's on the blog (151)
5xmom (31)
Along's Blog (1)
annieblog (5)
Apa-apa je
Bkworm (2)
Chrissy's blog
The Curious Incident (27)
Double Happiness 双喜临门 (15)
Faythe's Baby Blog (4)
Happy Family (1)
I Am A Domestic Goddess (4)
In Search of Oneself (5)
Lollies's Modblog (8)
Mama22beas (5)
Msau & SQ Playground (2)
Musings By the Amused (7)
My Little Sunshine (3)
myBabyBay.com Blog (7)
Shamira's Little World (4)
Shopping Mum (7)
The Suzette (7)
生活点滴 (6)

Papa's on the Blog (61)
Belacan Times (7)
Breakthroughs (4)
Dude of my Kingdom (2)
Little Luke "Skywalker" (9)
Loopy Meals (12)
My Life (14)
PapiMami (9)
Through My Eyes (4)

Others on the blog (157)
AlwaysWoW! (7)
Anan's Journal
The Angelic Grace
Autumn Music (1)
CrazyGrr's NoNSenSe (6)
Doc's blog (18)
Evening Primrose Oil
Fishtail (3)
Frozenlily - MunKit Online
Heavenly's blog (8)
I think....therefore I am
It's all about me, myself & I (22)
Jason Mumbles (10)
JustNice (3)
Kiasi aka Kiasi-ism (9)
Living Gem (3)
Malaysia Best (13)
Mei's TheScarfer (6)
Mr Kiasu
Mystiqangel (9)
Oliviasy's (5)
Rojaks Daily (6)
simontalks.com (13)
The Solbourne Identity (10)
Sweetness Of the Mango
Treasurable Memories (5)
Twins Comic


  1. hey... welcome back. am eager to read new post from you ;)

  2. Haha, and this morning I came into your blog, wanting to leave a message at your tagboard to say that "I miss you" but your tag board was missing.

    And... Ta da, you update your blog already! Welcome back~!

  3. yay! mg's back! =)

  4. hey hey!!! :D *hugs* WB!!!!

    so nice to see u back in action. heh.

    wei,how u check how many post by each blogger? wat code are u using?

  5. WOW...you back...*happy happy happy*...

  6. dg, I have so many blog posts to catch up too. Yours included :)

    Jason, I kicked the tagboard out liao. May put it back when or if I feel like it. Hehe.

    autumnmusic, yay too!

    yvy, I'm using bloglines. Its a web based newsreader which informs me when a webpage I subscribe to gets updated. Here's an old post I wrote about it, if you're interested.

    maria, me too!

  7. wah... really a long way to catch up to those leading mums...
    but have to work ler :P

  8. big bok, its good to be back.

    egghead, abuden hor, you've got another blog....

  9. welcome back !! yday unable to log into ur blog dunno why. i have to use proxy to read blog, china problem they block the blogger.


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