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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fair and Lovely

Some people say that consuming a lot of Soya Bean drink when you are pregnant will ensure that your baby will be fair and lovely. Not sure what basis there is in that but during the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy, I enjoyed the cool sweet taste of the drink and drank some to keep me cool. Things can get pretty hot in the 3rd trimester especially if you're very big. In the first 2 trimester when I was having bad morning sickness, all I could think off was 7-up/Sprite and boy oh boy did that make me feel guilty. Anyway, My Girl turned out fair and lovely (probably due to the amount of 7-up I consumed!)

However, My Boy turned out tanned. Mr MG never fails to "blame" me because during the 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy, I enjoyed Soya Cincau (Soya Bean drink mixed with black jelly and brown sugar) instead!

I can never understand this new craze to be fair and lovely. Why is everyone craving to make themselves look fairer with all those skin whitening products? Each time I buy a face powder or foundation, the salesgirl will never fail to tell me "Miss, this one good, it will make your face look fairer." and I tell them "No, please get me a darker shade, I want one that looks natural that blends with the colour of my skin or even one a shade darker than my skin colour coz I don't want to look pale like a ghost or like I have a white mask on! Geez!"

I think skin of whatever colour or shade is lovely as long as the person is lovely. No need to slather white paste onto your face to become "fair and lovely!"


  1. yes yes yes! went thru that when i was preggy. 2nd time preggy, my girl came out so white like amoi. i cant remember what caused her to be fair but i think could be the sushi i ate? the first one, was a mcdonald baby, everyday ate cheeseburger, the aby came out looking like burger!

    when i moved to the US, men here dont like fair or pale women. my hubby used to drag me into the sun so that i will get the tan i needed. now, i love the sun, the darker the better, no need to wear make up hehehe.

    again so putih also hati not good for what kan?

  2. i think it looks weird when the face is white/fair but other parts of the body dark... frankly, i prefer one colour for all, whatever tone it is. if lovely then lovely la...no need fair and lovely product

  3. Believe it or not, it's true. My first daughter is "white" because my wife drank lots of soya bean drink. My 2nd & 3rd daughters are like "macDonald" colour (borrowing ely phrase) because my wife hate soya drink!

    Another one..drink seven-up you'll get boy, drink coca-cola you'll get girl.

  4. like tat also can ah??
    sure or not??
    if drink a lot of whisky and XO how?? baby come out will prefer to drink alcohol instead of milk? and will know the "drunken master" kung fu??

  5. ely, haha. first one McDonald, second upgrade to sushi!

    jeremy, you are right. Its downright weird, face pucat macam hantu, neck downwards another color.

    brother, I drank 7-up but got girl. BTW, have you got a blog? With a pseudonym like brother, you'd become everyone's brother on the blog. haha.

    egghead, yah. Like dat oso can ah!!!

  6. eehhh... for boys so pucat no use la, looks girly wor... i prefer tanned looks la, but funny... i drank quite a lot of soya also and Ivan turned out fair! this time around dunno la...

  7. I think this is something inherited from the parent, how to get tan children if both parent are fair? My girl inherited my skin tone - fair and rosy. :)

    Hehe, me too prefer boy to look tan! Last time my hubby was so fair when I first met him and I forced him to sun bathe himself. *evil grin*

  8. heheh... I think it's all in the genes. If parents dark/tan no amount of soya bean milk will make the baby come out fair as snow white ler. So, don't blame yourself la.

  9. sue, try again? hahaha. anyway each pregnancy is different. I love yoghurt but during pregnancy dat time. Yucky!!!

    jefferene, dg, me and hubby fair so we surprised to see our boy so dark at birth but now become fairer liao, still.. I like boys tanned.

  10. When i was pregnant.. with my brat.. i couldn't eat nor drink anything..! i was so sick.. ! i just wanna sleep everyday..!!

  11. People obviously never heard of hitam-manis. So many comments about how fair my daughter is and how my son is not as fair. So what?? Say-lah my girl is kind or my son is loving. Why comment on physical attributes?? So that someone can get rich feeding off women's insecurities about their looks and weight?? No wonder anorexia and bulimia is such a wide spread problem. And just look at the number of slimmming centres that have mushroomed up.

    Sorry for sounding off in your blog. I am just very concerned about bringing up my girl in a world that idolises only thin, fair people!! And ironically, my daughter IS thin and fair now!! (not by my choice, I swear!)

  12. i think it's only an old wives' tale...I didn't drink much soya bean while I was carrying Ashley and she turned out fair and rosy as well. It doesn't also mean that an indian baby with indian parentage will be fair if his/her mommy drinks soya bean while pregnant.. it doesnt work that way... I must say that alot of old wives' tale are more ridiculous than anything...

  13. I drank a lot of soya bean when I was pregnant with Zara, not because I wanted her to be fair but I just love soya bean!
    Zara came out very dark. My mil's reaction was "eh, why your daugther so dark?" Wah.. I was so annoyed, I said "what's wrong? As long as she's strong and healthy who cares she's dark." Mil still insisted "but she's dark la for a girl".
    I can't stand any more so I told her "it's your genes, you are so dark yourself"
    Thn only she kept quiet.

  14. mamabok, until late into the 2nd trimester almost, I didn't even feel like sleeping cos felt sick even when sleeping! all I could think about was 7-up cos it eased my sick feeling somehow. Siao!

    kc, Whoa! The commenters commented about color becos I wrote about color mah.. hehehehe.

    dinah, I agree!

    zara's mama, haha. you tak bagi chance kah?

  15. MG, how's this? http://testingsahaja.blogspot.com/ suka tak? :P

  16. Suka! Suka! (*nods head vigorously*) but how to paste on my template ah and maybe the orange a bit bright. hehehe.

  17. Eh...no leh.
    My mum drank lots of black coffee when she was pregnant with my elder sis (in order to keep herself awake as she's working at that time) but my sis still very fair leh.
    And when mum was carrying me in her womb, she drank lots of soya bean. In the end, i'm quite dark wor.
    How huh? Why terbalik one eh?

  18. First pregnancy drank alot of soya bean almost every week. Second pregnancy I didn't bother so much. Both of my children also fair, donno about lovely..hehehe. I guess they follow the daddy, coz he is fair.

  19. my 2nd sis drank a lot soya bean when 1st pregnancy but baby boy came out like indian, 2nd pregnancy she gave up liao soak herself in coffee but baby girl came out like snow white.... weird right?? hahaha...

  20. I tot I posted a comment yesterday .. Kena delete ah ? I said something like, if want a fair baby, must make love under bright lights..Kena sensor ah ? aiayahhh..veru sorry..

  21. tEo, goes to show its just an old wife's tale lah.

    michelle, its in the genes, not in the soya! hahaha

    shiaulin, hehe. not weird lah... normal.

    adiejin, if sorry kena sensor why u comment again? kekekeke. No lah...real reason is cos I kiasu got backup haloscan commenting system. Look at the link beside this? I replied adi... said you lagi terror. Ppl planning in the womb, yours.....

  22. Aiyoo... really meh, bright lights make bright baby? I think I made bb during day time.He is quite fair.

    I love to drink cold sprite during pregnancy. "Tai Fu FA" is another favourite of mine. Just found out there is an Organic Soya Bean ice cream in one u. Very Nice!!!

  23. MG, email me at buaya69@gmail.com. my free consultancy just for you :P

  24. hmm..i didn't believe in this, i think it's all genes. mommy gene or daddy gene stronger. My girl she got fair face but dark body..memang weird right hahaha...yalor, why do everyone wanna look fair, macam chinese opera oni..look natural mah

  25. No-lah, I wasn't upset with the comments here. Just comments in general, esp from cosmetic salespeople and advertisements. I still burn at the ad that depicted the girl only got attention from the boy after she used a whitening cream. Sorry if I got off topic.

  26. allyfeel, soya bean ice-cream? Sounds yummy. Where in 1-utama?

    belachan, done. Thank you very much.

    jazzmint, hahaha. your girl sounds cute.

    kc, no worries. Its not off topic at all. :)

  27. When I was preggy, I had a lot of soya bean coz' cannot drink milk (vomit & heartburn). I even had lotsa nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis.7 mths onwards only had bird nest once a week.Baby turn put to be so fair. Fairer than me..

  28. then I have to advice my friend who is an Idian to drink a lot soy bean if she want her baby to be fair skin.
    then baby came out tht time the hubby say not his wan then die lar.

  29. And I drank a lot milk duirng my pregnancy wor, why my girls so not fair wan?

  30. sabrina, me and my sis oso ate a lot of nasi lemak during pregnancy. hehehe.

    maria, soya bean ler.. not milk. haha.

  31. MG, soya bean ice-cream in new wing 1 u organic shop, Rainforest. Same floor with Giant.

  32. I drink more soyabean when I had my daughter compared to my son. And my son turned out fairer than my daughter. I mean fair ... like snow white. Serious!
    The soya bean ice-cream at 1U taste horrible. Even my girl doesn't want it after taking a bite. Yucks. So daddy and mommy has to finish it. Urg...!!

  33. Wah, fair skin is a prized possession wei. Like the Chinese concubines. Fair skin, red lips like ruby, sparkling black eyes.....Hahaha.Boy dark nvm la, girl fair enuff liao. I drank kopi-o all the time but my sons are still very fair, it is in the genes leh. Soya beans only give big b00bs. :)

  34. i had a lot of soya bean drink during the first pregnancy, but my son was not fair...

    During my 2nd preggy, i loved hokkien yee mee, and my hubby was so afraid that my boy wil be dark.. but, it turned out the other way.. he is fair...

    so, how true is this? ;)

  35. allyfeel, twin, haha. your taste buds very different hor?

    Lilian, big boobs?! Haha. Applies to boys oso ah???!!!

    geetha, old wife's tale lah... if as a matter of coincidence you drank a lot and your child turned out fair... then one might say... wah..so true! hehe. BTW I hated the smell of hokkien yee mee when I was pregnant, I love it at other times. Funny thing, our hormones....

  36. now got soya bean with rose syrup...does it mean that the baby will come out pink??? hehehe

  37. miche, fair with rosy cheeks?? ;)

  38. ya! So does my son, he loves it. But my husband hated it. hehe...Like mother like son. ;)


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